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It is my first story it is erotic sexual and some adult content

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Lustful Sebastian

I just got a job as a new maid working along with mey-rin and Finnian and bard and Sebastian at the Phantomhive estate and I had my eyes on that tall dark handsome Butler his name is Sebastian Michaelis I just love the way his brownish red eyes glimmer in the way that his coat hugs close to his fit torso I just need some kind of contact with him other than just a smirk from him but every time me and him are in the same room together I always catch him staring at me like he wants to devour me in a lustful way well I've been working at the Phantomhive estate for a while now I was currently getting the bed sheets off the young masters bed so I can wash them however I am suddenly throwed on top of the young Master's bed and a tall dark figure hovered over me I said s-sebastian what are you d'': but I was cut off with a pair of hot passionate lustful lips on my own lips I go to shove him off but his hot passionate lips were just too intoxicating for me to resist him I wanted so much more I wanted all of him but once he pulled away from me I quickly pulled him back down on top of me hungry for more of him and I push my lips passionately against his and I felt him smirk against my lips as we continue to kiss he slipped his tongue deep into my mouth I love the way that he kissed I love the he kissed me his lips feel hot wet and passionately then he took his ungloved hand and slid it down my thigh I pulled his coat off and start undoing the buttons on his vest but all of a sudden I let out a moan he started rubbing and stroking the split between my legs going up and down on it with his fingers and I could not hold back the passion and sensation I feel from it and I let out a moan then he smirked then chuckled I think he was enjoying watching where I was at his mercy and could not control myself I started to ask him why are you doing this sebasti-an but all of a sudden he started rubbing and teasing my clit real good I started breathing hard and moaning I could hardly control myself he chuckles and comes close to my ear then he said I've seen the way you look at me with hunger and lust and whenever you would bend over to clean something you would tease me by shaking that nice little ass at me you're such a naughty little girl he said as he stuck his fingers inside of my pussy I just couldn't hold out for much longer he said as he smirked at me I tried to hold back the moon as his fingering me but it's useless it escapes my mouth anyway and I begin to unbuckle his belt and I start teasing his throbbing cock rubbing it on top of his underwear I hear a low growl come from him then he starts nibbling on my earlobe and kissing down to my collarbone as he reaches behind me and unzips my sexy little maid outfit then I say S-sebastian please then he says what is it my lady in a very sexy voice as he chuckles then he said what kind of lover would I be if I didn't give my lady what she wants he then slid down and started licking me real good he was taking a tip of his tongue a in flicking my clit with it I could not hold back the moans and the screams that escape my mouth then he said I wanted to taste your sweet juices my sweet then he slid back up there on top of me and started sliding his throbbing cock into my core when I found it going inside me I guess for air it feels so amazing he started out thrusting me very slowly but then he started speeding up going faster and faster until our bodies were smacking together real hard and fast then I could not hold back I started moaning and screaming his name in pleasure then we both climaxed at the same time that was the best I've ever had in my life then he smirked at me and said if you ever need any relief just let me know my lady just let me know then I smiled and kissed him on the lips but meanwhile mey-rin was going around cleaning up when all of a sudden she hurts strange noises coming from the Earl's room so she cracks the door open to see what's going on that's when she sees Sebastian in you together doing naughty things and all of a sudden is Sebastian looks up and wakes it hurt and puts his finger to his lips she says oh my as she attempts to clean the blood up coming from her nose then she says I shouldn't have seen that I shouldn't have seen that and she turns to run down the corridor with her face red as a cherry tomato then Sebastian looks at you and smirks then you can't help but to smile back at him the end.

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