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Poetry. Poem about losing the love of your life your gift and praying God will show you the light

Poetry Romantik Nur für über 21-Jährige (Erwachsene).

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I Looked Up Today

I looked up today,

somewhere in the deep clear blue sky!

I thought about all the horrible things I do and say...

Then and there I asked myself and God why?

Why? I choose to look up today?

It was surely to late, I knew you'd never change your mind!

I wish to fix it, but I can never find the way...

It's got my mind all twisted and in a bind!

That's why I chose to look up today, because my heart is on the ground!

You say it'll always be okay, that love like ours will find a way....

I get scared of the way you shake me to the core! I'm so scared to make a sound!

When we make love, I've never felt this kind of love before...

So I had to stop and look up today, or I knew I never would another day!

God please speak to me, I'm nothing short of just falling apart...

Please give me all the right words to say!

Teach me to let this man in and have total control of my heart...

So we may both Learn to look up after today, what you joined together shouldn't be apart!

He was your precious Gift, please teach me to be the woman he needs me to be...

We need a new beginning a much fresher start!

Please lord I'm just beginning to see...

The reason I looked up today, it's very plain to see!

When you're given a man as forgiving and humble as mine....

There's no other arms either of us could ever be!

If you have Faith in your heart, God will always makes everything fine!

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