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Two peas in a pod

Sun,sep,26 .)

What's better than the sound of the ocean? My 1 year old cousin slapping me awake.

I can never sleep in on the weekend. Laurence is literally ANNOYING!

I'm going to a new school on Monday anyway. I wonder why it's called POWER PLACE.. My mom's name is Lavender, She said she went there before..

Oh! My mom is here!


My new school is nice I guess.. people say this school is weird because they see people walk through walls..

I wonder why.. welp-- hey wait a girl! "Hey!" I shout toward her. She turned toward me, then ran away.

She ran down the hall, the hall that's literally a dead end. My map of the school says so. I ran after her anyway.

I don't see her... maybe she is in a classroom? Nope I looked in six classrooms, The only other thing is... the wall...

"What if.." I say as my hand slides against the wall, my hand suddenly feels a hollow area.. my hand goes through the wall..

" What the.. FUCK?!!" I scream as a portal opens up. It pulls me inside, and on top of that it knocks me out!

3:40 PM.)

I end up on a bed.. Where am I? Was that all a dream? Did I get kidnapped? Am I in a different dimension? Why is this bed so...

SOFT! I started playing on the bed, No! I need to know where I am! I get out of bed and see a grandfather clock and see the time

3:40?! It was 5:00 AM earlier! How long was I knocked out?! I turn and see the door is cracked, I try to look through and see that girl..

She...What is she doing here? Was she talking to my mom?! Wow.. who knew they knew each other.. "MOM!" I scream, hoping she would run towards me, but she just calmly walked.. and opened the door and to my surprise what I seen almost raised my heart rate..

A whole class filled with children with unreal powers! Kids flying, Lifting things, freezing things, burning things.

What did I wake up to?! This is so much make believe! I stopped believing this years ago.. " What... the..." I mumble as the room I was in disappears, I get pulled to a seat.. And all the kids shout " NEW POWER! "

I turn to the girl and she gives me a warm smile, and I feel warm inside and then blush and smile back.

One of the kids walk up to me and say " Hello! I'm Jordan!"——

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