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A short speech i wrote for english that I believe is appropriate for issuses going on today

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Stop the Hate America!

Equal rights will always be an issue in America. Thoreau wrote about his night In jail when he didn’t pay his taxes due to the ill treatment of certain American citizens. Gandhi went to jail for a peaceful protest to overthrow the South African government for the ill treatment of Indians. King spoke and protested equal rights for black people all across america. The children’s march was a protest for equal lives for black children all across America that led to about 2-3,000 children being arrested. Today we still face racial discriminaton along with sexuality discrimination. Homophobia and racism are still big issues and it can be stopped, you just need to really try. Cops are still killing innocent black people. Gays are still mistreated. We need to protest these issues. We need to fight for the lives of not just gays, jews, blacks, asians, but every single live in America. We are the future generations. We can’t make the next generation if we keep killing, hurting, or discriminating people just cause they’re different from you.

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Hunter L Rhodes American author out of Mustang, Oklahoma. Specializes in short stories that involve horror and mystery along with stories about social issues in today’s society.

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