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The Star Traveler Vweniphil and his twin sister Aumine travels from world to world in search of something important. Something that they lost. When they are about to leave from a world called Quandria, they was stopped by a Unknown God. The Unknown God took his sister and struck him down. After long years of slumber, not only did the world changed, but he also. For the Unknown God trapped him in a body of a Unicorn.

Fantasy Nicht für Kinder unter 13 Jahren.

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Two Stars, One Has Fallen

For many years, I and my twin sister travel from world to world, looking for answers of our past.

One day, we wake up with just our names and each other in a midst of a thousand stars.

Each star is a world of it's own. Laughter, sorrow, war and peace. We went to them all, but not one of our kind.

Today, to me is another day of adventure and learning. My sister loves to joke about the many of things we seen and heard. Including the foods that made an impression on her.

We took a break at the edge of the world we just left.


"Yes brother?"

"Are you.... tired of all this?"

She look at me in confusion.

"We traveled long and hard. But we did not find anything about ourselves. What if.....we are just born? One of a kind? What if we won't find anything? Is there never a place for us? What should we do then?"

Aumine thought for a while.

Then she smiled.

"Don't worry Vweniphil. We'll find our place. I believe that we will. As long as I am with you. When we find our place in one of these worlds, let's make the best of it, okay?"


She chuckles and punch me lightly on the shoulder. She got up and stretch.

"Come. Let's leave. I want to see more dragons, especially horses that fly."

I forced a smile and stand up.


We are about to leave when the space in front of us cracked open and a woman with many wings and dressed in white, black and gold emerged.

"Disgusting mortals. Peeking into other worlds are you?"

Aumine make a disapproved face. She walk forward.

"Who are you?"

"I am the World Governor, The Sustainer Of The Heavenly Principals of this world. You?"

"We're traveler's."

"Of which world?"


"Of whence come?"

Me and my sister look at each other. We understand one thing. We have to defend ourselves from her.

"We don't know. We are looking for it."

I answered the woman, preparing myself.

The woman's eyes furrowed.

"I see, so that is who you are, then I may as well purge the both of you. You are not ruling anymore. I'll take the stand."

Sensing power beneath us, we both dodge from the void and use our wings to fly. We unleash our swords and prepare to strike.

The woman use a trail of a cube-like space and use it to try and grab my sister. I block it with my sword. But what I did not realize is that it is explosive.




I fly back from the impact and crashed into a nearby pillar.


At that moment, something dreadful happen.

As she was about to reach me, a space appear around her and swallowing her.

"Aaaaaaaa, broootheeeeerrrrr!!!"

It swallowed her.

Gone. She's gone.


The lady teleported to me and grab me by the throat.


"Now that I got your other half, I suppose you are nothing. I might as well turn you into something more suitable for you. Try not to get hunted as a trophy. Be a dear and live for your sister."

She touched my forehead with her index finger. Great pain envelope my body, as if something is bursting from my very being.


Black space swallowed me.

I then fall.

And fall, and fall through the clouds to the world that me and my sister tried to leave from. I look at the sky and call out my sister's name.

My feathers shed and fall from me and my body light up.

And then....

Darkness overcame me.

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