Hey guys! UwU so this is about a wolf named Darkness/Galaxy and she joins the army but things take a turn of events.Also I’m guessing a few of you are wondering about these characters and if they are furries and yes they technically are since they can walk and think and talk,also I am a furry and all these characters and inspired from when I rp with my friends and Galaxy is my fursona.Sorry I didn’t state this right away but most people seem to have a negative reaction to furries for some odd reason. Galaxy’s Description:Black wolf with a bit of grey, has blue eyes but they sometimes glow red(when most powerful or mad also sometimes only one eye glows)Has wings that are Pink,Purple,Blue,Black,Grey,and a bit of green(can’t really dee the green tho) Has a halo and aurora in power mode and the halo is faded and broken and the aurora is purple,pink,black, and blue, AND IS FLUFFY, The rest is Unknown. Personality:Weird,Manipulative,smart,sarcastic,Dark,Funny,ambivert, cool,Perceptive,observant,Cunning,kinda indecisive, and can be kind + friendly sometimes, The rest is Unknown. Powers/Elements:Weird,Darkness,Galaxy, and fire elements.Blasts and stuff, The rest is Unknown. Pastels Description:White wolf,Fluffy,umm yeah. The rest is Unknown. Personality:Sweet,Kind,friendly,smart,naive, and optimistic The rest is Unknown. Powers/Element:Light element,Turn people to stone,other stuff you find out about hehe, The rest is Unknown. Pumpkins Description:Orangish,Brownish,might be part fox, is a wolf, Fluffy tail. The rest is Unknown. Personality: Serious,smart,cool, The rest is Unknown. Powers/Element:Lightning element, Has speed power, and blasts stuff, The rest is Unknown. Thank You All For Reading this and my Book, and if you got this far, then a extra special thanks to you, and here is your prize:UwU, :3, :S, and last but not least :> oh and here is a cupcake —> 🧁 Thank you again and BAIII!! Let’s get 500 views on Chapter 2 “The Army” for chapter 3 anyways thanks yall and I will probably make chapter 3 anyway So …. buh BYE!!!

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It Begins

It all started when I got into the army. I had been training for 2 years, 5 months and 8 days exactly when the letter came it read: Congratulations Darkness you have been excepted into the army for wolves. You start this Tuesday at 2:00 pm! Finally Darkness mumbled well atleast Im going to camp tomorrow! I should go ask my friends if they got into the army to and I probably should tell them I got into the army. As Darkness walked she thought about what It was going be like in the army. When she got to pastels house she could see the white artic wolf outside the house reading a letter. When pastel looked her way and saw her she ammediently smiled and ran over to her to hug her and said I got into the ARMY! As they hugged. Darkness said I came over here to tell you that I did to! We have to go to camp tomorrow Darkness clarified. Yes at 2:00 pm Darkness and Pastel said enthusiastically at the same time. Well do you want to have a sleepover Darkness asked. Sure that would be fun Pastel said. As the two wolves walked back to Darknesses house Darkness said to pastel so will we be fighting in the same group? Pastel shrugged I'm not sure I hope So tho! Me too Darkness said. Well Galaxy (the nickname Pastel calls darkness also it's her first name but she prefers to be called Darkness and Darkness is her last name) did Pumpkin get into the army Pastel asked? I completely forgot about Pumpkin in all of the excitement. Her house is pretty close to here let's go see her. As they rounded the corner onto Pumpkins street they saw the red and brownish-orangish wolf inside her house through the the window. Darkness shouted Pumpkin! Pumpkin looked startled but whipped her head toward them. Hi guys she shouted! Come outside so we can stop YELLING Darkness said. OK Pumpkin said still shouting. Pumpkin walked out the door but didn't shut it. So guys why are you here Pumpkin asked? Well WE GOT INTO THE ARMY Pastel and Darkness both shouted at the same time again. That's awesome Pumpkin said. We were also wondering if you did to Darkness said. So did you? No she said but that's ok I thought about it and there's lot of other jobs I'd like to have she claimed. Well want to join our sleepover Darkness asked. No I'm busy Pumpkin said rudely. Jealous much Darkness whispered to Pastel with a snicker. Pumpkin rolled her eyes OK bye guys! Bye Pumpkin! Pastel and Darkness both called but we're already walking away towards Darknesses house. When they got to her house Pastel bounded inside and Darkness sprinted after her. Darkness shut the door and locked it. Wanna watch an army movie and have popcorn in celebration Darkness asked? Why not Pastel said. Darkness made popcorn,put it into a bowl, melted some butter, poured it on the popcorn, and sprinkled some salt onto it. Darkness gave the bowl of popcorn to pastel and put on a movie called The Way of War. Darkness fell asleep on the couch and so did Pastel.

-Chapter 2 Coming Soon!-

By Molly Kristensen or Galaxy Darkness

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