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I am a failure and that is true I was badly beaten by my teachers because I wasn't good at my study but that is my fault cause I didn't really studied i was busy with my imagination all day cause I am a dreamer I am busy dreaming this how I view myself but reality is something different I was special than most of the shit that I was surrounded with I was born in strict family where education is everything but in reality they all were bunch of loser who just wanted to earn their living and they didn't have passion for anything only want to live and earn fake yourself to neighbourhood that is what they did but I really love to be a writer rather than a doctor or engineer I could create story in my mind all day long that is what I am a dreamer but a dreamer never wins same with my case I just don't understood math and keep failing at it and my teachers and parents who were worried about my future keeping saying me to study but I didn't listen but later when my school kick me out I studied for 1 month maximum that is who I am but never stop dreaming and writing I kept note of my everyday life but never my study note and the society where I live in they have some weird thinking that only a doctor or engineer or something earn able can live not some like me but I some how passes my examination but for that I have to struggle alot because I was in public school so why I was in public school because I was thrown into it and kick out of private school so the teacher were not really good I handle all my problems myself but I pass somehow but I have to struggle alot but my parents never praised me for that they still think I am unworthy one but I am doing all I could to see myself best but people think I am mad and it is real they do because I am love what I am doing and I don't fit to their society but somehow due to God grace I am passing all the examination and getting good grade thankyou god for that really speaking god is my friend parents teachers everything because he there when I need him the most I am still trying to be a good writer because writing is what I truly love but no one understands but who cares I am a science student with zero writing skills but I still do it because I love it and I will do it even in my future because life is really short to think what other people think of me and even ant can make living but very short people do what they love so I will write and write untill I make myself a amazing writer.

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