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A DANGEROUS FRAGMENT. A KNOWN ENEMY. A DESTROYED COUNTRY. Gothalia Ignatius-Valdis is now a Centurion much to her aversion, and to those who are not happy about it at all. In the midst of the insurrections staining the streets of New Icarus; selected Cores of Centurions, Legionnaires and Cavaliers head to the Earth Reserve, following the disappearance of its only Princess they failed to shelter. Travelling to the capital city of New Eorthen is easy but the battle is bloody and desperate as they fight for the reclamation of lost lands now seized by the Xzandians and stained by its General with the blood of many. The Xzandian General easily exploits the power of the Fragment of Midnight Eclipse among the masses trapped within its borders. Even if the Deamone Reserve is aware of the deadly impact the Xzandians have on the citizens of the Earth Reserve. Will they aid in saving them or shunning them? An ultimate decision that will alter Gothalia's future and many others like her.

Science Fiction Weltraumoper Nur für über 21-Jährige (Erwachsene). © Kalverya Johansson

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the Prequel, the Chronicles of Heaven's Curse [Part II]

Copyright © 2023 by Kalverya Johansson.

This work is copyright protected.

The artwork found throughout this novel is copyright protected.

The author reserves all rights.

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters, and incidents are either the product of the author's imagination or, if real, used factiously. All statements, activities, stunts, descriptions, information, and material of any other kind contained herein are included for entertainment purposes only and should not be relied on for accuracy or replicated as they may result in injury.

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For the readers who've become fans,

and have continued this story.


1st Law: 'High élanocyte count utilisers can usually deflect any energetic attacks from anyone of a lower count or status.'

2nd Law: 'Only those of same count or status can re-produce. Usually, determined prior by surnames and blood types.'

3rd Law: 'All surnames reflect their abilities given to every descendent, with higher élanocyte, délanocyte and nélanocyte counts.

4th Law: 'Higher counts are more diverse and more powerful. Strong Excelians bare stronger Excelians.'

"Its in ignorance where fear systemically

culls death, devastation and destruction. Blood traces

the grooves of the foreign earth patiently,

caressing the wilting numbers diligently.

Until, there's nothing left."Gothalia


Gothalia Ignatius-Valdis regarded the soldiers before her deep in thought. She knew why they were on the lands of the Earth Reserve, but she couldn't begin to describe the danger she felt clinging to the air around them. No one spoke of it, and she knew why. They were risking their lives for this country at the General's request, which she saw bloom in black smoke silenced with death.

Gothalia observed the environment around her, sensing the danger and the unsteadiness of the terrain, but not once did she glance in the direction she knew the danger would come from. It was strange; she was certain that the enemy was close, but how close she didn't know.

She felt her horse shift beneath her and she patted it, hoping to calm the stallion, before her gaze drifted to Danteus in front of her with Asashin and Altair on either side of him. Beside her were Demetria and Leviathan, who she was surprised were beside her, their posture tight with tension as they waited for the order. The order they all dreaded.

Casually, Gothalia cast her gaze over her shoulder at the rear squad behind her, where the other Centurions, including the faces of Anton and Maximus, glowed. They watched her with worry and tightly clenched jaws, dressed in their black and silver heavily armored uniforms, just like everyone. Discreetly, she gently nodded towards them and held their gaze for a moment before turning her attention forward, forcing her posture straight. Almost desperate to remove the weight she felt seep into her.

Her mind recounted the events from within the simulation a month ago. Between then and now, it wasn't easy to accept what had caused L'Eiron and Anaphora fear and why her people were inside the Fire Reserve. They were stolen from their home, forced to live with the Excelians of the Fire Reserve as either a bargaining chip or as a shield from who Gothalia had no idea why. Her gaze drifted to the back of Altair's head, his dark hair drifted in the wind as it caressed the convoy of Centurions. She wondered if he knew who the Grand Elders feared, even if they didn't make it known. He was more a Deamone than she was, and at the thought of that, a sudden sadness gripped at her. How much of her ancestry did she know? The answer: very little.

Gothalia shook her head, pushing the thoughts aside. Now was not the time to dwell on the past. They had a mission to complete, and they had to focus on the present. She took a deep breath, feeling the cool air fill her lungs, and let it out slowly.

"Alright, let's move out," she said, her voice steady and commanding. Her small unit of Centurions moved forward in time with the unit and Lieutenant ahead of her. All of them led by their specific Squadron Commanders.

As they rode, Gothalia couldn't help but feel a sense of unease. She knew that they were heading into dangerous territory and that they would face many challenges along the way. But she also knew that they were prepared for whatever lay ahead.

Hours passed, and the sun began to set on the horizon. The Centurions rode on, their eyes scanning the surrounding area for any signs of danger in the eerie quiet landscape. The only sound was the soft rustling of the wind from the energetic vehicles and the earth beneath the hooves of their horses.

Finally, they reached their destination. The gates of the Earth Reserve loomed before them, its walls towering high into the sky. Gothalia felt a sense of dread wash over her as she gazed upon it. She knew that they were in for a tough fight, but she also knew that they had to do whatever it takes to rescue their people.

"Alright, let's do this," she said, her voice firm. The Centurions nodded, and they rode towards the entrance of the Earth Reserve, their weapons at the ready.

They moved to the gates. Their eyes scanned the environment for aliens.

But to their surprise, the gates were open, and there was no sign of any Excelians guarding the entrance. Gothalia felt a sense of unease wash over her. It was too quiet, too easy. She signaled for the Centurions to proceed with caution, and they rode into the Earth Reserve.

As they made their way deeper into the reserve, they saw no sign of their people. The buildings were empty, and there was no sign of any Excelians. It was as though the place had been abandoned.

Gothalia's mind raced as she tried to make sense of what was happening. Had the Excelians moved their people to another location? Or was this some kind of trap?

Suddenly, a loud explosion rocked the ground beneath them, and Gothalia felt her horse rear up in fear. She quickly regained control and looked around, trying to locate the source of the explosion.

In the distance, she saw a plume of smoke rising into the sky. Without hesitation, she signaled for the Centurions to follow her, and they rode towards the smoke.

Gothalia felt a chill run down her spine as she met the gaze of the creature before her. She had never seen anything like it before. Its eyes burned with an intensity that made her feel as though they were piercing through her soul. She could feel the anger emanating from it, and she knew that they were in grave danger.

Immediately, she ordered her units to ready themselves as they faced a mechanical animal towering over them—watching and waiting. She knew her squad could sense the danger and the threat of the alien pilot that lay ahead.

The creature released a deafening roar, and Gothalia felt the ground shake beneath her horse. As such, she knew that they had to act fast if they were to have any chance of defeating it. She raised her sword, ready to strike, but before she could make a move, the creature lunged at them.

Immediately, Danteus urged Leviathan's and Demetria's squads to spring into action. Their tactic, she noticed, was to surround the mechanical alien with other world technology.

Gothalia watched as her fellow Centurions sprang into action, their weapons clashing against the creature's metal armor. Explosions permeated the battlefield as Fire Utilisers and Earth Utilisers sprang into action. The battle was fierce, and it seemed as though the creature was invincible. But they refused to give up.

As they fought, Gothalia noticed something strange about the creature. It seemed to be powered by some kind of energy source, and she could see that it was starting to weaken. She radioed Danteus and informed him of the power source. Eventually, everyone who wasn't too close focused their long-range energetic weapons and utilities on the foreign energy source. Once the energy source was dissolved by a single shot from a Centurion within her squad, the frontal assault unit eliminated the threat. The energy source exploded, and the creature fell to the ground, defeated. They continued further inside the borders of the Earth Reserve.

As they made their way deeper into the Earth Reserve, they encountered more Excelians. But with their newfound knowledge of the energy source, they were able to defeat them more easily. They searched every building, every corner, and every crevice, but there was still no sign of the people of the Earth Reserve.

Gothalia felt a sense of frustration wash over her. They had come so far, and yet they still had no idea where the people of this Reserve were being held, if they were still alive. She knew that they couldn't give up, but she also knew that they needed a new plan.

Instead, they regrouped outside one of the buildings, her squad, and the other squads beneath Danteus's command. The other Lieutenants lingered at the other end, opposite their squad members not too far from Danteus, as she knew he spoke to the other Squadron Commanders and a Centurion above them, who they knew was further within the borders.

Gothalia called for a meeting with Leviathan and Demetria. They huddled together, their heads close as they discussed their next move.

"We need to find out where they're keeping the survivors," Gothalia said, her voice firm. "We've searched every building, but there's still no sign of them."

Demetria nodded in agreement. "We need to gather more information. We need to find someone who knows where they're being held, if they're still alive."

Leviathan spoke up. "I suggest we split up and search the surrounding area. Maybe we'll find someone who can help us."

Gothalia nodded. "Good idea. Let's do that if we're given the all-clear. But be careful. We don't know what kind of traps they might have set up, and we need to inform the Squadron Comm—." In seconds, her words were silenced by another wave of energy soaring through the air and the death of her soldiers. They were no longer safe.

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