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Too short

Once upon a time their was a boy name Daniel. His height was 4ft 1 inch. But due to his short height people kept his name tiny/ shorty.

When he was in school students use to harass him and bully him.

when he went to college the same thing happen. Infact worse he was bullyed and badly been ragged by senior students they asking him to remove his pants.

He was so embarrassed and his self esteem was hurt badly. He had no confidence in him.

He wanted to become a Pilot while filling the form, the authorities told him you are Too Short to quality.

when he decided to go for military services again he had to face rejection because of his height.

Day by day he felt, his life is going no where because of his height.

He stood front of mirror and looked at himself and asked why should I even try when the world is not going to accept me only because of my appearance and my height.

Then his grandmother appeared in his room. Told do something in life where people know you by your work and not by your height.

God is a creator. He created humans with good qualities, love and care. Humans are the one who choose to be evil. Some choose the wrong way and some choose the right.

"It's you to decide my grandson what you want to choose."

This made Daniel motivated and he went to sleep with that thought.

Another day morning he packed his bags and told his grandmother. Granny I shall come back after few years.

Do take care of yourself. He smiled hugged his granny with love and affection. Took her blessing and left.

He went to a place where scientist and creative mind people where groomed. A lab which was run by NASA. He stayed their studied day and night along with other scientist. After five years the news came out in news papers. Their is a medicine which has come up. Which after taking no human of any age group will ever have any sickness till five years. This medicine is special as it fights against any bacteria, viruses, sickness.

Hospitals and government authorities decides to try out. Trials on this medicine shots started. To the surprise the medicine did work as it was mentioned.

The president decides to award this scientist, called for a press conference. Daniel was invited to come. At the time of press conference when his name was called up "Mr. Daniel. Lee please come to the stage to pick up your award."

We all thank you for your hard work. The entire country is proud to have you as one of the best scientist.

He enters the conference room, as soon as the door opens all the people sitting in the conference room turn's around to see him.

A sudden few seconds of silence. Looking at him people wondered is he the one who made this medicine.

Daniel comes on the stage, shakes his hand with the president and he was asked to give a speech.

He goes close to the Mic and adjusts it with his height.Then he introduces him starting with his name. All people sitting in this conference room are you all suprised am I the one? said Daniel.

Then he says what defines people is not our beauty and our appearance. what defines us is our deeds and being a good human kind.

With this speech people started clapping for him and appreciated him for his success, positive attitude, kind heart that he has within him.

He gets awarded with a certificate and gold medal. Soon after the ceremony he runs back to his home town to see his granny. His granny see's him and hugs him with all love later kisses Daniel on his forehead. Daniel shows his granny his medal and certificate.

Don't let others design your destiny. Don't let others judge your worth. Let no negative comments come on your way towards your dreams and passion towards life. Believe in yourself and the creator of this world.

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