Lars Steiner

Lucas and Chloe go on a trip with some unexpected twist.

Romantik Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.
Im Fortschritt - Neues Kapitel Alle 30 Tage
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Summer At Glacial Manor

My summer vacation started just two weeks ago. It had always been a strange thing to me, That we would take one hundred and four days off just to return again having forgot everything we learned in the previous school year. My mom told me that me and my best friend would be taking a summer trip together. I was so glad the trip would be with someone I know. The truth about why i’m so glad that this trip is with my best friend is the fact that i’ve had a crush on her since I met her in third grade and I hope to be able to tell her.

I started packing my stuff the next day. My mom kept coming into my room checking up on me making sure that I wasn’t gonna forgot anything. I called my best friend Chloe.

“Yes Lucas what do you want?” “I was wondering if you had finished packing yet.” “Not yet i’ve still got a few things to pack.” “Like what Chloe? Let me guess. Your underwear.” “Shutup no. Why do you care? What, Do you wanna see them.” “Eww, no. That’s disgusting.” “Whatever. I’m probably gonna be ready in about 10 minutes.” “I’ll be waiting just text me and my mom and I will be on the way. Bye.” “Ok, Love you bye.” Beep. She ended the call.

Little did I know there was a little truth behind what she said before she ended the call. I got a text from her a few minutes later so my mom and I left to go get her. When we arrived at her house she came running out to the car with her bags. She jumped in the car and we pulled off.

“Where are we going?” Chloe and I asked my mom. “A place far to the north called Glacial Manor.” “What kinda place is this Mrs.Tulliby?” “It’s my sister’s summer home” “Well that makes it sound a little more inviting doesn’t it Lucas.” “Actually yes it does.”

We stopped talking and started to look around out the windows to see what we could spot. The only downside was that I was too captivated by Chloe the entire time to pay any attention to the surroundings. At one point she turned to notice me staring at her. I tried to look away before she noticed but it was too late.

“Lucas what were you looking at me for?” “Um nothing. I thought I saw something interesting out your window but it was nothing.” “No you were looking at me weren’t you.” “No I swear I wasn’t looking at you. I’m just gonna take a nap.” “Whatever you say you crazy idiot.”

Within minutes I was asleep. I woke up to Chloe vigorously shaking me. I got up and out of the car to see a huge building towering over us. I knew that this was Glacial Manor. We walked up and knocked on the gargantuan door. A man in a suit and tie opened the door and led us into the front parlor. My uncle came gallantly down the stairs and showed us to our rooms. Given the size of the house I tought we would have separate rooms but I was very wrong. Chloe and I had to share a room.

This wasn’t a very bad outcome until I found out we also had to share a bed. This meant I had to get used to sleeping without Oliver my teddy bear. But we will see how all this works out once night time falls upon us. Until then my uncle gave us a tour around the house and the grounds that surrounded it. Then lead us to our room. It was on the very top floor of the house and was huge. Thank god the bed was king sized or that would have been really awkward.

Well we put our stuff away in the separated dressers and then we sat on the bed. When we sat down we realized it was a waterbed. We laid out on the bed and started making waves as if we were on a boat. We began to speak to each other as if we were pirates.

“Arr captain we be needin’ to lower the mast.” “Alrighty first mate Chloe. Do that task as I steer the ship.”

This went on for about an hour until we finally got bored. Then we noticed a remote next to the bed. This confused us because there was not a t.v. or anything of the sort within sight. Out of curiosity I pushed the power button and a t.v. screen slid out from a slot in the fireplace mantle. We started flipping through the channels until we got to netflix as one of the options.

The only downside was that we both liked different shows. We argued for a while then I finally succumbed to her will and we watched V.H.S the horror movie. She held me tightly as if to feel safer and comforted whilst we watched the movie. Around the time the movie ended I realised she fell asleep cuddled up against me so I had no choice but to do the same.

Once I woke up I noticed she was gone so, I got up and changed into my usual bedtime clothes and went back to bed. When I laid back down I noticed Chloe walk into the room in her pajamas.

“Sorry I woke you Lucas.” “Oh, you didn’t wake me up. I got up on my own.” “Ok well I guess we both already got changed into something more comfortable to sleep in.” “Well I guess it’s time to go to sleep so we can be ready for tomorrow.” “Hey Lucas?” “Yeah Chloe.” “Do you mind if I cuddle up next to you.” “Well of course not. But Why?” “I’m not used to sleeping without my teddy bear Mr. Snuggly Wuggly.” “You're fine. Do whatever it takes to get comfortable.” “Thanks Lucas. You're a good friend.”

She snuggled up close to me putting her arm over my chest and her leg over mine. Eventually we both fell asleep. Once I woke up that morning she was still asleep so, I had to lay there nearly motionless for a while longer until she woke up. Once she did wake she had a sorta confused look on her face.

“Why didn’t you get out of bed when you woke up Lucas?” “I didn’t want to wake you. You looked so comfortable I figured that I would just bare through it until you woke up.” “Oh. Well i’m sorry. How long have you been awake for laying like that?” “About ten minutes.” “Thank you Lucas I don’t know how I can repay you for that.” “It’s okay I just want to make sure you are comfortable. It doesn’t matter whether I am or not.” “Well I guess it’s time to start the day.”

We both got up and went to our dressers. We each picked out an outfit for the day and changed into them not looking at each other of course. Once we were both dressed we left the room. It confused me though. I would have thought she would want us to sleep across the bed from each other but, she actually wanted to sleep as close to each other as possible. Anyway we both walked down to the dining room. There my uncle and breakfast awaited us.

“I’m guessing you two had a very long night.” “Why do you say that uncle Charles?” “Well you're up rather later than usual and both of you have very unkempt hair for just sleeping.” I didn’t quite understand what he meant but I knew it couldn’t be decent enough to talk about at the table. “So how was your day yesterday Mr.Tulliby?” “Oh it was fine. Thank you for asking Chloe.” “Once you two are done with breakfast you may do as you please around the grounds of the manor as long as you are back around 12:30 p.m. for lunch.” “Okay we will.”

After we ate me and Chloe ran off to the apple orchard in the back yard. We laid under the largest tree we could find. All we did was lay there and look up and through the tree at the sky. The only difference was that my gaze was not affixed at the sky but on Chloe. She would occasionally ask if I could see the same shapes as her in the clouds and I would say yes as to agree even though I saw none of them.

About ten minutes in I fell asleep. I awoke to Chloe again wrapped around me but this time she was wide awake.

“I saw you shivering so I figured if I cuddled up next to you we would both warm up a little.” “Well thank you Chloe.” “Hey it is getting near twelve do you think we should start heading back to the house.” “Yeah, I guess so.”

As we walked back to the house I noticed the way the sun glistened in her pure blonde hair. It made her look like the angel she truly was. We made it back to the house with ten minutes to spare so we each washed our hands and faces before going to the dining room for lunch. My uncle was sitting at the table waiting for the butler to bring out lunch. Once he did we began to dine on the meal.

“So did you have fun?” “Actually yes uncle Charles very much so.” “Oh indeed. What did you two do then?” “Well we went out to the apple orchard and laid under the biggest tree only to look up through the leaves at the clouds above.” “Well that sounds wonderful. Oh and Lucas once you are done eating I have a few task I need you to handle for me. Chloe I would like for you to find something to do on your own for a few hours whilst he does this task.” “Ok Mr. Tulliby.”

Once we finished eating Chloe walked off to the bedroom and I followed my uncle into his study. He sat down at his desk and asked that I have a seat across from him.

“Lucas I require your assistance in chopping down an old tree for firewood.” “Ok where is this tree located uncle.” It is in the North-Easternmost point of my property. I will have David the butler drive you over there.” “Ok then let’s get going.” “He will have the tools you need and will be back to get you and the firewood at 6:40 p.m. so you can be back in time to clean up before dinner.”

David came by the front of the manor to pick me up. He began to drive along an old dirt road to the back of the manor. It broke off into three more roads. Of the three he took the one farthest to the right. It took about twenty minutes to get there. Once there David unloaded the tools and laid them on the ground for me. He said he would return for me in a few hours. I got to work as soon as he got back into the truck.

I picked up the chainsaw and began sawing away at the tree. It split like butter. Until I hit the middle of the tree that is. In the middle of the tree was a huge knot. I picked up the axe and began swinging away at the knot. This knot was strong but I was stronger and smarter. After about thirty minutes of swinging the axe I finally got through the knot. I laid down the axe and began to saw through with the chainsaw again. Ten minutes had passed and down went the tree. As it fell I comedically yelled “TIMBER!”.

I began chopping the fallen tree into smaller logs. After three hours the entire tree was in pieces. I had an hour left out here in what was basically the middle of nowhere so I began to wander the forgotten fields. I eventually ran into a withered old treehouse. It looked pretty old and beaten up. It had what my mom would call character. I figured I would ask my uncle about this place once I returned to the manor so I began walking back to the tree I had just chopped down.

David came by so I loaded the firewood into the trailer and hopped in the truck. We rode back to manor and I headed inside. I went to the upstairs bathroom and got a shower ready. I undressed and jumped in. It took me about ten minutes to fully wash off. I then got dressed and went into the dining room. I sat at the table but no one else was there. My uncle and Chloe both wandered in around ten minutes before dinner was served.

“So did you finish the Job Lucas?” “Yes sir I did. I feel like I have a lot more character now.” “Well I hope so.” “Hey do you happen to know about a treehouse out there. I found it while looking around the fields when I was finished.” “Oh that old thing. Me and your mother built that when we were your age and played in it all the time.” “Do you think It is repairable?” “Well yes with the right tools and some teamwork.” “Chloe. Would you like to help me rebuild that old treehouse so we have somewhere to hang out when we have the free time in between meals?” “Well sure. I’d love to help Lucas.”

Once we finished eating me and Chloe headed back to the bedroom. As soon as we got there she left to take a shower after such a long day. I sat at the end of the bed and turned on the television. It was on some music channel playing “Careless Whisper.” Chloe came into the room and told me I could go take a shower at that point. I left and walked to the bathroom. I took a hot shower to make sure I got extra clean. After the shower I then walked back to the room.

Once I got back to the room I realized I forgot to get dressed so I was in only a towel. As I walked in to get some clothes Chloe shot me with a nerf gun and I dropped my towel to put my hands where she hit so I could play dead. I fell to the ground acting dead and she walked over to me and giggled.

“Why are you giggling Chloe?” “Um you have nothing on.” “Oh crap. I forgot.” “Well I was not expecting to see anything like that for shooting you.” “I’ll get some clothes and go put them on then.” “Ok you do that Lucas.”

I grabbed my towel and some clothes and I walked back to the bathroom. I got dressed and walked back to the bedroom. Chloe was laying on the bed covered by the huge comforter. I walked over to her and climbed into bed. I turned the music up a little. Chloe cuddled up against me and fell asleep like the night before. This time was different though. It felt as if she had nothing on under the cover. I freaked out for a second then calmed down. “I told her whatever she needs to do to get comfy didn’t I. As long as she is comfortable.” I thought to myself.

I woke up at midnight to strange sounds coming from the hall. I wanted to get up but that would wake Chloe up. I just ignored it and went back to sleep. Chloe woke me up when she woke up at five o'clock in the morning. I don’t know why but she just sat there once my eyes were open giving me a confused look. After five minutes of sitting there she got up and walked over to her dresser. I was right about her having nothing on last night so I looked away.

Once she was dressed she sat back down on the bed. I playfully tugged at her hair. She turned to me and got up. She then proceeded to jump on me and start punching me. I laughed every time she hit me. I rolled over and pinned her like she should have done to me instead of hitting me.

“Why did you get so mad. I was just playing when I tugged your hair.” “Oh I thought you were just getting me back for waking you so early.” The door creaked open. “Oh i’m sorry I didn’t know you two were busy.” “No it’s not what you think uncle we were just play fighting. Why would you just walk in anyway.” “To check on you to make sure you are okay.” “Well please don’t just walk in anymore it’s weird.”

Uncle Charles left the room and we began to play fight some more. I let Chloe get up and try to pin me. She couldn’t even push me over. She eventually got mad and tried to put me into a choker hold. I reversed it and she started saying “mercy” to get me to stop. I let her go and she hit me in the groin. I fell over in pain. She then laid over top of me saying that she won because she pinned me.

“Lucas did that actually hurt. I didn’t mean for it to. I’m sorry.” “Your okay Chloe. It’s my fault. I shouldn't have left myself open for such a cheap shot.” “Well I guess we are both at fault. I guess we should get up and go down to the dining room for breakfast.” “Okay I’ll race you down there Chloe.”

We both walked out into the hall and readied ourselves to run. As soon as I said start we both took off at a slow pace. At the end of the hall I turned left and she went right. Once out of her sight I started running at a full sprint. I eventually made it to the main stairwell. I looked across the stairs and saw Chloe standing at the top of the second set of stairs. She started sliding down on the rail. I jumped over the edge. I made it to the bottom first and took off. I heard her footsteps a few feet behind mine though.

It was the final stretch until the dining room until I tripped over my own foot. I was running so fast I slid all the way to the doorway of the dining room. Chloe helped me to my feet and we walked in. There my uncle sat at the table. We sat down and ate breakfast. My uncle was eerily questionless today. We ate in silence. Once finished me and Chloe left and began walking to the treehouse. I had asked David to meet us there with all the materials we would need.

Once we got there I unloaded the materials and told David he could leave. Chloe and I got to work almost immediately. We knew this was going to take a while to build but I figured we would grow closer in the process so I can tell her how I truly feel. We worked until about twelve o’clock. We only had about a fourth of the tree house refinished but it was still progress. We had David bring us lunch so we didn’t have to leave. Once we finished eating we got right back to work.

By the time David came to get us and bring us back to the manor we were half finished. We realized it wasn’t going to take as long to finish as we originally thought. Once we got back to the manor we both walked straight to the bathroom. Thinking nothing of it we both went in and locked the door behind us. The funny and strange thing is we didn’t even realize we were both in there until we stepped out of the shower. We went back to the bedroom. We both laid down on the bed and covered up. Chloe shuffled around under the blanket for a minute before cuddling up against me.

I realized she didn’t have any clothes on again. So I asked her a few questions.

“Chloe are you really so comfortable around me that you don’t care to sleep naked cuddling me?” “If you want me to be honest this is kinda what i’ve always wanted. Lucas I have had a crush on you since the fifth grade.” “The ironic thing is I feel the same way about you. I was afraid to tell you.” “Well I guess we both like eachother.” “Well let’s just go to sleep for now it’s a little late. We can do something in the morning.”

I fell asleep first and I guess Chloe fell asleep a little while after. I awoke to chloe laying over top of me instead of next to me. She was dead asleep though. I soon realized the feeling was just the fact that it was a little harder to breathe. I fell back asleep after about five minutes. I woke up around four in the morning to surprise Chloe. I gently laid her down next to me and got up. I went down to the kitchen where the cook Jerard was making breakfast.

I asked him to pack a picnic basket and have David bring it to Chloe and I for our lunch. He agreed and I went back to the bedroom. Chloe was gone. I walked over to the bed when out of nowhere she jumped onto my back knocking us both down onto the bed. I rolled over as she got up and she fell onto me. She was already dressed for the day so i got dressed as well.

We skipped breakfast and went straight out to the treehouse to begin working. Chloe was standing on the edge of the flooring while placing a board down. She started to fall but I ran over and grabbed her. It was too late though she had leaned so far back when I grabbed her it dragged me over the edge with her. I held her tightly and spun in the air to make it where I would hit the ground. Once we hit the ground I fell unconscious.

I awoke to Chloe laying on the bed next to me crying. I turned to her and watched as she jolted up from fear. She laid back down very cautiously.

“Your awake!” “Yes I am. Why is this shocking. How long was I asleep for?” “An entire week. I thought you were dead. Thank you for saving me when we fell from the treehouse.” “It was no problem. Now what happened that knocked me out cold for so long. The last thing I remember was falling from the treehouse.” “When you hit the ground you just instantly fell unconscious. I freaked out and called your uncle and he came as soon as possible. I guess I should go tell him you're awake.”

Chloe left the room as I recalled what had happened. Did I really save her when we fell. I couldn’t remember a thing from before I was knocked out. They both entered the room and my uncle walked over to hug me. I tried to stand up but I was still a little weak from laying there for a week. Chloe laid back down next to me. She just kinda looked me in the eyes the entire time.

“David told me what you had planned for us that afternoon.” “He did.” “Yes and I’m sorry me slipping ruined it all.” “No don’t be sorry. I jumped to save you because I care for you Chloe. I would have hated myself if I hadn’t taken the chance to save you.” “Well Lucas, Thank you.” “Chloe now may be the only chance I get so, Will you be my…” “Girlfriend. Yes.” “I guess there is nothing else to do but…”

I locked my gaze to hers. We slowly closed the gap between us coming closer to each other. I felt my heart begin to race. We locked lips together. She then backed away a little. She had a look of pure pleasure on her face as if that was what she wanted to do the entire time. She laid back down while I got up to take a shower. I left the room and walked to the bathroom.

While in the shower I realized I forgot to lock the door. At the same moment I stepped out to lock the door Chloe stepped in the bathroom. I jumped back in the shower as fast as possible without falling. She came over to the shower door and knocked. Couldn’t she hear the water on.

“Well I guess no one is in here with me. Time to take my shower.” “Um heyy I’m in here.” “Huh. I guess that was the air conditioner kicking on.”

Chloe then stepped in the shower completely ignoring the fact that I was in there. She looked directly at me and just continued to wash herself off. Once she lathered herself in soap she reached for me with soap covered hands.

I stepped back a step and bumped into the wall. She kept reaching closer to me.

“Chloe what are you doing?” “Just playing around. It’s not like we are doing anything. Just fun and games.” “Well you kind of creeped me out.” “But I thought this was what you wanted when you left the door open.” “No I didn’t mean to do that.” “Oh. OH! Whoops i’m sorry Lucas.” “You're okay. This is a better outcome than I expected.”

She washed the soap off of her body and stepped out of the bathroom taking my towel with her. I stood in the shower and pondered what had just happened. I stepped out a minute later and walked to the room towelless. When I entered I saw Chloe going through my dresser. I slowly crept up behind her.

“BOO!” “Holy F***!” “What are you doing going through my dresser Chloe?” “I was just curious on what you had in there.” “So am I allowed to be curious about what you have in your dresser?” “No!” “Why not?” “Because I get easily embarrassed.” “Oh and you suppose I don’t.” “Yes.” “Well I need to get some clothes out of there please.” “Ok.”

She went and sat on the bed while I got dressed. I noticed she was holding something in her hand. I walked over and jumped onto the bed. She stood up and threw it at me. I caught it and saw that it was my locket.

“Who is Emily?” “She is an old friend why.” “So she is more important to you than me.” “No of course not. I love you Chloe.” “So why do you have this locket then?” “She gave it to me right before she passed away. It is the only other thing I have to remember her by other than our memories together.” “Oh. I’m so sorry Lucas I didn’t know.” “You're fine.”

I looked at the time and it was 11:56. I grabbed Chloe and we ran down to the Dining hall. There were strangers sitting at the table. I had no clue of who they were but they looked so familiar. Me and Chloe sat down next to each other.

“Hello Lucas.” “Um who are you?” “Oh where are my manors. I am Oliver.” “Oh well may I ask what you are doing here?” “We have come to speak with you about something. We must ask for your help in keeping the royal bloodline royal. This is Kaori. She is next in line for queen and she needs a king.” “Well I guess the bloodline will have to end because I am not a royal.” Oh but you are heir to your uncle’s fortune and he is the king of these lands.” “You must be crazy. Plus I have the love of my life right here next to me and that will never change.” “We will be back, and when we return you will marry Kaori one way or another.”

The men left. I went and got the chef to make us some lunch. We sat and ate lunch in silence. Once we finished eating I decided to go finish working on the treehouse. Chloe followed me out there and in an hour we finished the treehouse. I decided that I would stay the night in it. Chloe was going to stay back in the manor.

Around midnight I heard a rustling noise outside. I got up and looked out the window of the treehouse. It was Chloe. She had came out to the treehouse because she could not get to sleep. She climbed up and laid down next to me. She sat up and looked at me for a moment. She then laid down and fell asleep. I was again stuck until she woke up so I fell asleep as well.

Chloe woke me up in the morning. She had been crying. I gave her a confused look.

“Why are you crying Chloe?” “I found something out over the phone.” “What was it?” “Well, it’s hard to say but my brother is dead.” “What happened?” “He was walking down the street to go to a friend’s house when a drunk driver came speeding down the street. They said that the man hit him so hard he was knocked out of his shoes.” “I’m so sorry. Do you need some time to yourself?” “No I don’t want to be alone right now. I need you.” “Ok I won’t leave your side.”

She fell into my arms. I held her close to me. I picked her up and began making my way to the manor. She just laid limp in my arms. I realized she had fell asleep. Once I got back to the manor I went and placed her in our bed. I laid down next to her. She moved slightly closer to me. I allowed her to cuddle up against me again. She opened her eyes and looked at me. I gazed into her ever so angelic eyes. She still had tears running down her cheek so I wiped them away for her.

“Thank you Lucas, For everything.” “It’s no problem Chloe. Just remember I am always here for you.” “Lucas I don’t know how I could ever repay you for you for everything you have done for me.” “You don’t have to Chloe. I do these things for you because I love you.” “I love you too.”

We laid there in silence. She fell asleep again and as did I. I awoke at dusk to find I was alone. I got up and out of bed to find Chloe. I looked all around the house and could not find Chloe nor my uncle. I began to walk towards my uncle’s study when he came out of nowhere and stopped me.

“You know the rules Lucas. No one but you're dear old uncle here can enter the study unless invited in.” “But i’m looking for Chloe and that is the only place I haven’t searched.” “Oh she is down in the cellar.” “Why?” “I think she said she was looking for something but I don’t know what.”

I ran down to the cellar and saw Chloe instantly. She was sitting on the floor crying. I walked over and picked her up. She hid her face from me. I carried her up the stairs and to our room again.

“Lucas there is a reason I was crying you know.” “Yes. There is a reason for everything. So why were you crying?” “I was thinking about my brother. He was the only person who truly understood me and cared.” “Chloe I care about you.” “It’s not the same. I got to be with him everyday. I can’t be with you everyday.” “Maybe you can. If we move in together. I’m sure my uncle would help us out and we could get away from our families.”

Chloe laid her head against my chest and fell asleep in my arms. I laid her down in the bed and walked over to my dresser. I grabbed my nighttime clothes and changed. Chloe sat up and looked at me.

She stated “Let me think about it Lucas.” “Ok then. Just remember, I will always love you no matter what you choose.”

I looked up and noticed she had laid back down. She waved her hand motioning for me to came and lay down with her. I walked over to the fireplace and lit a fire, then i went and turned off the light, and finally I went and laid down next to her. I wrapped my arms around her and she cuddled up close to me.

I felt her start to move around a little. She was slowly removing her shorts. She then moved my arms and removed her shirt. She nudged for me to remove my clothes as well, so I did. Once my clothes were off I wrapped my arms back around her and we cuddled back up to each other.

I fell asleep laying there. I suppose she did too. I was woken up to her being gone again, but I felt something strange. I lifted the blanket and saw her underneath it grasping my penis. She freaked out for a second and her face became a firetruck red. She came out from under the blanket and looked me dead in the eyes.

“Please don’t be mad at me. I’ve done this for the last few nights. I let my desires take control of me.” “You're fine. Why didn’t you just ask me to do this stuff?” “I was too embarrassed. Plus I can do what I want if you are asleep, but when you are awake you might have things you want to do.” “What all have you done to me in my sleep?” “Well, i’ve only ever touched it really. I was waiting until you had consented to anything else which would mean you have to be awake.” “You can do whatever you want to me. I love you.” “I love you too Lucas. Would you like to do anything?” “That’s up to you Chloe.”

Chloe laid on her back next to me. She looked at me and said “Take me.” I slowly began making my way up her body, kissing her every few inches. My lips met hers after about three minutes. She held me tightly, and whispered in my ear “I want you inside of me.” I slowly began rubbing against her, she bit her lip. She grasped my penis and guided it towards her pussy, she then began to slowly guide me inside. After that every inch deeper I went she grasped me tighter and tighter. I began kissing and licking her neck as I went in and out.

After about five minutes I felt a sensation, I was about to cum. I told her and she said “DON’T!! At least not inside me.” “Then what am I supposed to do?” “Pull out and cum on my breast, I just don’t want to chance getting pregnant.” I pulled out and cum went all over her big beautiful breast. We got up and both headed towards the shower. She stepped in and as did I. I helped her wash her breast off. I then began to rub the soap all over her. Once my hand reached her pussy I began to slowly rub.

In retaliation she grabbed my penis and began to slowly stroke. I pulled her close and got on my knees. I stuck my tongue out and got ever so closer to her pussy. I began to slowly lick up and down. I began to caress her body as I did so. She tried pushing my face away but I grabbed her hands and held them back. She started to moan from pleasure. I began tasting a strange subtle taste, she had came.

I stood up and let her wash off, then I washed off as well. We went back in our room and laid back down. We cuddled up with each other and fell asleep. That night I had a very strange dream. I dreamt that she had ran away in the night. When I woke up I was relieved to find her still cuddled up to me with her head laying on my chest.

“Good morning Chloe.” “Good morning Lucas, how did you sleep?” “Other than a little nightmare i slept fine.” “What was the nightmare about?” “I dreamt that for some unknown reason you ran away in the night never to be seen again. It was so horrible.” “I would never do that to you Lucas. Your the love of my life and the light of my world.”

We laid there for a while just snuggling until there was a knock on the main doors of the house. It was very strange because no one other than family should know about this manor.

“I’ll be back Chloe, i’m going to go check who that is.” “Ok Lucas, just be safe.”

I got up and walked to the door. When I opened the door the men standing there pushed their way inside. They were carrying a small throne with a girl sitting in it.

“Good Morning.” “Umm… Who are you and why did you just barge into my uncle’s manor?” “Oh where are my manners. I’m Kaori, your bride to be.” “No, my bride to be is up in my bed right now. Wait you are the one girl from about a week ago, aren’t you?” “Yes it is I, and as promised you are going to be mine one way or another.” “Look you can’t force love. Plus I can see right through you, you only want me for the money i’m going to inherit from my uncle.”

She stood up and the men around her placed her throne down in the foyer of the manor. Kaori then proceeded to approach Lucas. Lucas just stood there with a dumbfounded look wondering how someone could be so shallow and stupid. Once she was directly in front of Lucas she slapped him while tears began to run down her face.

“Why does no one love me?” Kaori states as she falls to the floor in tears. “I’m sorry Kaori, but I have already found the woman I love.” “But why does everyone always think that i’m only after their money. I’m nothing like my father but everyone thinks i’m exactly like him.” “Look, I have an idea that may just help you.” “What is it Lucas?” “Why don’t you just go kill yourself. If you have no one to love or care about you then what is the point in living this life. Maybe you’ll get a second chance with a better life.”

I reached my hand down to help Kaori but she just shoved my hand away. I honestly couldn’t believe what I had just told her. Was I really that much of a monster that I could tell someone to kill themself. Kaori looked up at me with a look of despair and pain. I again reached my hand down to help her up. This time she grabbed my hand but instead of using it to get up she pulled my to the ground next to her and she wrapped me in a very tight embrace.

“What are you doing Kaori?” “You really don’t understand do you Lucas?” “I don’t think I do.”

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