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This about a prince met an ordinary girl that live in a small village they become good friends and end up together I the future

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The Royal Prince 1

Once upon of there was a wealthy family name Lila n Chase they r a royal Emperor n Empress they live in palace call The Royal Roseshine it was a beautiful palace n the villager call LilyRosey village they live close to the Palace how they met, Lila was just a Village girl she live in the LilyRosey village she was just a beautiful young lady she like to help other people that need help she was shining like a sunlight all the villager love her she wonderful lady then the going be Emperor name Chase was about to b in charge of the villagers n palace he was a very kindhearted man he feeling lonely he take care of everything he was young his dad want him to become the Emperor they saw what he did n prove his parent to be an Emperor his parents watch him what he do it prove he will become a kind-hearted Emperor his parent was proudvso when his parents talk to his son Chase he say when I passed away you should take my place me n your mom is getting old can u take r place when we pass away? R sure dad I don't know if I'm ready. You son you're prove us what you did on your duty we have to train you, we raise u wonderfully I'm proud of you, you prove us how well you doin. Thank you dad Me n your really both love you I hope u find a wonderful woman that will match u we except her only if you got the right woman. You seem very lonely son, I am I'm the only child here when do I have siblings can make baby brother or sister for me I don't know son we getting old we will try to make a baby brother or sister for you ok. U won't feel lonely son we give u a gift what is dad u see son u b surprise I wonder okshould I wait for my birthday will I get a great gift that won't make me feel lonely nomore? Of course son u will see I will give to u on your birthday.

After a few days Chase went for a walk then he bump into some1 ouch who did I bump then sudden he saw her she carry I big fruit to give to who oh uumm uh wow your beautiful

What you say? Oh nothin let me help you

thank you young sir

your welcome I'm sorry about that

oh it ok,

may I ask what your name my lady,

oh my apologies my name is Lila nice to meet you what your name?

oh my name is Chase the pleasure to meet Lila that a beautiful name,

Y thank you so is your.

that when they first met I was a cute meeting after another few days Chase started to hang out with Lila they become good friends she was a sweet n kind hearted girl just like Chase they have so much in common then sudden when chase came home saw his parents hi mom hi dad y standing there what going we have good news son?

What is it dad?

Remember I say you won't b lonely no more n I will give you a big gift for your birthday


Your mom is pregnant!

What?!! Really??!!

Yes son that your early present thank u dad I always wanted a sibling.

I know u do son that my gift for you.

So tell me dad is it a boy or a girl do you what gender is the baby?

Oh it another boy.

Really yes you won't feel lonely nomore u have another sibling we goin to name him Levi

That a good name I like dad thank u so much my baby brother come out

it be on March 23 your baby boy will b born

Yay can't wait till he come.

How is your walk son did you meet some1 that I heard u been hanging out with a girl. (gulp)

To be honest dad I won't lied I did hang out with her every day I met her when I first went for a walk to get some fresh air before I ask u I was lonely n wanting a sibling u say it I won't feel lonely nomore if u give something that will make me happy

I did then before I pregnant your mom you found some1 before I tell you there another new baby going to born on March 23

Yes dad r u mad at me?

Hahaha no I'm not I'm glad u have a friend to hang out with Don't worry but first is she nice n kindhearted just like you

Yes dad she very sweet n kind she like to help people,

Really r u sure she telling the truth is she the right friend for u

I'm for real she did like to help people she even give medicine for some kid that is getting sick n he was heal he feel better n both have so much in common.

Ok done let me meet her let how kind-hearted is she I will talk to your mom about meeting.

Ok dad I will let you meet her when is that I will let u know when I have a talk with your mom

Ok dad.

Now you should go to bed son

ok goodnight dad I will talk to her about u

Oh by the way son

What is dad

What your friend name

Oh her name is Lila,

Oh I heard about her,

U did when,

I don't know I think I heard some talk to me that she is a lovely woman n like to help other n she was kind-hearted person she made medicine for the LilyRosey village

Yea that her dad she is a kind-hearted person n make medicine for the villagers.

I wow then I improve her but we want meet her tommrw how about that I want to see if it true now u can go to bed son see u n her in the meeting tommrw.

Ok dad again goodnight.

Alright goodnight.

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