She met a boy but teen love is hard will she find love or not .

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Im Fortschritt - Neues Kapitel Jeden Montag
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Chapter - 1

"when i woke up ina morning i went to take a shower cuz yk who finna be dirty"

"while i was in the shower i was thinking about what love felt like cause being a teenager its hard ta find love , my mom then knocked on the door asking if i was ok then I realized i was in the shower for half an hour"

"i then hurried out the shower in fear of being late for school i then putted on a black crop top and some blue jeans wit my black channel slides ready to go to school. when i looked at my phone i then seen my bsf FaceTimeing me ”bitch guess what" she said "what" I then said

"yk ole dude i was messing wit right?" she said "yeah why what happened" i said "oh well we broke up cuz he gotta bm but girl the bus here ill see u at school". she said "kk" i said as i got off the bus

"when i got to school there was rumors going around saying this girl name mani was pregnant and we only in 8th grade but i didn't really care tm and just brushed it off and said to my bsf nya "it is —what it is" i told her as we walked into class while in class this fine dark skinned dude walked in i tried my best to do my work but he was looking to good and then we ended up making eye contact"

"whatchu lookin at you gotta eye problem r sum?" i said, wit a smirk on his face he then said "tf you mean shawty u looking at me" I then hurried and shutted up before i got disrespectful, so i then did my work" . when its was time ta leave class he then followed me out he then ask me "how old u is shawty" even thought i was smiling inside I ignored him "li girl u heard me how old you is shawty?" he then said wit a aggravated tone, "14 damm!!" i said mad ash, "how old u is nigga" i said, he then chuckled and said "I'm 14 to li girl" , "i then said stop calling me a lil girl fo i knock u out foo" i said wit an aggravating tone , "do sum then" he said, ok i said , but before i could the busses pulled up "aye before u go lemme get yo number shawty he said, "ight" i said, its 345-567-2228

chapter two coming.

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Fortsetzung folgt… Neues Kapitel Jeden Montag.

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