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He stood on the stone lion figure of the architecturally strong building in New York. The distance between the light-flooded street and himself was more than a hundred meters. <<My existence only serves you humans>> he preached, clad in his leather robs and armed with the contour-forged katana that rested on his back. He owed the reddish shimmer that just danced down the blade to the countless executed demons. Then he dropped into the cold atmosphere and rushed down at high speed. <<You belong to ME!>> he thundered in vertical flight at a dark figure, where until now only the shading was recognizable. <<HUH>> he blurted out. <<A witch?!>>. Witches were once powerful tools in the fight against the underworld. But the magical blood of these creatures was never transmuted. The risk and the danger it posed were too high. A moment later the distance between the two creatures was only a few meters. The woman looked up and met his ultraviolet, glowing eyes. <<Alexander?!>> the witch revealed his true name. <<Maria?!>> he replied in amazement and drew his katana.

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