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▪In movies, one-sided love becomes mutual, but in fact, this does not always happen, not all endings are happy . *Alina is a shy and depressed girl who lives with her mother and grandmother who has Alzheimer's. *Alina is a beautiful girl but she can't see it because of her mental disorder, (she suffers from bipolar disorder), and she is obsessed with her childhood friend but this love is only one sided. This is a small summary of my story I don't want to burn events ♡

Romantik Alles öffentlich.

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Chapter 1


* Early in the morning *

The sun lights up the whole room, Her room is so beautiful, clean and tidy in an indescribable way, There are many books and novels arranged orderly, many pictures hanging near her bed and many colorful posters, and finally there is a A plant placed in front of the window .

She is sitting on her bed holding her notebook and trying to think of something to write

"Umm , today , No , I am going, i found it ! "

"My dear diary today ......"

she hears her mother calling from below

"Alina , come here , I know you're awake !"

She put her note on her desk and went down to find her mother and grandmother having breakfast ,

"Hello two beautiful ladies "

"Hello dear , have a seat "

"alright "

Alina started eating breakfast

"Alina, you have an appointment with your doctor today, you know that right ? "

"I know mom, I know !"

"Well, I just wanted to..."

Alina felt a little annoyed and got up and said

"The pancakes were very tasty, mom"

"Are you annoyed by my words ?"

" of course not "

She went to her and hugged her & kissed her on the head & went up to her room .

She went to the bookshelf looking here and there to choose which book to read !

"This ? No maybe this? No this, damn it, I'm going to read this"

She took Agatha Christie's novel "the murder is easy "

She got up on her bed opened the folded page to continue reading it .

And before she start reading ,

She hears her mother screaming downstairs

"Alinaaaaaa , you're going to be late, what are you doing? "

She gets out of bed quickly

"Shit i forgot "

Loudly "I'm getting dressed !"

"okay , hurry up !"

"Ohhh , I don't want to go !!!!!!!"

She puts on her clothes and takes the novel with her to continue reading on the way

go down

"I'm going mom "

"Okay , take care of yourself "

"Alina , wait , did you take your phone ?"

Show it to her

"Well, answer my calls and if something happens...."

she interrupts "mom , i'm going to the clinic, not to war ! I'll be fine , I promise "

Kiss her on the head and let her go!

- She walks in the street with headphones on , and reads from the novel .

* she got to the clinic *

In her mind " omg ,i hate this place!

In the waiting room, waiting for her turn , She is sitting reading !

-The nurse comes and calls her

" Alina , it's your turn !

" okay i'm coming "

-knock on the door and enter !

" Good morning Miss Johnson" "Good morning Alina, please come in , Sit"

The doctor : "You look great today Alina !"

"Yes, I feel energetic and happy " "Why are you happy Alina??"

"Um , perhaps "

she thinks , and says "I don't know why!"

"And how long have you been happy?"

"This morning "

"It's okay, tell me what are you going to do today after our date is over!?"

"Um, I think, maybe!"

She stops talking for a while and says "There are so many ideas in my head that I can't even pick one to say"

"Alina, do you take your medication regularly?

" Yes, of course "

-the doctor's phone is ringing

" sorry "

"It's okay "

-she give her a piece of paper and ask her to write or draw everything that is on her mind and what she wants to do !

-the doctor is talking on the phone , and Alina didn't find anything to write, she just drew a sunflower!

-Alina looking at the therapist's office and she saw a little dust on it and feeling disgusted (Alina is the type who likes cleanliness a lot)

The doctor surprised her with her words

"I'm so sorry , but i have to go right now! "

"No problem, it's okay! "

"i'm really sorry "

Alina talking to herself " omg , let me go "

"No problem really !"

"Okay leave the paper , i'll read your thoughts , and I'll call you to set the next appointment"

"Okay "

Alina comes out of the room happily .

-She comes out of the clinic, puts on the headphones and suddenly the smile disappears on her face and a frown appears and she says "no , not now , i'm very happy not to sadness !!!!"

She starts to inhale and exhales and tries to make a smile again and walks her way.

She rode the metro and went to her favorite place, a place with a small hole and a place to sit, a green place overlooking the sea, a great place to relax and calm the mind, this place she used to come to in her childhood with her best friend!

▪She got to the place, got into the middle of the hole, took a deep breath, felt a lot of relief, put a song (Love Story by Taylor Swift) and started looking here and there until she saw the letters A and A written there , She smiled and a tear fell from her eyes and said " i wish you are here with me now "

She started touching the letters with her hands and started to remember how she met her childhood friend !

☆ She was young when she met him, they were in the same age (9 years) , one day Alina was sitting with her mother in the garden of the house she was playing a jigsaw puzzle she was wearing a dress of sunflowers she was looking very beautiful and suddenly a car and a truck came and stopped In front of the house next to them , they had moved to live in

- Alex got out of the car and they exchanged looks, and this was their first look !

*They moved to live as their neighbors .

▪ The next day, in the morning, Alina went out to the garden to play with the ball , She saw Alex playing with his puppy in their garden , She kept looking at him until he noticed her , She dropped the ball from her hand and hid behind the wall , She was ashamed and then looked again , He also looked at her and He smiled to her and called her to come to him ! Alina thought a little and then picked up the ball and walked towards him hesitantly until she reached him and started talking to him behind the wall!

" hello , i am Alina "

"Hi , i'm Alexander, but call me Alex "

She says shyly and hesitantly " okay Alex "

"This is max (he means his puppy's name )"

"hi max"

"Come to this side and play with us"

She looked at her house and said "Okay"

-she came to his side and started playing together with the puppy , his father came and said to him

"Alex who this little princess"

"This is our neighbour Alina !"

☆ And since that day they became best friends, they played and had fun together all the time,

they went to study together,

they grew up together ,

Alina was throwing stones at Alex's window to notice and came to play with her !

-one day they found that place in front of the sea , they always went there to hide And Alex wrote the first letters of their names there, A and A and pasted a picture of them together, It was beautiful days, but it was not completed , His mother noticed their great closeness, but she did not like it and wanted to return to New York. Alex refused to return, but his opinion was not important !

-The day of leaving came, they met at their place, Alex promised Alina that he would come back for her and told her to wait for him and he split that picture in two He took her picture and took his picture, Alina was very sad when he left, he was her only friend, it was just him!

* present time *


Alina opened her eyes and took out his picture from her bag and kept looking at him, and then the weather started to change as if it was going to rain, she picked up her things and left.

-She got home, took off her shoes, and her mother spoke to her from afar.

"Honey , how was your date ?"

"It was amazing "

" what ? I can't hear you ?"

in a loud voice " Ammmaaaziiingg " -Her mother came to see her, and she went up to her room

"You will never change !"

-She went into her room, changed her clothes, and as she was taking her things out of the bag , Alex's picture fell , she took the picture from the floor and was about to cut it but she changed her mind and hung it on the wall !!!!

* the night *

They were sitting eating dinner and everyone was silent, Her mother started talking

" today some workers came to renovate the house next door , i think someone will move in !"

- Alina's facial features started to change and she seemed happy (her mother looks at her)

"What ?"(Alina)

"Nothing "

"Okay i'm done eating "

She kissed her mother and grandmother and goes up to her room.

She sits on her bed with a smile on her face and starts talking to herself, "oh my God , is he really coming back ?"

"Will he remember me ?"

"But my mom said someone would came back !!!! So maybe another family would come to live here !!!"

Show frown face "stop thinking, stop , stop !!!!!!"

* Inhale and exhale, then she turn off the light and go to sleep.

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