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Chapter 1

Hi, my name is Sheela. I go to college at SunDance University. My dream is to be a singer and dancer. I want to follow my dream so I chose the dance class and the musical class. There are several other classes I have to do that are not of interest to me but I have to do them to graduate. Today is my first day of college at SunDance University. I hope I make new friends.

It comes time for me to start my first class and it's my dance class. On my way inside the university I introduce myself when the dance teacher comes in.

She says,


"Hello, my student. Welcome to SunDance University. Would you lovely people introduce yourselves? It's good to meet you all. My name is Mrs. Luna."


Everyone is introducing themselves.

Now it's my turn, "Hi, my name is Sheela. I'm new here. I hope I get along with everyone!"

Mrs. Luna begins speaking again,

*Mrs. Luna*

"Hi, all. Good, now my lovely people, time to start learning dancing! Now follow my instructions, please."


The teacher begins teaching us how to dance. We all start following her directions. It is fun and tiring but I enjoy it. It gives me a lot of exercise. Suddenly, I fall down and someone catches me.

*Handsome guy*

"Are you okay?"


A new voice inquires.

I look up and it is a handsome man that I have never seen before. Feeling a bit flustered, I quickly said, "Wha- Oh, I'm sorry!"

*Handsome guy*

"It's okay. Be careful, alright?"


"Thank you,

*Handsome guy*

what's your name?


My name is Sheela."-----------------------

*Handsome guy*

"My name is Jax."


"Hi, thank you for helping me up. Sorry I got startled."


"It's okay."

*Mrs. Luna*

"Alright, everyone, now it's time to dance with your partner. Whoever is next to you is your partner."


"Yes, ma'am!"


Everyone hollers. So I'm now partnered with a handsome guy. He is cute but I'm going to start with friendship. I am not going to get ahead of myself. So I partnered up with him.

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