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Victoria has no friends she keeps to herself. She plans to save more money before she leaves that town but she didn't know an innocent walk into the forest would lead her to him. Seth he can be ruthless and cold at times he had to be he is the alpha's son. After all, he took one look at her and he knew she was strange but she was his mate.

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Chapter One

Victoria *POV*

Winter is near I could feel the cold breezy air pierce my skin I hugged my jacket tighter I wasn't sure how I would survive I never stayed in a place this long I usually kept moving around six month ago I came here I dont go into town as often as I like today I decided to come to the pier.

I looked down and saw my reflection, brown eyes, curly blond shoulder length hair, pale white skin. My eyes look sunken in. I was tired of so many things but I had to keep going.

I walked away from the pier and headed down a brick path that led into town. I entered the flower shop where I worked for the past 4 months. I did the paper route for 2 months before they fired me because they had too many employees.

I went around to each plant making sure that they had enough water and sunlight. After that I decided to prepare a few flower bouquets that would be picked up later this evening.

The door opened and the bell chimed. I looked up to be greeted by Nancy. She is the owner of the store and she wore a friendly smile as she walked towards me.

"Hey Nancy, did you and the others enjoy your day off without your husbands and kids?"

She gave a little laugh. I can tell she had wine; it's usually the reason why she laughs a bit too much at times when she does.

"Yes! You are the best employee, it's been so long since we all caught up" She threw her arms around me while jumping up and down in excitement.

"I can tell you definitely had let loose. Do you want your usual coffee to help you?" I asked her even though I was heading to the back room where we had a coffee machine.

Later on that Night

After I helped Nancy sobered up I dropped her off at home by driving her car. I walked home. I lived in a little white house not far from the forest. This town is called Everlast, a strange name but I didn't mind.

I was a few houses away from my home when I heard the noise. I felt their presence. They are animals. There are three of them. It's been like this for a week. I was getting fed up with them. They act like I can't see them. Maybe they didn't know.

I walked faster and put my stuff inside. I changed into some warmer clothes before I headed into the forest. I used my intuition that they were up ahead.

They were licking the water from the small river when my foot stepped on a branch and they stopped to look at me.

"Shift" I said loud and clear, no fear evident in my voice even though I saw the look in their eyes like I was their meat.

I scanned each of them, two brown wolves and one grey one, then all of a sudden a dark gold wolf came out and shifted in front of me.

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