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Disclaimer: I don't own Attack on Titan. The scouts return one last time to watch Season 4. This time with Candy as emotional support. [No Pairings]

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The other Side of the Sea

Disclaimer: I don't own Attack on Titan.

Summary: The scouts return one last time to watch Season 4. This time with Candy as emotional support.
[No Pairings]

A/N: Please point out the errors if you find some.


"Are you ready for this?"

"I don't know. Candy mentioned it will be worse than what we have seen so far." Eren said.

"Yeah. I don't like that." Petra answered.

Both of them were on the way to the TV-room. They didn't sleep well.

Eren had stared at the ceiling, half of the night. He didn't like it, how he changed a bit at the end of the last episode. He hoped it wouldn't get worse.

And Petra, she was scared that they would lose someone else. She hoped everything would be fine. But that was wishful thinking and she knew that.

They came to an halt, when they saw Sasha and Connie standing in front of the door, whispering to each other.

"What are you doing?" Petra asked.

"Shh!" Connie hushed them.

Petra and Eren glanced at each other, confused.

"We think we heard something in there." Sasha explained to them, pointing at the door.

"Why don't you open the door, then?" Eren asked.

"The door is locked. We can't go in."

"Then we have to wait. We are a few minutes early, anway."

"I want to go in, now." Sasha whined.

"It's just a few minutes, Sasha." Petra said.

Sasha crossed her arms and pouted.

"Good. Then everyone must be there." They turned around and saw the others coming towards them.

Petra noticed the tired looks on some of them. "You guys, didn't sleep well either, huh?"

They shooked their heads.

"Well, let's hea-" Hange was cut off by a loud noise coming from the room.


Hange blinked. Then she went to the door and knocked. "Are you okay, in there?"

Another "Shit!" followed and then silence.

The scouts looked at each other confused.

"One moment, please!"

"What is she doing in there?" Armin asked.

"I hope she doesn't make a mess." Levi said grumpily.

Erwin glanced at him amused.

A few minutes later the door was unlocked.

Hange opened the door and came in with the others. The room had changed a bit.

On each couch layers of four blankets and pillows, now. On the tables along with the food and drinks, were packs of handkerchiefs. The curtains were half-closed.

But what got all their attention, was the girl standing next to the TV, smiling at them.

She had light brown shoulder lenght hair and blue eyes. She wore a dark blue polo-shirt, a black skirt, leggings and white socks.

"Greetings!" she said cheerfully. "I'm glad all of you could make it."

They stared at her for a moment, until Erwin spoke up. "So, you must be Candy, then."

She nodded, still smiling.

Then Hange rushed forward grabbing her by the shoulders. "I have so much to ask! First of all, how did you make this room appear? Where are you coming from? Have you more thigs like that TV? How d-" She was cut off by Levi, who jerked her back from Candy.

"Shut it, Four-Eyes. You're scaring her." He looked at Candy, who stared at Hange with wide eyes. She blinked twice.

"You're okay?"

"Huh?" She looked at him. "Yeah... I'm fine. She surprised me, that's all." She was smiling again. "I'll answer your questions during a break." She promised Hange, who nodded excitedly.

"What is that all?" Sasha asked with eyes. She was looking at the tables with the unknown food.

"I brought food from home. I thought you would like some new food."

"You're an angel!" Sasha hugged her tightly. Candy patted her back lightly.
She turned then to the tables to explain what food it was.



"Yes. It's filled with salad, sauce, cucumbers and meat."

"Meat!" Sasha grabbed a burger and took a bite. She chewed happily.

"What are the blankets for?" Ymir got her attention.

"So you can make yourself comfortable."

Ymir nodded.

"What was the noise earlier?" Eren asked her.

She blushed. "I broke a few plates. I'm a little clumsy." She rubbed her neck.

She looked at all of them. "So... you guys ready to watch, then?"

She noticed the tired and nervous looks on their faces. "It's fine. We are watching so you guys can change it."

They sat down on the couches and made themselfs comfortable.

Candy sat on a beanbag next to the couch with Hange and the others.

Erwin pressed play.


The blue sky appeared, a high beep sounds and a crow flew in the sky.

"Hey..." a weak voice said.

Zoom on a green eye, it twitched weakly.

A young boy was laying on the ground, he was hurt. He stretched an arm towards the sky. He wore a soldier uniform and an Eldian armband.

"What happened?" Historia asked worriedly.

"I don't know. But he ssems to be an Eldian." Armin said, noticing the Eldian armband.

"Hmm... Dr. Yeager's was grey, his armband is yellow.. That has to be mean something." Hange said in deep thought.

"You're right." Candy said. "Grey stands for civilian, yellow stands for Warrior candidates and red for Warriors who inherit a Titan."
Hange quickly wrote it down.
(A/N: Correct me if I'm wrong.)

Erwin was glad, that Candy was here now, she could answer them so many questions.

"It's dangerous here..."

Around him were laying dead soldiers and shots were fired.

"What is he doing there?"

"I get the feeling he is fighting in a war." Jean said.

"You don't think against us?" Sasha asked with wide eyes.

They all quickly looked at Candy.

"Don't worry. They're not fighting aganinst you." She smiled at them, but to Armin it looked a little forced.

They relaxed a little.

"Anyway, he shouldn't be there." Mikasa said with narrowed eyes.

"Fly away..."

A man was sent flying away by an explosion.

"somewhere... far away."

A young man appeared in his view, standing over him.


"Huh? What's my brother doing here?"

"Colt!" A soldier shouted at him, who ran nearby butbwas shot.

"Good! You're still talking!"

Colt threw him on his back.

"Time to run! Hold on!"

A machine gun shot several bullets at them.

Hange's eyes widened. "What kind ofbweapon is that. We only have rifles for the MP's." Sketching it down, while she spoke.

"A machine gun, it can shoot several of bullets in seconds." Candy explained.

Their eyes widened. They have so much to catch up with.

Levi narrowed his eyes. He didn't like one bit of that.

Colt and two other soldiers were running for their lives.

One of them was shot and fell to the ground. A second later the other soldier was shot, too.

Colt screamed and ran with Falco still on his back. Shortly before they were by their war trench, he fell down.

"Falco!" said a voice.

They were down into the war trench.

"I'm glad they're safe now." Historia smiled.

Ymir narrowed her eyes at the TV. The warrior candidates were they future enemys. In due time they have to fight them. But for Historia's sake, she didn't say anything.

Mikasa and a few other were thinking the same thing as Ymir.

Two soldiers approached Colt. "Colt? Status report?"

Colt was panting heavily. "It was a direct hit. The Eldian unit at the front got blown away."

"And the trench?"

"It's hopeless! We can't dig any farther!"

"We can't? You're calling the shots? An Eldian, giving orders?"

"He didn't give any orders!" Jean yelled annoyed. He was getting pissed ,from the Marleyans.

"He only explained the situation." Petra nodded.

"He should listen to him." Erwin said.

"Watch your tone with Commander Magath, you mutt!" The soldier behind Magath yelled.

"But.. at this rate..."


Three young kids were standing in front of Falco, looking worried and serious.

"Falco, are you drunk?" The girl on the right asked him.

"He must've hit his head good." The girl in the middle stated.

"Do you remember this war we've been in for four years?" The boy on the left asked him.

"Wait... It has been four years?" Sasha asked.

Candy nodded. "This takes place four years after the last episode."

"But what happened during these four years? Where are we?" Armin asked.

"Just be patient. It'll be explained."

Eren groaned in annoyance, he wanted to know it, now.

Falco looked at them in pain and confusion. "Who are you guys?" he asked. "Wait... Huh? Wadn't i flying around with a sword just know? Like whoosh! And there were Titans that I-"


"How is this possible?"

They were shocked and confused.

Ymir had no explanation for this. He wasn't a Titan-shifter. How could he know about this?

"Candy?" Connie asked her, he hoped she could explain this.

They all looked at her.

She smiled sheepishly. "I'm sorry. I can't. You must keep watching."

They groaned.

Jean got the feeling, they would hear this response more than once.

The girl with brown hair splashed water on his head. "Guess I'll just have to explain everything from the start. Listen up good, Falco. This battle is the climax of a war that's lasted four years."

A crow flew across the land towards a Fort. "If we can take out Fort Slava... Well, technically, if we can sink the Mid-East Allied Forces in this port..." the crow flew over the Fort and towards the sea. "'ll spell victory for Marley and end the war." Fort Slava was shown again. "But unless we take out Fort Slava sitting on the high ground, it's hopeless to attack the port."

The boy and the other girl took care of Falco's wounds. "Why can't the Marley fleet just do it?" The girl asked.

"Seriously, Zofia?! You have faith in the fleet?! It took those imbecile four years to control the seas!" The boy yelled at her while squeezing the bandages around Falco's head tightly.

"The poor boy." Historia stuggled to hold in a giggle, his face looked funny to her.

Connie and Sasha on the other hand were laughing, until a glare from Levi shut them up.

"And guess what?! They lost half their damn ships doing it! Now they're telling us they're too chicken to attack till we take the fort?! Srew 'em all! They're pricks!"

The other girl hit him lightly on the head. "Udo, you're gonna squezze Falco's head off."

Udo let go off Falco, sheepishly. "Whoops! Sorry!"

Falco held his head with a hand. "So what's the deal? Why'd they send us Warrior candidates to the fron lines?"

"To judge us obviously." The girl said to him. "To pick which one of us will be the next Warrior."

Historia frowned. These kids shouldn't fight in a war. She wanted them to have a normal childhood.

Falco looked at her grumpily.

"The time is coming." she continued. "Commander Magath chose the front lines to be our final test. He knows what's on the horizon."

The screen showed the sky, an air ship came into view. "The plan to conquer Paradis needs a main player - the successor of the Armored Titan!" Reiner was sitting in there.

Eren stared angrily at the TV. Reiner.

"Wow, he changed a lot." Sasha stated.

Connie looked at her.


He didn't say anything, only shaking his head.

Many soldiers were sitting in the war trench.

Falco looked down at his hands. "The Armored Titan..."

"I wonder which one of us it'll be..." The girl with brown hair smirked at him.

"Really, Gabi? Sounds to me like you're saying none of us come close to you." he said leaning slightly towards her.

"Because you don't, right?" she replied.

"Well, Gabi does have us beat." Zofia said. She and Udo were packings bags. "As far as our grades go." he said.

"No. There's more to it than grades, Udo." They looked at Gabi. "I keep telling you. The difference between us is that I'm prepared. To shoulder the fate of us Eldians......and to slaughter that island of devils who've done nothing but make us suffer!"

"She kinda reminds me of you, Eren." Jean said.

"What?" he stared at him.

"You always talk about how you will slaughter all the Titans and she talks about slaughtering all the 'devils'. Because they're the cause of our and their suffer."

They all stared at him surprised, even Candy.

"What?" he asked them.

"Huh..." Eren said, turning back to the Tv.

"I'm gonna win this battle and prove that the Eldians left in this world are good Eldians!" She was tying hand grenades together, to a one big grenade. "I refuse to lose till I free everyone from the inzernment zone!"

"Um, what exactly are you doing?" Falco asked her.

"Pretty cool, right?" She held it in her hands and grinned proudly.

"It won't work, Commander Magath!" Colt and Magath walked nearby the kids. "We can't destroy the railroad without the machine gun slaughtering us first. They've got soldiers along every inch of the trench. To top it off, the Fort can bombard us whenever they want. If we stay here too long, they'll just shower us with shells!"

"Do you have a better idea, Colt?" Magath asked him.

"We should let Jaw and Cart loose. Galliard and Pieck will get it done. They'll wipe out the trench and bunker in a flash."

"So, Galliard has the Jaw Titan and Pieck is the Cart Titan?" Armin asked, just to be sure.

Candy nodded.

Ymir's eyes widened.

"You okay, Ymir?" Historia asked her.

"Yeah... Galliard is the brother of Marcel. His name is Porco."

"The one you ate?" Erwin asked.

She nodded.

How ironic. She ate his brother and got eaten by the other brother. Levi thought.

"No. If we play our cards wrong, we lose."

A soldier who was observing the enemy with a binocular turned to Magath. "Commander Magath, 'that' showed up."

"What's 'that'?" Colt asked him.

Magath looked through the binocular. "That. An armored train. It's equipped with four massive cannons in total. They're the Allied Forces' new weapon - anti-Titan cannons."

The train was shown, driving along the war trench on the rail road.

"Pause!" Hange ran to the Tv. "What is that? What are these things it's driving on?" She sketched it quickly. And to Levi's relief she didn't touch the Tv.

"Well, it's an armored train. It drives on rails. But a normal train, looks different than that. It can transport passagiers from one place to another." Candy said.

"I wonder how they work. I want to build one." Hange said with bright eyes, walking back to the couch.

"If one those 150mm rounds hits a Titan, it'll kill it in a single hit. Even one of the Nine."

Hange quickly wrote this information down.

"But both of our Titans are incredible fast. The odds of being hitting their nape-"

Magath cut him off. "And if thry did?"

"We would lose a Titan and a Warrior..." Colt answered. "...with no guarantee that we get their powers back."

"That's right. Just like our plan nine years ago to retake the Founding Titan resulted in us losing the Colossal and Female Titan. The perceived hit to Marley's military might is what sparked this war, putting the Paradis Island Operation on hold. What is it that makes our motherland Marley so great?" Magath asked him.

"Nothing if you ask me." Jean scoffed.

Eren agreed with him.

"The power of the Titans." he answered.

"Correct. Our nation won't last if we keep losing them. The Power of the Titans is absolute, and it must always remain that way." Magath turned to a soldier behind him. "Prepare the Eldian unit for attack!"

"He's sending them on a suicide mission." Armin said with wide eyes.

"I did that, too." Erwin reminded him.

"Yeah. But that was different. They didn't really died in vain. These soldier's death wouldn't make any difference." Connie said.

"As if he cares about that." Levi said.

"Yes, sir!"

"Commander Magath! But that's-" Colt began, but he was cut off.

"What's the matter, Eldian?" he asked. "Are you not warriors who swore loyalty to Marley? This is a chance for the 800 Eldians serve our motherland with honor."

Terrified Eldians were sitting on the ground. "All creatures drink of joy at nature's breast.." One soldier whispered to himself.

Magath turned to them. "Everyone up! Prepare to attack!"

They stood up, one of them helped another soldier to stand. "Come on! Stand up!"

"Eldians! Your mission is to assault and destroy the enemy railroad. The suicide squad will rush to the bunker and disable the machine gun!"

One soldier was kissing a locket, another one trembled with fear.

Many of them won't make it. Historia frowned sadly.

"Listen up! Let your actions purge the disgrace of being spawn of the devil! This is your chance to be honored by our great motherland Marley! Prove yourselves worthy!"

"He should go and fight." Levi said.

"Coward." Eren grumbled.

Mikasa narrowed her eyes at the man.

"Yes, sir!"

Magath turned to the kids. "You Warrior candidates are to stand by. The 800-strong Eldian unit must destroy the rail at whatever cost. As long as that armored train is patroling the Fort, the Armored and Beast Titan can't do what they came for."

Colt looked down. "But..."

"Colt. As the chosen successor of the Beast Titan lesrn what it means to lead already."

Falco frowned.

The train came around the corner, it was nearby the bunker with the machine gun.

Magath observed it. "Perfect. We can destroy the train, too."

Gabi approached him. "Please, let me take a shot at it!"



"Is she crazy?"

"She shouldn't go. She's just a kid."

He turned to her. "Huh?"

She held up her big grenade. "Ta-da! If you'll let me I can disable the armored train all on my own!"

"Hey, Gabi!" Falco protested.

"How much do you think Marley's spent training you all these years? Hell no!" Msgsth denied.

"It's true..." she said. "I am exceptional compared to Falco and the others. There may never be another Warrior as talented as I am. Not to mention this cute."

Jean rolled his eyes in annoyance. He didn't like her that much.

Falco's and the other two's faces fell at that, not amused by that.

"But if I succed, we won't lose the whole Unit of 800 Eldians!"

"And if you fail?" Magath asked her.

"You lose just one promising candidate and seven hand grenades."

He stared at her, not saying anything.

Gabi's eyes widened. "If you think, I'm more valuable than 800 soldiers, I totally understand." She hugged the grenade. "You love me so much that you'd rather sacrifice the lives of 800 Eldians over me-"

"Wow, manipulative much." Ymir said, raising an eyebrow.

"She knows, that he wouldn't say no, now." Armin said.

She's good. Erwin thought.

He cut her off. "Fine." He closed his eyes. "Go ahead."

"Gabi, don't-" Falco protested again.

"I swear! I will prove to you that I'm worthy of inheriting the Armored Titan!" she promised.

Falco's eyes widened in worry and looked to the side.

Sasha grinned. "Aww. He likes her."

Erwin raised an eyebrow. They could use that, when they have to fight them.

Gabi stripped down to her underwear.

"What are you doing?" Magath asked her.

"For this to succed..." she began and held up her uniform. "...please allow me to remove my armband."

"Very well." he agreed.

The others looked at Gabi worried.


In the enemys bunker, two soldiers were holding a rifle and the machine gun.

"Hey, something's coming this way." One of them noticed. The other looked through the binocular of the machine gun and saw Gabi slowly walking towards them, with her arms in the air.

"Don't you dare to shoot her." Petra narrowed her eyes.

"If she would wear her armband, they would shoot her on the spot. But now they can't be so sure. That bought her time." Armin said.

"It's a woman. Girl, actually. I think she's surrendering."

"No, wait. She might be Eldian."

"It looks like something's wrong with her. She's dragging her leg."

Gabi's foot was shown. The grenade's ribbon was around her ankle and dragged it behind her.

"What if she's Eldian? Shoot her before she turns into a Titan."

"Screw that. If you wanna shoot her, you do it."

The man with the rifle sighed and aimed at her. "Shit."

Gabi tripped and fell down to the ground.

"Well, she failed." Connie said.

"I wouldn't be so sure." Erwin said. "I think, she did it on purpose."

"What the-?"

Gabi pulled the grenade off her ankle, carefully so that the soldiers didn't see it. She looked up the armored train.


It was getting closer.

Her grip on the ribbon tightened. "Wait for it!"

And closer.


"She ain't moving." The solder said.

"Who cares? Shoot her!"

The train was seconds away from the bunker. Gabi stood up and swinged the grenade. "Now's my chance!" she yelled and threw it on the railroad, in front of the the train. It rolled under it and exploded. The train fell on the bunker, where the soldiers were hidden.

"She actually did it." Jean said.

"It was still risky and dangerous." Petra frowned.

"She really did it!"

"Galliard! Hurry up!" Magath ordered.

Gabi jumped up and cheered happily and began to run back.

One of the soldiers survived and reached for the machine gun. "Damn it! You Marleyan cowards!"

Gabi looked back.

The soldier aimed at her. "This is why you bastards.....all deserve to die!" He shot at her.

She ran fast as she could.

"Gabi!" Falco yelled and and ran towards her.

"No! Don't go!"


"He's getting himself killed."

"Like you're anything better."

"Shut up, horse-face!"

Candy watched them in amusement.

"Falco, don't!" Colt yelled after him.

They ran towards each other and jumped in a pit, to be safe from the bullets.

Suddenly the bullets bounced off of something. They looked up and saw the Jaw Titan hovering over them. He looked down at them.


"Holy Shit!"

"He looks so different, compared to yours, Ymir."

Ymir nodded.

"He looks also bigger than her. Look at his face and these claws!" Hange sketched it down, grinning madly. "I wonder what the Jaw Titan can still do."

"Galliard! Huh?!" Gabi and Falco looked at each other, confused. Falco's arm was around her.

Sasha giggled. "Aw, how cute."

The Jaw Titan ran towards the machine gun in zig-zag.

The soldier screamed while shooting at it.

It jumped up and took him out with a struck with his claw.


The air ship was near the Fort. The scene switched inside it. "The armored train has been disabled." A soldier said. People were hanging in bags. They seemed dazed.

Jean raised an eyebrow. "What's up with these people? Why are they in bags?"

Armin's eyes widened. They wouldn't do that, would they?

Hange titled her head, confused. "Huh?" Then realization hit her. "Oh my god..."

"What is it, Four-Eyes?"

"These people must have Zeke's spinal fluid. They are paralysed and dazed. I think they are going to plan to drip them on their enemys and then turning them into Titans."

Their eyes widened in horror.

"Bastards.." Eren glared.

Armin frowned. He had hoped he was wrong, but Hange had confirmed his thoughts.

"We'll now commence the air bone assault. Remember stick to the plan." Zeke was looking out of a window. "Zeke will be our spear.." Reiner stared ahead. "...and Reiner will be our shield."


An explosion went off. Soldiers screamed in pain. Another two machine guns were shooting at them. Eldians were screaming, charging towards the enemy.

A soldier was climbing up on a pile of bodys. He looked up afraid at the massacre before him.

The Jaw Titan charged along the trench and killed many soldiers as possible. It bit down down on the railroad, destroying it.

Hange wrote it down.

The Cart Titan appeared with machine guns on it's back. It had a metal plate on it's face, for safety.

Connie gulped. "Well, that is new."

Hange was sketching like a mad woman in Levi's eyes.

Mikasa narrowed her eyes. And again, they were in disadvantage.

"Just how many idventions, they have?" Jean complained. "At this rate, we didn't stand a chance against them."

It destroyed a bunker were soldiers were hiding beneath it. Eldian soldiers came and shoot them.


Back to the kids, Falco and Gabi were back in their trench. Gabi got dressed again.

"Damn, that hurts!" A Marleyan soldier said. Udo and Zofia took care of his wounds. "Why'd a Marleyan like me get shot at?"

Falco dragged a wounded enemy soldier the trench down. "What are you doing, Falco? Gabi asked him. He leaned him against the wall.

"You Eldians are supposed to soak up the bullets." The Marleyan soldier complained.

They glared at the man.

"This guy makes me sick."

"He whined, like a little baby."

Levi narrowed his eyes, this guy should get soaked up in bullets. He deserved it.

"Can't you tell?" Falco asked her. "He's in no shape to fight us anymore."

Petra smiled. "He's such a sweetheart. Even he is his enemy, he helped him."

They nodded.

He turned to Udo. "Udo gimme a tourniquet." Udo handed it over to him. "Here."

"Stupid kids. Screw the enemy." The soldier complained again.

"Is that supposed to be your selling point?" Gabi asked Falco. "You really think obeying the laws of war will earn you the spot of the Armored Titan? It's not gonna help, you know."

"Is that the only thing she cares about? He's just trying to help." Jean said annoyed.

"Like I care."


The enemy soldier was talking weakly in an foreign language.

"He's saying something." Falco said.

Udo turned to him, frowning. A second later he looked away again.

"Interpret, Udo. Say I stopped his bleeding and that he'll be fine-" Falco said to him, but was cut off when Udo translated him what he was saying. "'Don't touch me.' 'I'll be tained.' 'You devil' he says."

The Marleyan soldier laughed at them.

"It's not funny, idiot." Eren grumbled.

A flare was shot in the sky. The Jaw Titan turned to look at it. Eldian soldiers were running back to their side. "Retreat! Don't get caught in it!"

Gabi looked up to the air ship. "It's begun." she whispered.

The flap of the air ship opened. The people in the bags were dropped with parachutes on their back, which opened immediately.

They tensed.

They actually gonna do it.

Eren glared at the TV. These Marleyans were making him sick. He hated all of them.

The soldiers in the Fort were looking up at it in wonder. One of them pointed at it.

Reiner stood at the entrance and held up a knife. Zeke walked up next to him and cleared his throat. "Ahem!" Then he began to scream loudly, causing the people in the bags to turn into Titans. Golden Ligjtening lit up the sky.

The kids were looking at it.

Multiple Titans were falling from the sky and ended spread up around and in the Fort.


"Oh my god.."

Horror were on their faces.

The soldiers stood frozen on the spot. A Titan stood up and stared down at them. Behind it the other Titans were standing up, too. It grabbed one of them and brought him to it's mouth. "No! Stop!" he begged. But it was no use. Severeal other soldiers got eaten, too.

"Truly devils..." The Marleyan soldier said. "Our Marleyan ancestors were eaten, just like that. By you Eldians." The kids stayed silent and stared.

They glared at him.

"Like you're anything better!"




Several Titans were shot in the neck, by anti-Titan cannons.

Reiner glided down with his parachute. "The kinetic bombardment went well, but due to the altitude half died on impact." he said to himself. "A lot of the anti-Titan cannons are still operational. Twenty-eight... Twenty-nine... And now I know their locations. But still..." he stared down of the wall of the Fort. The image switched to a view from atop of a wall in Paradis. "More walls?" He narrowed his eyes. He placed the knife in his palm. "I'm sick and tired... of walls." He sliced his palm.

He transformed into his Titanform and landed on the wall, destroying it.

The soldiers aimed the cannons at him. "It's the Armored!"

"Kill it!"

Reiner ran along the Wall, destroying the cannons and killing the soldiers.

More cannons were aimed at him. "Fire!"

He turned around, raising his arms to protect his face. The shells pierced through his arm and shoulder. "Anti-Titan shells that penetrate even my armor?"

Hange wrote this information qzickly down and sketched the other anti-Titan cannons. This could give them so much advantage against the Titans.

Suddenly his arm was shot off and he fell to the ground. "What the-? What hit me?"

An another armored train was driving up the railroad in the Fort.

"An armored train? There's another ?" He dodged the incoming shells, ran towards the train and rammed it, destroying it. He landed in front of anti-Titan cannons. His eyes widened. "Shit!"

The soldiers in front of him were suddenly killed by the Jaw Titan. "Galliard!"

"You son of a whore!" A soldier screamed but was killed by Galliard immediately. Galliard dodged the shells, which were shooted at him.

Reiner used the armored train as a shield to protect himself. He screamed loudly, turning in a circle and slammed the train on the cannons and soldiers.

He looked around. "It's done."

"Well, that was quick." Connie stated.

"We have to place them, so he can't reach them." Hange mumbled. "And the Colossal, too. But where?"

Zeke came down with his parachute. Reiner waved him down.

"They got it under control?" He placed a knife in his palm. "Our defeat brought about this war, Reiner." he said and transformed. Golden Lightening lit up the sky again.

The kids were still watching.

Zeke landed behind Reiner. "Isn't war a terrible thing?" He grapped shells off the ground and walked in the direction of the sea. He prepared himself to throw them put to the ships in the water.

A feeling of Déjà-vu hit them and they grimaced.

"Finally... With this, the war will be over." Udo said relieved.

Zeke threw the shells to the ships, but the cannons on the ships were shooting at him back, immediately.

"Huh? What?"

Reiner pushed him aside at the last moment before he could get hit. Reiner was hit by the shells.

The ships got hit by Zeke's shells.

Reiner fell weakly to the ground and Zeke threw more shells at the ships again. Completely destroying the fleet.

With their fleet destroyed, the Mid-East Allied Forces signedba peace treaty with Marley.

The war spanning spanning four years ended in an Maleyan victory.

Zeke turned to Reiner.

But as the world learned that the era of Titan domination was coming to an end, Marley was pressed to obtain the Founding Titan as quickly as possible.

"Oh no..." Gabi whispered.

The victory of Marley was published in the newspaper. "Thanks to the incredible bravery of the Marley army, Fort Slava has fallen at last!" a man read the newspaper aloud.

They were furious.

"Bravery, my ass!"

"They taken the credit for what the Eldians did!"


"Oh, yeah. They were so brave!" Jean said, sarcastically.

"They didn't even do anything, these cowards!"

"All they did, was watching Eldians die!"

"Unbelievable!" The citiziens cheered loudly.

"That's the Marley army for you!"

A man in a black suit and a black hat was buying a newspaper. He had a beard and a long face. His face remained hidden. He walked down the street.

"Whoah! Whoah! Pause!"

Hange titled her head, narrowing her eyes. "Is that..?"

Armin had the same thought. "Jean, I think that's you."

"What?" his eyes widened.

"Armin is right. That face is long as yours, only the beard is new." Connie said.

Jean blinked. "What am I doing there?"

"Well, it has been four years. We must have adjust us to infiltrate Marley." Armin answered.

"I wonder what we gonna do there." Sasha wondered.

"Then let's watch the next episode to find out." Levi said.

~ First episode of Season 4!!
I apologize if I was to judgemental. I did my best. I hope you like it anyway.
See you soon❤

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