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The girl left the dance floor and took the glass that was offered to her with an almost blooming blue liquid, she raised the huge glass to her mouth and felt a taste of imaginary perfection. Just one more sip and she already felt like the best person in the world of Chaos. She went towards the bathroom, it didn't have a male or female sign, she went in anyway. But the thing awaited her during the party went far beyond the effect of any drug.

Horror Teen horror Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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Baby’s of Devil

Everybody was dancing, and those who were not shaking their bodies were drinking. The dim light of the room was not a big concern to them, not even the green laser light that was spinning 360 around appeared to bother their bright eyes.

The girl left the dancing floor with a big glass that contained a blue glowing liquid that she promptly took to her mouth, experiencing that taste of imaginary perfection right after. One more single sip and she felt as if she were on the top of a world of Chaos. She headed for the restroom – that had no “male or female” sign -, and entered just the same. The loud sound of the music came down as she closed the large mirror door behind her. She seemed to be alone in a room a little more illuminated than the one she had just left.

Her eyes could see nothing but a long corridor with several cabins and small sinks; she reached one with an open door, looking for the bog, without noticing that somebody had just unoccupied the cabin beside her. Darkness then took the whole room over, and with the glass with the blue liquid in her hands, she closed her eyes and took another sip, in order to feel the pleasure that dink should give to her.

As she could stand up again and be in front of the sink of the room, she felt somebody´s hand around her hips. It was another girl, a bit taller than her, dressed in a black gown with a neckline that did not prevent her big breasts from showing off; she then held her neck tightly, before giving her a wet and clumsy kiss.

— Come on, Maryh, we are missing the party – said the big –breasted girl, moving out through the mirror door.

“Maryh”, the girl repeated to herself, as she looked to the mirror and saw her crooked face, as a result of her own delusions. She had black hair which appeared to have been cut at home with small scissors or a hunting knife, resulting in an odd look. Her eyes were small, with strong black stains that had been made by a blunt pencil.

In spite of being 19, she had a body of a seventeen-year-old girl.

Her naked neck showed an illegible tattoo, whose meaning nobody, but her, would tell. Her left arm was completely covered with other tattoos, and her face spotted with many piercings. Looking at one imaginary light, which was spreading out from behind her own image reflected in the mirror door, she went back to the dancing floor, where several people were dancing in synchronicity with the music.

She walked the most she could, but didn´t take more than three steps. The dark room was totally taken over by an invisible force that nobody but her alone could feel. It was absolutely dark, so she couldn´t see what loomed before her eyes.

All those body of different forms, dancing frantically before her, were not human - in the way she knew it. They were demons with all sorts of bizarre and imaginary forms.

Now, through a metallic light, she could finally see what was really happening throughout all that darkness. Demons were celebrating the birth of another peer, which was, by far, the most bizarre of them all.

At that moment, the girl who had kissed her in the restroom appeared at her side, not in the form of a demon, but as her proper human form of Maryh, whose eyes did not express any sign of scare or horror, which could be a natural consequence, based on what Mary had just seen.

— Can you see it too? – asked her, not listening to her own voice, though.

—Yes! – answered the girl, as she took Maryh´s hand and led her to the middle of the crowd, where a kind of cycle was obstructing her view.

She kept starring at the demons, which ignored her presence, without saying a word, as if she were on the other side, just like in the film “Constantine”, but at this time, everything seemed real and, the sound around her was too clear not to be true.

When she approached the cycle, her hands were tightened by the blond girl, who had a strong smile on her face, sure of the importance of what was happening around them.

— What…what is happening?

Maryh did not wait for the answer, just followed the eyes of the blond girl starring at the center of the crowd. The metallic light was coming from something on the ground. A demon, covered with blood, held a baby in his hands, and in front of them, there was a beheaded, naked woman, with open legs, soaked with blood.

Yes, the baby had come out from her gut, but the odd thing to Mary was that they were all celebrating the birth, not the death, of the woman.

Still holding Maryh´s hand, the blond girl looked at her tenderly and said:

— Look at my baby. His name will be Math, in your honor, pretty girl – said her smiling.

Mary turned round and looked at the dark eyes of the woman.

— Your son? Who are you, after all?

— This is me, Maryh, Lucifer, the father of all the suicidal souls – said the girl, smiling

enchantedly again. – Check your pulse. You killed yourself two days ago, and have now come to my home.

Taken by horror, Maryh lifted her free hands now, and saw the wounds caused by the knife from

her parents´ kitchen, when she decided to kill herself two days ago.

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