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Chapter 1


Once upon of time in Halloween night there a bright and beautiful girl that is always positive and sweet she was doing everyday life her name was Leah then when she in a deep sleep there was a dead woman went in her dream sending her night mare she say


WTF why do I have this nightmare is it because it Halloween


Leah doesn like dark stuff but she telling herself


It could be a sign that telling me that i was murder in almost Halloween night and she want me to solve it but I'm not good at solving it or does she want to kill me like she did in my dream try to choke me while I was in a deep sleep hunting in my dream I wasn scare but I don't like the sound of her dead voice sound in my dream so I write everything down call the nightmare of Halloween night I don't know why that lady was sending me nightmare again does she want me to help her or she just want to murder me in dream of jealousy I'm not sure what that lady want so I went back to sleep after I went back to sleep I have another dream it was gross there was a green sticky snotty in my nose that won't clear it off it not just me but other group too didn see there face Maybe the dead woman in my dream want to play with me get me scare or torcher me that was not Kool.

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