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"I'm just a painter and your just a man that sings little songs." Rose Della, a beautiful women with hands of magic, she paints to hide the pain and mixes colors to ease to her mind. Rose paints about her past hoping the trauma will glide past her sad eyes, she opened an art gallery where people pay to see her work so even buy it off her and hang it in there homes because they like the story behind the painting. Harry Styles, a man with talent he's been with his band for quiet some time now but can't find the inspiration to write anymore, he stops at a club with a few friends but only to find someone that catches his eyes and might be able to give him inspiration.

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rosadella Your Tattoos Make Me Smile Like The Sun

Rose's Pov

The painting I was working on felt like it was taking years but it's only been 6 months, it was coming together piece by piece. I made sure not to make flaws while I painted the women's faces, otherwise, I would
start again until I got it right.

I felt the strap to my white overalls fall off my shoulder which I sighed pushing it back to its designated location as I went to pick up my brush again and start on her eyelashes my phone started to ring. I looked over at the screen and it read

My Bitch Lily 🤪 is calling.

Every fiber in my body wanted to go back to my painting but it was already 8:00 and I started painting at 1 this morning. I wiped my painted hands on my overalls then picked up the phone sliding to the accept button.

"Hi, Lil," I said putting my unfinished canvas back on its stand then I picked up my cup of brushes as her voice rang through my empty home "Hi babe, we're going to a club tonight. So get ready and I'll pick you up, I want to hear about your new painting that you won't let me see." I heard the hangers being pushed to the side which meant she got a head start on getting ready and would be over soon "I'll tell you about it, but you're not seeing until it's finished."

I made my way up my stairs and toward my room, I opened my closet that wasn't exactly small but it wasn't a walk-in closet either. I grabbed my black dress that makes my non-existent boobs seem bigger and it hugged my curves perfectly "This dress makes my boobs look so good. But I wish I had your ass, mines so small."

I heard Lily say from my phone, we were on FaceTime now so I saw her small black dress that crossed on her boobs and made them look perfect which she paired with some heels.

I rolled my eyes at her while she started on her makeup then I went to wash up. I came out in my dress and stood in the camera frame fixing it and spun around to look at my ass.

I put on some lashes that weren't too much but made my hazel eyes stand out more than usual, I put mascara over those then put some cherry lip balm since I never was into make-up. I took out my ponytail and let my straight hair lay flat on my back, I kept the scrunchy on my wrist knowing I would use it.

"Bye bitch. Be there in five, by the way, you make me want to be gay." "College me would have loved college if you were," I said smiling, she laughed then hung up. I've been into women for a long time but I still like men as well, so it's not like I'm Anti-men.

Women will always have a certain place in my heart where men can't reach.

I heard a beep of a horn then grabbed my bag and my black heels in my hand then ran out the door to Lily's car. Once I got in I started pulling on my heels. I'm so glad I painted my toes last night before I started painting.

Once my heels were on and I was situated I turned to Lily and started talking to her about my painting, about 2 hours later we pulled up to this club that said 21+ on a sign, and for once I was glad we were old enough to use our real ID's.

The guy standing like a statue checked our IDs and our bags then asked for our age. He thought we were using fakes "I'm 26, you idiot." I said, frowning, then took my stuff and went inside with Lil right behind me.

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