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Night blade

A long time ago In a far off land was a special child named night blade. Night blade was special by the age of 6 months he could walk. by the age of three he had strength no grown man around had and by thirteen he could tame the most dangerous horse around. One day he found a radiant sword as he was walking through the woods. The sword looked like it was from the gods them self. As Night blade picked up the sword he never noticed bright green eyes watching him.Her plane was working she was told if she left the sword there it would be found by some one..out of the corner of his eye Night blade seen her take off. He wondered if what he had seen was real or his mind playing tricks on him. As Mya walked away the fog enveloped her. With a snap of her fingers she was home. Her long black dress was dragging the stone floor. As her heels clicked the stone a pale face with cold gray eyes looked up at her.. Is it done he asked yes the plane is in motion. Night blade reached fot the sword his heart started racing with every inch he got closet to the sword. His eyes began to blacken like the night sky. He got inches away from the sword and stopped.He wondered what this feeling was .It felt like great power. He grabbed the sword and as it touched his hands black flames engulfed him..In his head he could hear it whisper follow your destiny .I Fell to my knees trying to fight as the flames around me and on me got bigger..I felt like my blood was getting blacker and blacker as if evil was coursing threw my vains.I knew what I had to do I had to destroy it..I grabbed the the sword up and headed out of the woods. I knew I had to get this somewhere safe. (Mya) I couldn't stand when them gray eyes looked at me.Dont be scared Little one it has to be this way.i couldn't take Acacius voice. It cut threw me like a knife.If all goes as planed young one I shall rule over man.i stared at the black stone floor was my heart really that evil or was this my chance to get away.i turned from him and made my way back to my room..I need to find out about my past ..where did I come from and why am I here.i didn't feel like i belonged anywhere .Night blade mounted his horse and took off as fast as it could go. He knew the one person he could trust to help him.As I drew closer to the village of waterfowl. I felt a great need to grab the sword . I grabbed the from my back and as the hilt touched my hands all I could feel is anger,sadness and something very dark.his eyes turned black and he blacked out. Night blade awoke on the outskirts of the village .when I looked down I was covered in blood .what I had I done. I don't remember even riding through the village. He was scared to go back and see what he had done. I kneed help he thought to himself and I kneed it fast..Night blade walked to a near by pond so he could wash the blood off of him. As I wash images of what happend began to come to me.. everyone was gone .I could began to hear them cry for mercy. tears started to roll down my face. how could I have done something some mean and evil..I walked back to my horse with tears in my eyes..I looked at him and yelled to go get away before I could hurt him. He looked at me with big brown eyes..go I couldn't stand it if I hurt you to.He came closer and nusselded my hand. ok buddy let's go. I mounted him and headed east as fast as he could go .I had to get to the mountains to a old friend .If anyone could help me it would be rafiki.

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