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A tale of half-brothers that embark into a journey through the boxing world, encountering two different types of people, a pair that will help them to better themselves, while another pair that want their bond to be broken. Which side will win? Who will have the last laugh? I guess you will have to see for yourself.

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Stand Up.

The people within this story:

Dustin– He is eighteen years old, he has dusty blonde short hair, green eyes, his beard is a goatee. He is five feet ten inches in height, weighs two hundred thirty-seven pounds, he has chubby body type.

Andrew– He is sixteen years old with scruffy black hair, blue eyes, he has bum fluff, trying to grow a beard. He is six feet three inches in height, his weight is three hundred twenty-six pounds, he would be classed as obese.

Benjamin– He is thirty-six years old, has a bald head, he has dark blue eyes, he is clean shaven. Six feet in height, he has an athletic body build.

Mathew– He is thirty-seven years old with short black hair, a bit of stubble with brown eyes. Five feet nine inches in height, he has an athletic body build.

Maria– She is twenty years old, light green eyes, long blonde curly hair, normally tied up, she has a silver nose ring piercing. She is five feet six in height, petite with a curvy build. She is from Brazil but has lived in Cambridge for seven years.

Steve– He is eighteen years old, mahogany brown bushy hair, blue eyes. He is clean shaven, six feet in height. He has toned body build. His weight is around one hundred eighty-five.

Lin– She is nineteen years old, she has dusty blonde hair, with chestnut-brown eyes. She is five feet two in height, weighing around one hundred sixty pounds.

Curtis– He is eighteen years old, brown eyes with short curly black hair, he has a chinstrap beard. He is six feet one inches, one hundred thirty-one pounds in weight.

Kate– She is twenty years old, light blonde shoulder-length hair with light blue eyes. She is six feet, one hundred forty-six in weight.

This is the story you are about to read, make sure you are comfortable, watching as you go…

Outside a nightclub different cultured people are queuing to get in, all dressed in their best attire. Two crowd controllers are at a pair of double glass doors, one is for entry, the other is for exiting the nightclub. They are checking ID’s at the entrance of the club. Dustin is in line with two of his pals that are talking about the movie Bridge Street, they saw yesterday at the local cinema. A bus drives past with different tones of skinned people going through their journeys of life. Two taxis pull up with people in that have come out to enjoy a night at this club. There are two young women in front of the bouncers, they are checking if the women are over the legal drinking age. One has glistening long blonde hair, wearing a dark red pencil dress with blue high heels on with a small blue handbag over her shoulder. The other woman has shiny long brunette-hair, wearing a light blue pencil dress, red high heels on, with a small red carry handbag. They must use a good hair conditioner. The bouncers each have acamera attached to the middle of their jackets, they have their fluorescent straps around their left arms, with the see-through pouch that contains their security badges. They pass back to the females their ID cards.

Both ladies say, “Thank you.”

The African-American bouncer says “Enjoy your night, ladies.”

The two ladies walk in to start their night of drinking along with dancing which makes the line move forward. Two couples which are in a group together in front of Dustin are getting their cards checked. It is a nice cool evening, people are walking around on the street, some are slightly intoxicated.

The exit door from the nightclub swings open, a young couple are in the middle of having a dispute. The guy has a tight hold of her arm, dragging her to a nearby wall. Dustin looks on getting fidgety. The young guy pushes the lady that is wearing a white flowery dress to the wall, after he starts laying into her. The guy is shouting at her while waving his finger in her face after he punches her in the mouth. Everybody carries on with their business.

Dustin looks around to see if anyone is going to step in, he starts muttering. “Are you kidding me? Are not one of you going to do anything? Okay, it’s fine.”

Dustin walks over to him while shouting, “The fuck is you playing at?”

The guy is wearing stonewashed jeans with a white shirt. He responds saying, “This has nothing to do with you, fam.”

Dustin is in range, both of the guys hands are on the wall either side of the young crying woman. Dustin’s open hand connecting with the boys cheek. The guy stumbles sideways.

Dustin says in a raised voice. “No, fucking no, you don’t hit women!”

The boy holds his cheek as he asks. “Did you just slap me?”

Dustin nods with a grin. “You deserved it bitch boy.”

Conversation are now hushed from the queuing people as they start taking notice. The crowd controllers start to walk over, while the lad steps forward, he jabs Dustin in his mouth which makes Dustin smile, after slipping the lads backhand, Dustin hooking him in the kidney, dropping the man, I mean boy to the pavement, he begins whining in pain. The bouncers eventually get in the way to break it up.

Dustin says while looking at him on the ground. “You will think of me later.”

The African-American bouncer says to Dustin, “Respect for that brother, but you have to go because I’ll have to report this.”

He offers his hand, Dustin shakes his hand with a click at the end.

The same bouncer says, “Also it would be wise man to stay out of town tonight, the old bill might collar you otherwise.”

Dustin nods in response while saying to his pals that he will see them later. He walks away towards the bus stop which doubles as a taxi rank. He steps over the boy on the ground, seeing the other English bouncer is tending to the young lady who is dabbing her lip with a tissue.

Dustin walks past a couple of people waiting for their buses to arrive. A bank is opposite the bus stop, groups of joyful people which are dressed up for their evening out in town, to get highly intoxicated. Dustin carries on walking past a homeless person sitting in a doorway of a clothes shop, dropping a couple of quid into branded coffee cup, clinking with the some other coins. Dustin walks over to a parked saloon silver taxi, that is at the front of the taxi rank. The Indian taxi driver is speaking in his native language to someone on his phone, notices him. He hangs up then, putting his phone back into its holder, then presses the button that makes the window slide down. Dustin tells him his address.

The Indian taxi driver says, “Get in brother.”

Which Dustin does, not forgetting to put the seatbelt on.

The taxi arrives at his address. Dustin is in the back seat; on the black box in red is £9.20. Dustin is getting money out from his black wallet.

The taxi driver says. “You should visit India, it is a nice country, also the food along with the countryside is incredible.”

Dustin passing a ten pound note while responding, “I would love to, I’m sure I will at some point in my life. Keep the change brother.”

The taxi driver responds saying, “Thank you, my friend.”

Dustin replies, “I hope you get some more money tonight, pal.”

Dustin gets out from the taxi, shutting the door behind. He walks around to a wooden gate outside of his home. The taxi driver is writing something down in a black book. It is most probably his fares for the evening.

Dustin is in his home, with the back door open. Dustin is standing smoking a cigarette. Heavy footsteps come down the stairs as smoke exhales out from Dustin’s mouth. An old white mattress is behind him, leaning up against blue shed doors. Andrew walks around the corner into the kitchen.

Andrew asks “Hello bro you’re home early. What happened to your lip?”

They smack their hands together after fist bumping. Dustin explains what happened while Andrew gets the blue capped milk out from the fridge, pouring them both a glass.

Andrew responds saying, “You should put your fighting abilities to appropriate use.”

Dustin takes the cup of milk that his younger brother is offering him while saying, “I should bro, I am going to stop smoking tomorrow as I only have one left. I’m going to start working out tomorrow. You should join me as you could lose some weight.”

“Charming,” replies Andrew with a smirk as he puts the milk back on the fridge, grabbing himself out a sausage roll, little night time snack.

Dustin responds saying, “I am not trying to charm you, I am your brother, I will always tell you the truth.”

Andrew responds saying, “Good. Anyway, I am going to bed. I will see you in the morning.”

Dustin replies asking, “Yeah, I will see you in the morning. Get some rest. Before you go, have we still got that football?”

Andrew walks out of the kitchen to go back upstairs to bed, while responding, “Yes bro, it is in the back garden. Goodnight.”

Dustin stays in the kitchen, smoking as well as drinking his cup of milk.

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