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I crossed over the Tennesee state line and i did this holding my breath. I was with a friend and lover...he was my best friend and I his.We left a bad situation pointing at a map with a dart and we said Nashville and got on the bus.Crazy i looked at the station door and it was like something was pulling me to walk out. when i did Joe my hubby was close behind and we both noticed the two street signs that crossed each other...5th Ave and Lafayette Street.... fate...He is from Lafayettee. Louisiana and 5th ave and im from NYC.Maybe we did pick the right road.If we did then we better get on the our game. After all we are out of our element. Back home we had respect but here nobody knows us we are simply Joe and Bizcut.We got into a massive arguement so we decided we were both overwhelmed with the experience of a new place or was it ...somehow i felt as if i had been here before but that isnt possible. Joe had never been anywhere but west Texas. And he just did it on a work basis. He was like a little kid. He was so excited about not being at the boring town of trouble we just left behind.We had so many problems at first. Woe tried really hard to make our lives new.we will try really hard not to do the bad things that we did back home but it never ended. Chaos when it started was extreme. Everybody needs a little bit of Chaos and with chaos the cause of Chaos so as we're walking towards the right way to do us this national park ranger said we could camp there.We didn't realize how much fun we were having. We saw the river, we saw the woods ,we saw people ,we saw a bathroom with a spider web. But soon it was getting dark we didn't know it wasn't okay to camp until we run into a ranger. She tells us that we cannot Camp there because after dark the park is closed and it's illegal to put us a tent or just walk around .By that time me and my hubby we're amazed at the amount of time we spent walking just to be shut down by a park ranger. Desperate I asked her what can we do. We walked there, we can't turn around and walk back we would never be out of the park in time,and we probably feel our first night in Tennessee ae failed major.I cant let the first thing Joe did turn into a nightmare.I would make it right.I pulled her aside and we talked. she said no worries I will call you an Uber and it will take you to the first Walmart by Charlotte Pike .You'll be okay there ask some. of thebpeople if there's camping areas available. The homeless there are very helpful to the new people that come through. She seemed to know the homeless community in detail and was nice enough to call us an Uber .Uber got there and was very nice about what it happened to us he decided to talk to us and kind of ease our minds a little bit about the people around here.He told us how kind and nice they were but i couldn't believe that a park ranger paid that much money just to help us out.Itwas like a $50 ride from where we were to where she told the driver to bring us explain that. To us we felt like we were blessed because back home nobody would pay $50 to help out a homeless person no matter what.

every once in awhile you would get the occasional rich person or business owner that would feel sorry for us and he and it's $100 bills but it didn't happen often in the state of Louisiana it was a lot of poverty there are we in the big cities like Lafayette and Baton Rouge people poor it was it illegal to Panhandle in Louisiana will be arrested for holding a sign but here in Tennessee you can hold the sign but not aggressively Panhandle but you can ask for help when she's something you didn't do back home. a nice a nice beginning what do you think do we have fun walking down to that River talking to them it was it was eye-opening and very entertaining and we now had a story to tell our home people and his parents in my mom my sister our first day in Tennessee was definitely an adventure.

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