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11 year old Rose Smith tries to go to Florida with her older sister Nina but gets on the wrong plane and ends up on the Serengeti. After an elephant stampede, some lion fights, and a couple lessons on the circle of life, Rose tries to find a way home. While Rose is on the Serengeti, she finds a secret temple with a map to all the hidden treasures around the world. Is she the one to discover the mystery of the world?

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The Plane

"Get up, it's time to go." Nina rips the covers off Rose and roles her off the bed. Nina is Rose's sister and she watches over her.

"Come on, get up. You haven't even packed yet." Rose rolls on the floor and gets up. She grabs the outfit she had picked out. Tan shorts, an elephant shirt, tall brown boots, and a safari hat.

"Now get your suitcase. Hurry up and pack." "I am packed." "Well then, where's your suitcase?" "Right here. "Rose grabs a camping backpack.

"That's it!?" "Yup. I've got everything. "Okay, but we're staying for a week. Now get dressed. The Plane leaves in a hour."

Nina left the room and Rose got dressed. While she was walking down the stairs, Rose was thinking about traveling to Florida.

"Hey Nina, why are we going to Florida again?" "I have a business meeting in Florida. We'll only be there a week, then we'll go back home."

On the drive to the airport, Rose read her book Africa."Hey Nina, did you know that a lion herd is called a pride and in lion prides, the females hunt and the male or males babysit?" Rose loved the savanna.

"Okay, we're here. The plane leaves in 30 minutes. Let's get our seats." Nina and Rose walk in and go through security.

Nina walks through. Rose walks through. BEEP! BEEP! "Rose, what exactly did you pack?" "Um, clothes, camera, batteries, bathroom stuff, um, and, a pocket knife." Nina's face was red as a tomato.

"You are so lucky that we're still able to get on this plane." Nina and Rose are walking to the front desk and Rose spots her pocket knife. "I have to go use the bathroom." Rose slips away and tries to grab the knife.

"No no no. That is off limits." A officer steps right in front of her. "Wow. Is that person stealing? You better check that out." The officer dashes away. Rose takes the knife and runs.

"Nina, wait up." Rose runs after Nina. "Rose, come on." Rose catches up with Nina, then trips on someones bag. "Watch it, kid." "Rude."

Rose runs and sees Nina get on the plane. "Do you have your boarding pass?" "Ya, right here." Rose give the flight attendant her pass.

"I'm going to let you on, but do you have a guardian on this plane?" "Yes ma'am. My sister got on here. Rose gets on. "I mean, I think she got on."

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