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Humans feelings are varied time to time, it's not because of themselves, it's because of the peoples who surrounded them. Changing oneself for others satisfaction is becoming too normal in the world. You know, we all are changed many masks without any tiredness, All of sudden, after changing a huge masks, ones heart terribly affected and turns into stress and depression. Let's finish my negative thoughts here. Here's the thing , after facing a lot of struggles in our life,we have a person whom we acted like what we are, what we meant to be, what we actually; It is a precious things in one's life. Just feel it, when we surrounded with them, we feel like there is nothing in our heart but only HAPPINESS and PEACE. The feeling is so rare to get and so hard to give up. It is also become addictive but a sweet addictive. Hi, I am Sana, In my story, the two main characters who having a different lifestyles, background,culture,... but they meet by their passion, love by their affection, and together by the Time.... TIME FLIES WITH THEM......

Spirituelles Alles öffentlich.

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In Searching Themselves.....

In Australia, A light summer day of March 2019, Higher secondary school students preparing for their annual exam which will be going to decided their future. Eric studying as usually with full attention and aiming to study computer programmer in top best college. He is the top student of the city. His parents want him to became a doctor but Eric wanted to became an expert in computer programmer. Atlast because of Eric stuborness, he won in catching his dream!!. Finally annual exam finished, Eric got first place in the whole city. It's time for choosing college, he choose one of the best college in California, United states and also hurriedly he went to California for catching his dream.

Here's our hero started his life adventure with an easy move.

Let's wait and see what will be next thing,

Hahaha, well it's about our heroine...

Here's Sharlin lives in paris. She is an average student with the most powerful and foxy mind. She wanted to became a detective officer. so, her fully attention is to become a CID officer. Here we go with her, After got an average mark in annual exam, Sharlin chooses the best college in paris and studied more about detective psychology.

Of course, Life giving us so many obstacles, we ,as a strong soul should solve all the difficulties and will touch our dream sky.

In sharlin Life, She faced many problems as a girl, but she overcome all the struggles and keeping herself a strong and independent girl. She choose Jason college in paris and going to her first day of college, there she faced some discrimination problems among those rich students like her background, like her face, but still the light of spring waiting inside sharlin's heart, keep her going and made her more stronger girl. Later on, She applied detection service in USA Detection Council and also selected by her great cooperation towards their officers who teacher her about detection.

"Happiness is truly existed" is the meaning of her face. She happily told the news to her family and celebrated it so joyfully.

Next,here we go for some spicy and sweet moments. On the next day, Sharlin packed her belongings and her dreams with her to USA. Finally she arrived USA. Her close friend Manaha waited for her and pick up sharlin to her home. Sharlin's heart full of enjoyment and fearless of being detective. And the hope of saving and finding other people's help her to survive and the light of spring keep her going. Manaha approached her with HAPPINESS and warned her to learn more about detection and livelihood in USA.

A beautiful morning coming to start. Alarm sounded at 5.30 am, Sharlin wake up with full of energetic vibes to start her new turn of life with joy and happiness.

Next ,what will be her next step? What are struggles will she encountered? How many sleepless nights will occur? When will she met Eric?

Let's see in the second chapter...

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