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Scarlett's fate is in the prediction of past and future with no telling what could happen. Her mother Andrea had raised Scarlett on her own with no help what so ever. Andrea did know her daughter was lesbian just never told her because she wanted Scarlett to on her own. Scarlett made a best friend name Angel Knight while they were ninth graders. Unfortunately fate has a new prevail that could leave Angel dying in the arms of Scarlett. Could Scarlett fall in love with the true Annabel or will it come crashing down with Angel in the fast lane of life? What is the fate of Scarlett in her predictions? Will love become to much of a factor? Can Scarlett save her future along with Angel's? Fate is in the hands of this world with this lesbian romance.

LGBT+ Nur für über 18-Jährige.

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Chapter 1

It was a dark night in Nineteen Eighty-Eight, Derek went out with his buddies to have a couple drinks of beer before going into work the next day but unfortunately the weather turned out very bad as they left the bar and into a car, the guys drove into the wet rain and snow as the roads iced over as Mikhail went to make a slight turn the car slid the wrong way and did multiple flips into a wooded area, no one wore seat belts and no one survived that ungrateful night.

Andrea is waiting on Derek to arrive home since she's eight months pregnant and expecting their wonderful baby girl Scarlett Myra Thomas. Andrea couldn't sleep it had disturbed her completely not knowing what happened to her husband or where he could be. They were so excited for their little angel to arrive at any point especially since this will be their only baby.

She had settled into getting her coffee as a knock at the door startled her as Andrea dropped her coffee cup on the floor that's when she try to rush to the door as it rang this time and she spoke,

"I am coming, sorry I am very pregnant and have trouble getting around."

A voice strong came through the door replying,

"Take a seat in your living room ma'am, we need to come inside it is the police and no you're not in trouble."

Andrea took a seat on the recliner adjusting herself responding,

"Come on in, the door is open."

Both men came in with bows of their heads than looked at Andrea with glistened tears in their eyes it was Derek's close friend's Brian Burgundy and Andrew Jones they cleared their throats saying,

"Andrea, we've had to already tell other families of our buddies Mikhail Thwart, Timothy Hertz and Matthew Drakes, this isn't easy but Derek has passed on they all died in a severe car crash last night that the car flipped multiple times in the wet rain, snow and ice it got very bad to say the least. We aren't sure if they were drunk or anything but we do know that the car is destroyed and none of them wore seat belts. We are very sorry Andrea if you need help with your baby let us know and we'll do it in our best power to help."

Andrea nodded with tears dripping down her face as she replied between sobs,

"Thank you gentlemen."

They nodded leaving her in complete silence on trying to raise a baby by herself it wouldn't be easy that she knew but her heart will always miss Derek they had everything in the world to successfully raise Scarlett their beautiful baby that will be arriving any day. Andrea whispered to her belly that Scarlett kept kicking,

"Baby, me and you will make it some how without your daddy, we will make it through some how and some way. I can't believe I am raising you alone in this crazy world."

Andrea got up from the chair and made her way into the kitchen as her midwife Angelique Yates came inside saying,

"Hey Andrea, where is Derek and how is the baby?"

Andrea cleared her throat replying,

"Hey Angelique, my dear husband passed away last night in a car wreck and the baby is fine just kicking like crazy, I haven't had much sleep with her constantly moving."

Angelique shook her head with a heavy sigh responding,

"If you weren't so close to your due date I would leave you but that isn't an option at this moment since Derek isn't around."

Andrea nodded seeing that Angelique was a beauty woman in her eyes always have been with beautiful black hair that had waves, stood at five feet four inches and about one hundred ten pounds, she had deep brown eyes with a luscious chocolate skin to melt against. Andrea lusted after Angelique even behind Derek's back but she couldn't help but try to be around her every chance she had. They had grown into a wonderful friendship, you could say they are best friends. Andrea never told her husband that she's bisexual and hadn't even told Angelique either because in this day in age it's against the law. Though if her daughter had the option she could fall in love with a woman too, heaven forbid the laws let her of course.

Angelique started giggling saying,

"Andrea, you're giving me that look again like you are dying to do something to me?"

Andrea blushed replying,

"Sorry just running thoughts through my head of what to do about Scarlett because it's going to be an interesting process with trying to bury her father too."

Angelique walked up to Andrea than grabbed hold of her shoulder's responding,

"It'll be okay, I am sure you will find another man to help you raise such a pride and joy."

Andrea shook her head not looking at Angelique replying,

"I have hidden something from both you and Derek, I should have told you both from the beginning but been to shy."

Angelique's went from smiling to a frown responding,

"What is it Andrea? If it's about me and him spending too much time together I am very sorry but he's just too handsome to resist and I...I..."

Andrea looked at her with a death stare replying,

"Did you sleep with Derek?"

Angelique shook her head no responding,

"No, I have tried to get him to sleep with me but he was so faithful to you that he refused and that is the truth but I did fall in love with him just like you did when you guys were in High School."

Andrea sighed a relief at that her husband had always been faithful to her but she hadn't been honest to either of them either on being bisexual even since they might have gotten together she would have had three ways. She looked at Angelique more intently than she realized as they got closer to each other with barely touching one another as Andrea spoke,

"I am...I..."

Angelique smiled as she backed away replying,

"You are lesbian, aren't you? Is that way you have been staring at me the way you have."

Andrea twisted her fingers in her knots responding,

"I am....I am b..b...bisexual."

Angelique shook her head then walked back to cleaning the coffee mess from earlier replying,

"I am straight Andrea, you couldn't have gotten with me any how, no matter how attractive I am, it wouldn't have happened."

Andrea stayed put in the living room without another word as she wished her midwife wouldn't have said that now her heart is shredded completely as she finally spoke,


Angelique looked startled from what she was doing as she replied,

"Andrea, I can't leave you, you're about to burst any day now."

Andrea gave her a evil look responding,


Angelique nodded as she left the house silently and Andrea dropped down to tears a second time within twenty-four hours.

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