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Kindhearted Antonio Alexander and troublemaker Davina Driscoll used to be the best of friends… Until a terrible car crash takes them both away from Earth…forever. Three years later, Antonio is living a happy, relaxing life with his friends Arabella and Aolani in heaven while Davina is living a harsh, assiduous life with her friend Dextra in hell. But then one day, The Trinity, rulers of heaven, announce an upcoming war attack from the devils, led by Satan himself, and a spy told to be his newest right-hand-man. The spy disguises herself as an Angel and runs into Antonio, who is easily fooled, thinking she is a new recruit. Their relationship escalated quickly as the spy begins to regret her troublemaker ways and both fall hard for each other. But when the spy turns out to be Davina, the two have to fight for their relationship…and their new homes.

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Chapter 1: Relaxation vs. Warrior Cry

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The sound of the river water was very peaceful, sounding like a delicate harp. Even though he had heard this sound many times since the time he arrived in heaven three long years ago, it still sounded beautiful, everyday thinking, "No way any river on Earth could make this breathtaking sound." It never ceased to amaze.

Antonio filled up the golden water jug in his hands and stared in amazement as the golden river water transformed into clear, clean water. He was filling up the jug for his neighbor, Aolani to put her new flowers in. Aolani was also 18, just like him, and his best friend / partner in "crime".

"Aloha, Antonio!" Aolani waved in her sweet accent as he walked up the golden steps to her house. Aolani's house was bigger than most houses in heaven; she must've been really good on Earth. That's just how it was in heaven. Magically golden. "Hey!" he waved back, quickly putting both hands back on the jug. "Not one day can go by without you not saying 'Aloha' back, can it?" an annoyed expression on her hazelnut face as she folded her arms. Antonio shook his head, curls flying everywhere. "No."

He followed Aolani into her golden temple of a house. He'd only been there a few other times since Aolani was always doing some kind of renovation to the house. As he looked at all the new, innovative decor, his eyes went bug-eyed.

There were white sofas, rocking chairs, and new marble and glass tables in the kitchen and dining room. One room was changed into a 3-story library, from floor-to-ceiling, shimmering books stacked neatly on each shelf by genre. The halls had many pictures of Aolani and her ancestors, most of which lived in the house with her, like her older cousin Arabella, who was carrying a large box of books to take to the neighbor's house for their kids.

"Good morning!" she called. "Aolani, I need another box for the rest of the books when you're available." Aolani nodded and continued the tour, until eventually they found themselves in the courtyard. "You can pour the water here," she said, pointing to a golden, empty, marble pool near the courtyard. Antonio carefully poured the water in and sat on the edge of the pool with Aolani.

Suddenly a big dove swooped down above their heads, back and forth, holding in its claws what looked like a white and gold letter. "EEK!" Antonio cried, leaning back and ducking his head. But in doing so, fell backwards into the pool. Aolani burst out laughing as she pulled a scowled-face Antonio out of the water and took the dove in her arms.

"It's a royal dove," Aolani said. Her facial expression changed from laughter to serious in an instant. "Royal dove?" Antonio asked. He was lying on the ground next to the pool, trying to dry off in the sun. Aolani showed him golden swirls that outlined the tail of the dove. "This means that it's from the Trinity, the rulers of heaven. I wonder what they need me for. Listen," Aolani answered, then began to read the letter for him.

"Captain Aolani. Your presence is requested here at the palace towers. We are in need of your warrior skills once more, along with the rest of your army. We will explain furthermore due to your arrival. Please come immediately, as soon as you get this letter. Signed, The Trinity."

Aolani and Antonio looked at each other with worry. "Follow me." she said without hesitation, bolting toward the front yard. Antonio was a little behind due to the fact that when he caught up, Aolani and Arabella were waiting for him in a chariot, stone-faced. "Get in." Aolani said. As soon as he climbed up, she took off.

-Meanwhile, in Hell-

"Ready. Set. Begin!"

The arena around them cheered as Davina clashed her sword against her friend's, Dextra's, who was training to be a soldier in Satan's army. "Use your techniques!" she shouted at the her. "This was a technique!" Dextra shouted back, fighting to push back Davina. Davina glared at her. "And so was this!" Davina swung her leg under Dextra, who fell back and dropped her sword in shock. She lifted her head to see her own sword pointed at her, held by Davina, who's sword was in her opposite hand. "I taught you many techniques, and you chose the weakest one? Pathetic." she scowled and swung her sword into its pouch. The arena went wild.

Dextra followed her with her head hung low after retrieving her sword. She didn't need Satan to lecture her even more after she felt his upcoming wrath about failing the first test to become a soldier.

Satan glared at Dextra as the two approached his seat. She slightly looked up. "Captain Davina." he clapped. Davina hit her shield twice and bowed. "Excellent work yourself. However..." he scowled at Dextra, who immediately put her head down. "What is the meaning of this?" he shouted, pointing a bony, red finger at Dextra. "I thought I told you to TRAIN her. Not EMBARRASS her." he said. "And I did what you asked. Dextra herself chose to use a basic technique, instead of the winning techniques I taught her last week AND told her to practice on." Davina firmly replied. "Would you want me to continue training her, sir?" Satan shook his head, a mischievous smile forming. "I have a better idea."

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