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This story is a bout a town who looks upon a person a human as Thier saviour ,A family that helps the need In a town they live in and provide for the people

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Richard Akins from a respectable home and the heir to Akins fortune

A boy we watched grow from a teenager to a man ,one who all the girls are fond of,His mother Patricia Akins who is of good heart and true wealth ,good gowns and priceless Jewels ,his father the man whom most young boys in the town look up to ,follow his steps and a man of good heart who does not let one suffer.

His empire has been good to the town's people from infants to teenagers and Adults given us work to do being paid and being able to carter for our families.

—Mr. Maxwell Akins who has been the town's good fortune for quite sometime , out of the dies without anyone thinking it can happen ,a tragedy no one thought of occuring,sadness fills the heart of the town's people Thier saviour gone,what shall they do .

Young Akins takes over the tragic and sudden death of his father and continues to help the people out from Thier misery and hope of not being able to take care of Thier families. The town people rejoice at least they shall be fed and taken care of for a Saviour has died, but a Saviour has Risen.

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