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The Dixie gang is well wanted and certainly hunted hard no matter where they go. In times of civilization, it's hard for them to get by and just survive. Along the way they are found by not only death's hands, but by the hands of abuse and sickness whether they decide to take them or not. In the end they find if any of it was really worth the fight at all.

Abenteuer Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

#western #lgbtq+ #1800s # #scarletfever #sickness #death #abuse
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'How we met? What a long story. I had almost forgotten or my mind dripped those memories through the cracks in my skull deliberately. I passed the opportunity to write it down. But who would have thought, a night so cold as metal to the tongue would cause such mayhem as this. And it all went down with his hands cold and feverish with Pastia's Lines...'

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