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Man kind has been plunged into an era of unnatural happenings humans and animals have been mutated by certain foreign bodies. Only half the world has been affected.... But how can the remaining humans contact the other side and save the world in time.

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'BUZZ' the door to the prison opened giving the prisoner the much needed freedom... "Here you go" the warden that excourted her out side gave her her backpack which held her belongings.. "You are a free woman now, but remember you are only out on probation... any wrong move and you're right back in jail, you got it?" the warden asked harshly "mmm... don't worry Mrs. Ikenga, you'll never see me again" the woman who had just regained her freedom nodded then put on her bag then walked out.


fifteen years ago,

"with the evidence and witnesses presented before this honorable court today, the court finds miss Leah Lance guilty of murder of one late Mr. Darwin Lance and sentences her to life imprisonment" the judge announced ending the court proceedings after hitting his gavel "you can't do this!!" she shouted and struggled as the dragged her away "Leah kept struggling against the police and she saw her fake family from the corner of her eyes "Lora.. Lora.. you told me you'd say the truth, that you'd never drag me down... why?! Why'd you change your mind at the last minute?... I'm your f***ing big sister!!" Leah shouted in anger but was dragged into the police van.

"watch" the warden said and Leah removed her watch and dropped it "earrings" the warden said again and she dropped it too "the necklace" the warden said in a monotone way "n-no, please no.. It's the only thing that reminds me of my dad.. I-I can't give it" Leah pleaded but the ankh necklace was yanked from her neck "you killed your father remember.." the warden said matter of factly and gave her prison clothes with a look in her eyes that said go change or face my wrath. Leah took it hesitantly and went to change. When she returned the warden snatched her clothes from her hand and threw it in a bag with her other belongings she could see her phone there too the warden gave her a different set of prison clothes and moved her head with a grunt that told Leah to follow her "this is your cell.. You begin work tomorrow" the harsh woman said then locked her cell leaving her there with three unfriendly looking females.


Leah looked at the prison's main gate thankfully she behaved well enough for them to take a second look at her case and reduce her sentence, "time to leave the past in the past and focus on the future" she bit her inner lip while holding her ankh pendant and stepped out, she saw a red truck waiting outside "are you Mr. Marshall?" she asked "are you an idiot?" he asked back "why are you being mean? I simply asked a question" she said trying to stay calm "who else would I be... No idiot would just park next to the prison waiting for an ex-con" he said then entered the car "are you coming or not?" he asked coldly "I can tell you don't like me already" she said as the wind brushed through her short red hair while the man snorted "yea no shit Sherlock" he said "I'll find a job in a week or two... And I'll get out of your way... Or life if you want" she said holding her backpack firmly "are you going to waste my time now?" her asked angrily and she got into the passenger seat then he started the car and drove off.

"why do you hate me so much?" she asked after a long while and he ignored her "is it because of how I... How I look?" she looked down "cocky aren't you? You seem to have this idea that the world revolves around you, let me tell you, who you are and what you look like don't matter ok" he said firmly "then why?" she asked looking at him "it's none of your freaking business" he hissed and turned on the radio while she stared out the window.

Last week the elite space crew 'the alsphat 22N5' returned from their investigation of the second moon and BSA has confirmed that there was only five survivors whose names are:Dewey Jones, Janet Freetown, Lora Lance, Timothy Gravel and Andrew Banesfrom the twelve man crew... Statements from ms. Lance who was part of the crewano was that 'it's not welcoming at all'. Mr. Jonathan Lesley a director of the BSA had postulated that the appearance of this new moon is the result of a possible evolution of Earth seeing that there are other planets with more than one moon. He also mentioned that it's appearance isn't toxic neither does it give light or reflect it thus the name 'the invisible moon'. The BSA promises that they would investigate and ensure that all mankind is protected...'

Bullshit" he huffed and turned it off "I was listening to that!" Leah stated facing him but he ignored her "fine... arrogant cold bastard" she insulted under her breath "what'd you say?" he asked "oh so you can hear me... I thought you were deaf" she said facing the window. They had finally gotten to the city "are you going home to get the rest of your stuff?" he asked her "oh so we're suddenly speaking now?" she asked looking at him and he gave her a side look "tell me if I'm making a turn to your house or not" he said flatly "we're not" she stated and he rose an eyebrow "I'm pretty sure that Mrs. Lance must have thrown all my stuff out the moment I was arrested, so I have nothing to go back for" she said and he rolled his eyes then took a turn, he went through the Malls underground parking lot and parked his car "what are we doing at the mall?" she asked "we're going to get you clothes" he said matter of factly "no thanks" she remained seated, he sighed then ran a hand through his dark locks and got out then opened her door from the outside "hello lady, you'd be living with me and I won't appreciate us sharing clothes well it's not like we can anyway but still... I won't have you wearing one dress and look like someone that walked out a disaster so come on!" he yanked her out of the car and they went into the mall together.

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