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Short Horror Stories from dreams I’ve had made into a story so give a read feel free for opinions some stories are rewritten from my past stories as a kid when I was writing.

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Kiss From Death

It all started when I cut my Aunt’s throat, I felt a warm feeling coursing through my veins I felt like someone turned on the lights and I was able to see a more pure and beautiful picture the world must see and so I stabbed at her again repeatedly almost nonstop, joy and smiles filled my face like ever before I was laughing for the first time in my life I was truly happy. My Aunt was a horrible woman but a respectable hero to some she was a veteran army pilot now she is retired and her favorite thing was to torment me anytime she had a chance and now I have my revenge and it’s written in blood. You know I never thought I’d get away with something like this, I buried her in wet cement deep in the woods that’s when I seen her half woman and half beast she had small devil like horns growing out her skull she came up to me speaking another language but somehow I could understand it she wanted me to continue killing so she could eat, she could rid of any evidence that she can grant me anything I want money, power, fame and sex like a tortured, lonely and forgotten soul I agreed and I paired up with something that is evil and I didn’t know her name my elders would call this a demon I call it beauty before she left she whispered the name Lilly she gave me a kiss and vanished into the darkness. Her kiss gave me a desire to live a will to keep moving on and with her by my side is the only family I need. Her soft sweet voice sounds like music I’d listen to everything she says and if she wants to eat I will be her cook, if she’s hurt I will be her doctor I will forever be by her side.

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