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The old woman

once upon a time there lived a little girl named alice .she lived with her mother alone . her father died when she was 2 years old they were happy . alice has a friend who owns a bakery .her name is jenny she is very pretty . one day alice was going to bakery as usually .she sawed a strange old woman headed to the bakery. she quickly turn back and ran home her heart was beating really fast. she told her mom everything her mom said "did u get to look at her alice replied " yes she has a big giant nose and her face is huge .alice said" i have to warned my friend but how will i reach her " alice told her mom she has to save her friend . alice quickly put on her coat and went to the bakery the place was silence alice was geting scared .she reached the bakery in time she ranged the door bell .she heard no answer she rung the door bell twice she just decided to go in when she did she saw no one in the bakery . she knew her friend would never leave the bakery open and go somewhere . she now remembered the strange woman from earlier . she thinked in her mine maybe the old woman kidnapped her friend . she didnt know where the old woman lived .she was walking looking for jenny she didnt find her she was sad

as she was walking home she saw a strange house she never sawed before she decided to rap on the door she heard no answer . just then the door creaked there she sawed the strange old woman from earlier. she was so scared but she knew she had to save her friend . she had a feeling the old woman had her friend alice said " hello can i sleep here for the night . the old woman replied " yes dear of course " alice replied " thank you " the old woman went to the kitchen and brought some food she asked alice would u like some food. alice replied " no thank you " the old woman replied " but dear you were walking for how long wouldn't u be hungry .alice replied " ok i will take little water and pizza " the old woman asked do u want something to drink alice replied "yes thank you " when the old woman gone alice spit the food out amd throw away the rest . the old woman came back with the drinks alice drink it and then when the woman turn she spit it out the old woman asked alice " do u want to see the room u will be sleeping in . alice replied " yes thank you " alice saw the ugly bed she just went to sleep and lock the door when the old woman gone alice was not asleep she peep through the little tiny hole . she saw no one she quickly ran out side and she saw the basement and she went downstair there she saw her friend in the cage she told her she will get her out of here she then heard the old woman door opened she quickly ran up stairs and into the bed . the next morning she woke up she found a way to get the old woman out of the house . alice said " ooooo i wish i had some strawberries . the old woman said i can go pick them for u right by the lake alice replied " okay i will come with u " little alice know the old woman was planninh to lock her up too she got dress and went with the old woman when the old woman was pickinh the strawberries alice gather all her courage and push the old woman in the lake the old woman scream " ahhhhhhhhhh" alice quickly ran home and went to the basement she found the keys in the old woman pockets she freed her friend and they walk home alice mom said " alice i was so worried about you where were u i see u found your friend " alice replied " its a long story mom " but we are safe now .

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