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Today, my Great Grandfather told me a story of his journey from his childhood to present... from the year 2006 to 2225(present) . And I am pretty sure that you might been amazed by listening that he is still alive!!....As I listened from my Great Grandfather that on those days an average people only live for about 80 to 85 years!,but it's common now for a people to live for at least 200 years.

It was about 8 O'clock when we were having dinners of swen rice and my favourite sypie (a sweet dish on mars),yess....we live on mars ,not only we but half of the civilization from earth have settled on mars.

Let me give a small introduction of my family.

There are almost 9 members in our family

My great grandfather who is a businessman, a space ans computer scientist.My Great Grandmother is a well know businesswoman.

My Grandfather and Grandmother are lecturer at a University.

My sweet father is CEO of SOAL [Search Of Alein Life],whereas Mt mother is a chief researcher of that Organization. And now come me who is not so famous but is born in such a well known family of mars.

As like other children's from centuries ago I too like to sleep by listening stories.So the best story teller of my family is my Great Grandfather,i always like to listen story from him . He used to tell me story everynight.

But today, he did not tell me story but his great experience of how he has seen this world changing and how it always get to an another generations of advancement in every field.............for which I am super curious to know.—
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Katya Enríquez Katya Enríquez
It's an interesting and very refreshing beginning so, don't worry. You're doing well.
September 15, 2021, 22:28