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It’s been 1 year since Nico Mazepin, Jeffy Francois, and their friends saved an airplane. When the president finds out, he offers them and their friends a flight in his private jet! But the 2 brothers wouldn’t be telling you about this if everything was smooth sailing . . .

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Chapter 1: Starting Over

Me and the gang have come a long way, and now it's our 1 year anniversary of saving the Miami plane! All of my friends have been secretly counting down the days to this moment. We figured out a private party this Wednesday night while getting it past our parents. However, we couldn't keep the whole plane incident a secret forever. Eventually, our parents found out. Then, the school. Then the whole of Miami, Florida, and eventually, the whole world knew. We were all ok with it. It got so crazy that Jeffy's self-esteem as a rapper got lifted sky high! He now has enough money to go on a world tour, but he'll have to get permission from our parents, Marvin and Rose. I know it's been a long time, but I still feel like I'm starting over my journey as a teenager. This time, with more material. And more fame. Anyway, Jeffy and I are getting ready for the party. I say, "Ok, we need to bring the balloons. Do you have then Jeffy?" Jeffy says, "Yep! I put them in my pockets and disguised my helium tank as a backpack. Hey, I wonder what this tastes like." "No, Jeffy don't inhale that! It will make you sound like-" I try to stop him, but he already sucked some of it. "Woah, this is cool!" He says in a high voice. "-a chipmunk." I finished too late. "Just don't talk when we get past Marvin and Rose." He nods. "Guys, where are you going?" Marvin says as we are about to go through the door. I say, "We're going for a bike ride." Rose then says, "Remember to apply repellent." Then we leave. It took long, but we successfully get to the party in time. If you're wondering, the gang consists of 7 people: me, my girlfriend Sydney, my stepbrother Jeffy, Ben (who everyone else calls Junior), Joseph, Penelope, and Cody. We all have fun for some time, then I get a message on my phone. Then, I immediately yell, "IT'S THE PRESIDENT!" And everyone stops. Sydney says, "the president?" I say, "it might be! Lemme open the message." I start reading the first line. "To the notice of Nico Mazepin, Jeffy Francois, Beckmann Davis Jr. Penelope Oswald, Sydney Bevenour, Cody Nutkiss, and Joseph HFFS." We immediately stare at Joseph. Joseph says, "Look, my mom wanted to break the record for the longest surname ever, so when I was born she named me Joseph His Friend From School. It still stands to this day, and it also fits well when I introduce myself to a friend's parent." I say, "Anyway . . . 'I am very surprised that you saved a plane 1 year ago. We still don't understand how the pilot lost consciousness through the flight, and we thought the plane would crash. For your bravery, I would like to give you a reward. Meet me at the plaza tomorrow afternoon. Sincerely, the President of the United States of America.' Guys, do you know what this means? We get a reward from the president!" We all start cheering and whooping. This is another beginning.

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