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A woman who dates men for money is now looking at her first target not knowing that he is her very first mistake. She now has the man bowing for her but then she realizes that she is getting attached to him. With the fear of getting controlled she tries to escape him but will she be successful? Or will she accept her faith and be with him? Find out in Violet "The very first mistake" About story: This story will have six chapters each acting as a book. There is the first book, the second book, and third book. There is a new episode every week or earlier than it. The story might seem to be going a little fast and this is because the author wants the story to be short but fun to read at the same time.

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The very first mistake

"You call me one, and I am one... a gold digger."

1st book

My name is Violet Banks, I am known as a gold digger. people hate me and some despise me. yes, I'm one of those girls who date men for money but don't get me wrong I only date young and handsome men of my age. I lost my virginity at an early age before marriage which is a shame for some people, but I didn't mind.

I'm a 27-year-old orphan who lost her mom at the age of fourteen.

My mother was a gold digger as well and she kind of taught me all I know. I never knew my dad. Mom said that she fell in love with a man and thinking that he loved her she got pregnant with me but... things didn't go as planned. He left her saying that she was a mistake. Whenever mom would tell me that she would always cry.

"Violet, never get married or pregnant unless you know he'll never abandon you. If he does leave you then you should destroy him. Remember, never sleep with a man because he might consider you as an easy target... or worse. " mom often said.

When I was 10 years of age mom got married to a Millionaire and we moved to his mansion. Four years later when I was fourteen mom got in a huge car accident and died. My step-father took care of me until I was eighteen and then gave me a thousand dollars and told me to start my own life.

I didn't blame him though, who in the world would like to keep another person's child? I wouldn't. I was able to go to college on a scholarship and I graduated in business. It was hard trying to find a job and so I began working in fast-food restaurants as a waiter or as a cashier there I realized how pretty I am and I decided to use my beauty to my advantage.

And I became who I am today. a person that is judged and criticized by all. But that's all in the past, I am now standing in the hotel lobby looking at my next target. Alexander Corner, who is also known as Alex is a 29-year-old, handsome, rich, smart, single, and self-made billionaire. He dated a few but nothing serious, he also has a lost little sister the same age as me. She disappeared a year ago and none knows how. As you might have guessed I did my research, after all, I spent two months carefully planning this, and I couldn't mess up, not now.

I signaled the man I paid to harass me and I walked to the reception where Alex was standing. The man came to me and started flirting with me, I acted as if I was uncomfortable and I moved away. Just then the man grabbed my wrist and I purposely hit Alex with my elbow to grab his attention then I effortlessly struggled to get his hands off my wrist.

"let go of me!" I said, "Let go of her wrist." Alex said in a cold tone that almost scared me. "Mind your own business!" the man said. Alex then grabbed the man's hand holding my wrist firmly forcing him to let go of me. "when I tell you to do something you should do it!" Alex said Aggressively. "so-sorry..." the man said and left.

He turned to me "Are you ok?"

"yes! thank you." I said smiling. "You're welcome." he grinned. I then pretended to faint and he caught me, this is just so cliche, how did mom fall for dad? men are all the same, easy to fool. as he kept shaking me I suddenly lost consciousness and fainted for real!

I opened my eyes and noticed Alexander sitting on a chair next to my bed but then when I looked around I realized that this was not my room nor my bed.

"Are you awake?" Alexander suddenly asked. "where am I?" I sat straight on the bed. "In my hotel room. You fainted and since the reception said you didn't book a room yet, I carried you here," he explained.

"You carried me to your room and not to the hospital?" I think out loud. He chuckles when I realized what I just said I blushed.

Gosh Violet you're ruining the plan with honesty! I thought.

"You're right, but maybe I did that because I wanted to know you," he said, "And you still do?" I shyly ask, "yes, I do. come and eat dinner with me. I booked us a place."

"Dinner? what time, is it?" I ask confused about how long I was out. He looked at his expensive wristwatch, "it's 09:38 pm. You were unconscious for three hours."

"Th-Three hours?!" I stammer. "So do you want to go?" he asks again. "Well how can I say no? let's go."

We went to a luxurious 5-star restaurant and we went to a V.I.P room. We ate and drank, drank until we got drunk.

"My! so handsome!" I said feeling tipsy, "you're very polite." he replied smiling. I took another sip and said "You know men are so easy to get. I bet with your looks, you slept with at least thirty women!"

"No I don't sleep with strangers and the number is below five," he said with a smirk.

"What! lies!" I said a little too loud, "Then I bet you're great!"

"I don't know, do you want to check?" he asked

"Is it an invitation?" I asked

"I don't know, you tell me, is it a yes or a no?" he smiled.

"It's a yes!" I said ignoring my mother's warnings as a child.

He smiled and stood up, he came over to me and extended his hand. "Name?"

"Violet," I said taking his hand.

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Mk Maria kiansosa
Oh! I like the start! I'm ready for the next three chapters.
May 26, 2022, 20:31

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