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The day I went missing was October 12,1955 I was 16 at the time.It was a cold fall morning and I was on my way out of my apartment at 9:00am to go to my 12 hour shift at the diner.After my shift I was so exhausted I needed some rest so I checked out of work wrote my name on the sign out sheet and I closed up.

After I left and got on my bike I started biking home but on my way home I stumbled across this weird white van it wouldn't stop following me so I took two left turns,drove straight over a bridge,and one last right turn.I prayed that it was gone I really did but when I turned right I drove into the car and that's when the games started.

I woke up with a blindfold over my eyes and I felt a rough pressure on my ankles it felt cold n hard in someways kind of like a chain.I pulled my blindfold off with my tongue while moving my face.My wrists were tied with a thick wood string so I wasent able to do much at all but see.

Once I got my blindfold off I saw big car tools,hammers,and knifes on the right side of the wall!As I moved around I felt a cold liquid dripping down on my face I looked up and saw a duffel bag I didn't know what was in it but then it came tumbling down.By the last minute I got my body out of the way but the bag landed on my chain.Shit i said in insanity now I really am screwed.

As I stared at the bag in disbelief. I decided to crawled over to my ankles and open it when I opened it I saw the most horrible,horrific,disgusting thing ever!A body..the bag was soaked in blood.I was traumatized I new if I didn't do something to get out of this hell fest this would be me and this is when I started to play along.—

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