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Times no match for my mess

Time has been no match for all this mess in my head,

I don’t think time alone will ever heal this pain that just won’t mend.
Past suffering,

my heart aches,

can you see this PTSD when you look at me?

Is this my fate?

I break and I bend until it starts to feel like this pain is never going to end.
It’s like Grasping a hold of a moving train while
Trying to pick up pieces of bread soaked by the rain…

Sounds a bit insane, holding on to a train; something's missing,

somethings wrong,

somethings lost,

somethings gone,

and it’s twisting my brain;

So you see!

I can’t let go of this train and those pieces of bread are beginning to melt away...

19. Januar 2022 20:17:33 0 Bericht Einbetten Follow einer Story
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