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daniel-west- Daniel Scott West

A master of illusion and his deadly games of death real magic and necromancy

Fantasy Dunkle Fantasie Nur für über 18-Jährige.

#game #Black # #arts #Sorcerer #deadly
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The greatest show ever

Magician vs.wizard stage magic becomes very real when a frustrated magician seeks out a master of Sorcery a wizard with an adjeda vengeance leads to unlocking the mysteries of the universe see as the supernatural comes to life as rage moves into a wizarding conflict over all reality.

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Fortsetzung folgt… Neues Kapitel Jeden Dienstag.

Über den Autor

Daniel Scott West I am a writer who is enspired to write novels have experience writing poetry and shirt stories I have been writing for over twenty years and look forward to publishing one day.

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