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this is about two people went through some rough life the guy was going through drama and the girl that is important to him have move on and he lost her she doesn want to go back to her past because she having alot of battle again the devil now she is healing It was a tough battle for her because of his ex The main character Sakura Emerald Ryu Shane

Drama Alles öffentlich.

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Healing Part Of Love 1

Hi my name is Ryu, this whole life that I been through was rough I lost someone that is very important to me and I made a wrong decision to a wrong woman with I have a baby. Her name is Regina she was really controllable and force me to do it with her I was fear about her we end up having a kid together she the one that started now I'm fuck up in my life and I made a wrong decision to marry her. I wasn't happy and I wasn't myself. I become miserable my soul was damaged by the woman that I end up choosing her, not Sakura. I really love this person with all my heart and I end up running away from her. I was to come toward her to the 3rd floor but I was to chicken out and now she doesn't want me anymore; she has moved on.

I was crying my eyes out so hard that I couldn't move on she has broke my heart because of what I have done. I betrayed her and I want to fix it but she doesn't want to go back with me. I started feeling miserable and lost my twin flame; she was the one that I want to have a future with and have a family with her but I lost her completely and she the one will make my life happy. But I could have her she won't allow it. I have been feeling sad I keep crying not myself lately I stop meditating because I was trap in fear. I still want her back but she won't let me in so started do whatever I don't care anymore now. I'm not in balance with her; she so powerful and strong and brave I been spying on her from a distance to see what she up to now I hear her say you need to leave this neighborhood, want you to go somewhere safe and at peace don't worry about me; but I didn't listen I just stay put but when I think about it I should leave this neighborhood but how about her deep inside I still care for her I want to help her but I'm to weak then I hear her again

She says

You are an old soul, your best friend is nature used your intuition to take you where you want to go awaken to the powerful force within you.

You are meant to create a blessing

With your magic.

It had awakened. I need to feel my powerful force that will get me stronger and get out of fear

I went toward my goal and choose what way to go. So I started going outside looking for a river to meditate and listen to nature, what they telling me I follow what Sakura told me to do. So there I drive to the river to go and now I found the river and meditate.

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