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Fern, a girl, finds a pig and helps him. Wilbur meets some unexpected company refrasing a spider, rat, goslings and sheep's in the barn. Charlotte helps Wilbur from not being killed and dies on her own, leaving her five hundred and four-teen eggs alone with Wilbur as she dies. In the end, three spiders, Joy, Nellie and Arania stay in the barn with Wilbur to help him out and have a good place to live as growing up.

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One sunny day, the first day of the season spring, it was a warm day at the Arabels house and the Zuckermans barn. Fern was playing outside the Zuckermans farm when she heard a little sound. It was an oink coming from a bush. It kept on going. "Oink! Oink! Oink!" Fern was surprisingly curious of what it was. She got closer to the bush and pushed it away. A little pig was stranded in the bush, oinking for help. Ferns eyes grew and her jaw fell open. A baby pig was in a bush, alone near the Zuckerman farm, where she was playing. She raced into her house and raced out with a warm blanket. She grabbed the pig softly into her hands and placed the pig in the blanket. She strapped it tight on him and went down to her house. Her Uncle Homer and Edith her Aunt were talking with her mom and dad.

Avery was just playing in the grass with an ant and stick. Fern raced to her mom and held the blanket at her face.


Shouted her mother. "Get that away from my face!" She requested. Fern did as her mother said and left a hole for the pigs face. "I found this pig all alone while playing, I couldn't leave it there, I don't know where to bring him," She mutters. Homer Zuckerman pushed through the others and looks at the pig. "I want to name him wilbur." Says Fern. Mrs. Arable eyes grow. "Fern! We are not keeping a pig in our house! Leave him alone!" She Shouts. Homer faces his hand at Mrs. Arable. "I have a farm you know, we could use a fine looking pig, I will give 6 dollars for him," Fern's eyebrow

twitches and she looks at Wilbur. She looks back at Mr. Zuckerman and nods. She hands Wilbur to him and smiles. "Just promise you take extra good care of him." Mr. Zuckerman nods and hands her 6 dollars. After, He raises his voice. "Lurvy! Come over please!" A man all sweaty with a cap and dirt on his hands races to them. "Please make a space

in the barn for this pig and make a pen, feed him food every twice a day, including now, and make a bed out of wood and hay for him," Lurvy salutes and grabs the blanket. He brings Wilbur to the barn and places him down in a wood box. After, He puts nice food in a long pot for Wilbur and puts hay in his path. Then, he leaves the barn, grunting.

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