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Shrouded in darkness

A beam of white light.

Color by day.

Blackness by night.

Motionless chaos.

Deafoning sound.

Busy with nothing.

Time lost is found.

Horizontal lines

In the parallel haze.

A sense of direction

In a complex maze.

Contradicting ideas.

Scientifical fact.

Friend of the enemy.

An unstable pact.

See without eyes.

Truth in the lies.

Life slowly dies.

Transient goodbyes.

Creating destruction.

Effortless work.

A fleeting deduction.

In plain site, I lurk.

Safe in the danger.

Oblivious awareness.

A friendly stranger.

Cautious but fearless.

The pain in a smile.

Satisfaction from pain.

Here a short while.

Stay dry in the rain.

Down when you're up.

Wide, but stretched thin.

The crack in the cup.

Wet with dry gin.

Can't see with eyes.

It stands where it lies.

Transparent disguise.

This fall, let it rise.

Illuminate the darkness,

With blinding white light.

Live for today,

Look towards your hindsight.

Orderly chaos.

Deaf to the sound.

Pocket full of nothing.

Nothing is found.

Parallel dimensions

In a horizontal plain.

Paying for something

That's free to obtain.

Conflicting theories.

Enforce the opinion.

Arrogant humility.

Letting the out, in.

Open your eyes.

Mysterious skies.

Meek are the wise.

Grounded, it flies.

Full of an emptiness.

Sorrow in glee.

Sleeping in the unrest.

You can't see me.

Choked while I'm breathing.

Escape from myself.

Sweating while freezing.

Up low on a shelf.

An upside down smile.

A hole in the square.

Come stay a short while,

But don't breath the air.

Confused by understanding.

Capture a moment of time.

Maybe life's complexity,

Is only in our mind.

Written by: Michael Taylor

© October 24th. 2020

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