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Jena , a Spanish lost Princess who landed somewhere because of a tragic accident . This is the complete 1 Chapter Story ..

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Far away from home to an island turned out to be luck instead of a curse for Jena, in the wilds full of animals, the sparkling blue sea which was tinted Orange because of the shimmering sunset. Jena, a Spanish lost princess, years ago she was a passenger on the titanic ship. '' Hola! Pasajero,'' said Jena but after a few minutes the ride became bumpy and started shaking like an Earthquake was coming and suddenly it crashed through the waves ........

She opened her eyes & saw that she was on a tropical island and couldn't remember who she was because of the injury on her head '' Who am I and what am I doing here? '' Jena kept blabbering to herself but only remembered her name. Years went by and she adapted to this whole new life but the problem was animals, animals on the island don't want human creatures roaming around in their lives & so they were aggressive to Jena but she still loved and cared for them.

One day she was walking in the woods crunching her apple with full volume but suddenly stopped when her eye caught a shine, well so she went further and picked up that thing that was blinking in her eyes, that thing was like a frozen rock and because of the cold, she threw it from her hands which was a great regret. It crashed into pieces creating an explosive big bang across the island, before Jena could open her eyes, the island was all frozen covered with ice & the animals were shivering in cold. They all went towards Jena growling and said '' What did you dose how we are going to kill you '' Jena begged her life but no progress the lion stepped forward to eat her up but unexpectedly an Intelligent Owl came and stopped them all. '' We would spare your life if you turn the island normal .'' said the owl

'' But how & why did that crash made it all frozen ? '' asked Jena. '' That rock was one of the elements that keep the island safe, it should go to its place. '' '' But how?'' asked Jena.

The owl started telling that on this island there is an unknown mountain and on its peak, there is a brain-shaped rock with five places for the 5 elements and then one day this Ice Element fell but nobody touched it because of the cold anyone could have shattered it. Jena was really into the story and understood what she had to do '' I know I have to find the mountain and put it back but how will this element get fixed? '' Jena asked. '' This is a test and your first hint is this .'' The owl handed a piece of paper which said ' UNDER THE WRECKED SHAPE OF SHIP '. Jena knew what it was so she headed towards the wrecked titanic ship and kept searching until she found an old journal which said '46' on the cover so she turned to Page 46 and read it ' ORANGE FLAW OF LIQUID '

'' Hmm.. what could it be, something orange and flaw of liquid ..oh that's it,'' said Jena to herself. She waited for it to be sunset and went to the WATERFALL when the sun was setting she ran into the water and magically the wall opened behind the fall of water. She ran inside as quickly as she could and entered a cave there were all sorts of drawings but also they were drawings of the Five elements Fire, Earth, Water, Air and Ice then down below she saw a mould and quickly took out the shattered pieces of the ice element from her pocket, mould it in and guess what ... it turned back to its actual shape. Now she went further & further and finally found the mountain which was high than she expected.

'' I can do it .'' Jena took a deep breath and started going up, all her life she had to adapt herself to this life. Finally, she reached the peak and put the element back to its place on the brain shaped rock. It created the same explosion as before and turned everything back to normal. Jena was so happy and about to go back until she heard a voice, it was the voice of the brain '' You deserve a lifetime gift, wish one thing and it will be granted .'' said the rock. Jena was in shock but still wished, '' I wish to get my MEMORY back .'' and her wish was granted immediately after she went back to the animals.

Now she remembered who she was and how she ended up here but she didn't want to accept the fact that she didn't belong here and the animals thanked her and were eager when she will leave this place. When they knew Jena belonged to Spain they kept pressuring her to leave the Island.

One year went by and it was a sunny day, a boat came here with humans in it. Jena waked up from the noise of the boat and went to check. She saw a beautiful girl who looked like a princess. A guard noticed Jena and informed '' Young Majesty, there is a girl here .'' The princess turned her head toward Jena and came to her. She seemed nice to Jena. '' Hi, I am Princess Anya of SPAIN! Who are you? '' Jena was startled when she heard the name Spain and said, '' I am Jena .'' '' Oh, I had a sister named Jena but she is lost. '' Princess Anya said in a low voice .'' Jena's eyes were full of tears and hugged Anya, '' What are you doing ?'' asked the confused Anya. Jena silently took her to her living area and made her sat. Once they were settled down, Jena started telling everything, Anya's heart was beating fast as she heard more and more but was relieved when she found out Jena was her lost sister & rightful heir to the throne. Anya requested to come back with her to Spain and so Jena nodded her head in Yes. She left the island with a heavy heart but she was proud of herself for keeping the elements in their safe place.

When they went back, Jena became the queen of Spain and ruled over 20 years until an enemy spy named Clive KILLED her on her 35th Birthday. It was the day of sorrow and her sister Anya who was the new queen promised that she would follow her sister steps and rule the country as Jena did.

Queen Anya was sitting in front of her dear sister's grave happily because she knew Jena was proud of her and always said this one sentence,



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