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This is the Legend of the Stormriders as passed down by the generations after the bombs fell. Who formed the storm riders and why? Find out with this long lost piece of History to the Badlands.

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The Stormriders

When the Stormriders had emerged, even those of the bomb shelters built by Ark Tech, were not wandering about the surface. The radiation would lurk in every inch of the Badlands as we know them. The Stormrider’s are a ragtag group of soldiers who had been rumored to lived through the bombs dropping in 2640. How they managed to do so is unknown, though many rumors lay about for how they did so.

Some say the Stormriders were all about salvaging the stuff left by the Old World. Such as transcripts and other documents. Some go so far to say they had access to technology that made them appear like gods amongst men.

Even though the last rumors of the Stormrider’s are from 4560 from scribes who claimed to have seen them and worked along side of them. there are very few sources now that still are even considered to be viable on it being History or Legend.

The Stormriders were all equipped head to toe in shining silver colored metal armor. They all wore various styles of helmets, each having radiation filters and toxin reduction systems. Some rumors say that the Stormrider’s were American Soldiers. Some say they were but a cult.

The Scribe, Esther, stated in their lifetime that the Stormrider’s had access to the entirety of military grade tech from the Old World. The rival to the Stormrider’s were only referred to as the love child between a mega sized lizard and a cyborg. They still live on today as a race, the Hulkans.

The Hulkans typically believed in moving away from the Old World. They believed that the Stormriders would only become corrupt, like the men before them. The mass genetic leaks and mutations that had been occurring since 2640, had the Hulkans have their beliefs only magnified.

The Stormriders on the opposite hand would have the tech used to help the people rebuild a liveable society. This lead into the One Thousand Year War. Beginning in 2700, when the next generation was born, the war broke loose. For three centuries they battled eachother with great cost. The devastation only adding to the existing tragedy of humanities dwindling numbers.

In 3034, the Hulkans attack the Stormriders officially spilling the first blood of the war. Ultimately, it became a seige that lasted until 3050. The Stormriders had wiped out over half of the Hulkans attacking forces. Rumors flew about the strength of the Stormriders, seeing as half of their fighting population was dedicated to helping with supporting trade routes at the time.

Everything came down to this Era for the Stormriders. they had been the most technologically advanced settlers, until the Arkians emerged from the Ark Tech bomb shelters. Little over ten thousand emerged. They had access to even farther advanced technology than they did.

Little known to the Hulkans or the Stormriders, the Arkians had views of them. Their ancestors had been watching until 2890, when the cameras above surface were buried in sands.

The Arkians knew they were the last truly human form of the race, unless the Stormriders were in fact human underneath of those helmets. The Arkians refuse negotiation with the Hulkans in 3084. The Arkians believed themselves superior.

The Stormriders didn't concur. The Hulkans had declared the Arkians enemies in 3085. In 3090 the Hulkans killed off the Arkians. That did however, create an opening in the eyes of the Stormriders. The Stormriders see their opportunity to making a counter strike in 3091. They Hulkans took the victory, sending the Stormriders back to their home in 3095.


The Stormrider diary from 3010 has talk of recruitment being forced upon the residents on both sides. They state it has been ongoing since 2970. The Stormrider claims his father was a Stormrider against their will in 2930.


An old library was discovered in 2950. A list of books were reported reclaimed by Stormriders who were in the vicinity of Old Texas. The List is as follows, although fragments are lost.

'We reclaimed an Old World library today, ■■■■■ 27th, 2950. I count Fifteen titles from my haul. three others have reported a minimal of ten titles a piece. I may be getting a promotion. The books I found may change everything.

Treating radiation sickness by Dr. Sheill

Madness of the Atom (1986) Anna Burkley

Nuclear Physics For Dummies

Nanotechnology grade 11 (2376)

biotechnology 10 (2622)

Diagnostics Volume 1 (2629)

Diagnostics Volume 2 (2630)

Diagnostics Volume 3 (2631)

Mental Health Volume 1 (2507)

Mental Health Volume 2 (2523)

Cybernetics 12 (2610)

Cybernetics 9 (2611)

Naturopathy 10 (2500)

Neurology 9 (2350)

Advanced Calculus (2540)

I can only imagine what any of these can do to benefit us. though, I feel we still reclaimed a lot in the name of the Stormriders.'


A scribe who claimed to be allied with the Stormriders only ever referred to as 'K', dictates in a notice, they knew the Hulkans were going to win in 3700. They claimed that the Hulkans would end up out living even their great grandchildren.

Another source, allegedly from a Stormrider’s writings, states that there are too many variants of life out there to sustain the war much longer. The page claims it was writing in the 3500's. The writer claims that the Stormriders were once alive before the bombs dropped. The writer claims their suits of armor in the old world would filter any danger from their air or water supply.


The Last known writing of the Stormriders, is of 4500, talking about the loss of the war with the Hulkans. The writing claims its writer was the last living member of the original Stormriders. Most traces that remain have been debunked.

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