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Poem of a heart broken and then mended. *Sensative topics about mental abuse*

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Did you ever stop to consider the damage you have done

You sit there on your high horse acting so smug, feeling like the king of your world because of the mud you slung.

In my heart you carved out a chunk, left it agape, open to the cruelty you used to patch up the seeping wound.

I bled there, dying in vain for your affection, your admiration, a kind word and was only rewarded when your ego, shrivled and pruned.

You told me I'd drown without you, and in life never succeed. You could do better without me, but stay because you love me. Once the words that left your lips, I knew it was love ellipse.

It took me years to clean my mind, to clean the stain you left behind in my brain—.

In my heart the scars remain, to remind me to look before I leap, to avoid men like you who devour souls, and their word they'll never keep.

I found myself such a love, when i learn to love who I was.

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Jamie Scott Dawood Mom of six, crafter and part time writter.

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