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Eva Williams is a high school badass going to College in a week. She has experienced everything a normal high school has, absolutely everything except... her first crush and she doesn't freaking care. When her best friend Olive talks her into going to the High school party she and someone's eyes meet and her life is changed forever....

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Chapter One


I woke up to hear my alarm blasting like hell, which almost made fall of my bed, almost. I quickly stretched my hand to switch the cursed thing off, I really need to a less noisy one. It was Thursday and time to get out of bed but I didn't want to and I'm sure you're wondering why. Well, because you don't want to write the test at school cause you didn't study for it, my conscience told me. What!?No way, I did study for it last night, more or less, besides, I chatted Olive yesterday and she said she was struggling too. So we spent a while chatting till I slept off I said snapping at my conscience and blocking her little voice out of my head as I grabbed some clothes to wear and went to shower. I came out a while later wearing my favorite outfit, a black long sleeve which had: I'm such a badass! with rugged jeans and a Adidas sneakers and don't forget my black and white beanie. "Perfect outfit." I told myself as I admired my reflection in the mirror, nothing could ruin this day till... I checked my diamond crested wrist watch, the time was 8am, school starts by 8:30pm! I quickly grabbed my bag and after closing my apartment, I go use the elevator, yep people, I live in a two room apartment on the seventh floor of a very tall building, hooray!

I soon got downstairs, that elevator is so slow! I'm sure a grandmother would be faster using the stairs! Any way, I quickly entered my car and drove off, I was so going to be late. I got to school and after locking my car ran to class, I got there to see my bestie, Olive sitting down, she looked worried but when she saw me she smirked."You are so late."She told me when I sat next to her. "Shh!" I whispered. Just then our new Science teacher came in, he was pretty handsome and all the other drooled in their seats, really? I mean he is handsome but I couldn't care less. By the way, I've never met a boy that's made my legs go jello and I'm freaking 18 turning 19 in a few months, I guess I'm not attracted to boys but I'm sure the girls in this class are. "Good morning class. I'm Mr. Carl and I'm your new Science teacher." The teacher and girl in front of I and Olive asked the stupidest if that's a word ever. "Um sir?" She said. "Yes?" He answered smiling at her. "Are you single?" She blurted out. "Yes." He replied and all the girls sighed dreamily while Olive face palmed while I rolled my eyes.

Soon class was over and there was 10mins break so I decided to check my blog. I have a blog which is for women talking about what we face and I encourage the ones that reach me. Some of them are victims of rape, violence and human trafficking, most of them are blacks but there are still whites among them. One of them sent me a message and I was about to reply her when there was an announcement. "Hello students of Willows high school. There is going to be a party on Friday night hosted by the school since this is your last week of school before you go to Willows College." Whoever the person was spoke through the school speakers used for announcements. Let me just tell you guys something, Willows High School was founded in 1985 and is now owned by a billionaire who is freaking rich, named Zach Willows, his grandfather Willam Willows, founded the school. There's also Willows College so when you enroll for the high school you automatically enroll for the college.

I quickly replied my follower and kept my phone cause Arts period had started and nobody likes the Art teacher cause he's an old man and very boring but I like him any way, plus it's time for my arts test which I DIDN'T study for. Olive has Chemistry period so she left.

After one hour it was finally break! That test was hell on earth! I'm sure the Devil gave the question in my arts teacher's clothing. I sat down in the Cafeteria waiting for Olive to get here. I waited for a while before digging into my food, my stomach couldn't wait any longer. As I was about to drink my milkshake, someone came to my direction and it wasn't Olive, it was Angela. Okay, Angela is the daughter of Zach Willows the billionaire andshe is so spoilt and rotten, I mean she gets everything she wants and likes opressing other students some students haven been expelled because of her and the worst part is that her dad listens to everything she says and you must respect her opinion even if it's garbage which most times it is actually. "Hello Evangelista Williams." She said and I almost choked on my food when I saw her. Does this girl even know how she looks. Her makeup was plastered all over her face and she was wearing a tight and short dress that had a very long neckline. "Hello Evangelista." She said. "Hi." I said plainly, I didn't want to have any conversation with her cause I wasn't in the mood for her games. "Would you mind if I join you?" She said looking at her purple painted nails. "No, I wouldn't mind at all." I said sarcastically. At that moment Olive appeared she frowned when she saw Angela but I gave her a look that everything was okay, more or less. "Hi Olive, I saw you left your bestie so I came to accompany her you know as a friend." The witch said and I really felt like puking all over her. Friend? I'm not her friend, if anything I'm her enemy. "Sorry Angela." Olive said rolling her eyes and Angela noticed but ignored her, turning all her attention back to me, which I didn't want. "Eva, I didn't notice you in art class, where you even there?" She asked me. "I was." I answered. "Well, I didn't notice you probably because of your level." She said and I could see my fists clench. "My level?" I said shocked at what she just said. "Yeah. You know the ordinary high school. The badass, the sarcasm warrior, do you even have dress sense?" She said looking at me and the only thing that was saving her from her me throwing my food tray at her was I would be in trouble, though my little conscience really wanted that so I just got up and walked away though I was fuming. "Oh don't be offended, there is always a place for people like you in the school." She shouted smiling. Olive ran after me but I didn't want company, not even from her. The next thing I'm gonna talk about on my blog is about Angela the bitch...

I got home exhausted. As soon as I locked my apartment door, I laid on my couch and grabbed the giant teddy bear I put there as decoration to comfort me. I stayed like that for a few minutes and then I got up because I hate being moody, now its time to have some fun🎊🎉💃!!!

It was 7:46pm and I had showered and got a bowl of popcorn and a can of soda. I was going to watch my favorite movie, Coraline. Its more or less about a girl who lives in a house with her parents and she discovered a secret door, you should really watch it. It's a bit scary for kids, yet it's for kids. I sat down and watched the movie and ju when Coraline met the ghosts, my phone beeped. "Damn, stupid phone!" And I would have continued cursing my poor phone till I saw it was from Olive. 'Hey Eva, are you okay?' She asked. 'Never been better.' I answered. 'That's my girl! Would you be going to the party?' She said. 'I don't know, I don't want anything bad to happen, especially with Angela.' I said and I want to puke by just thinking about her. 'Don't worry a bit Eva, everything will be okay, beside Jones going with us.' She replied. Jones is Olive's older brother and he is pretty muscular, so he could paralyze any one who dares come near his little sister. 'Fine.' I said and she puts a squealing GIF, she loves GIFS. 'Okay Olive, I have a movie to watch.' I text her. 'Let me guess, Coraline.' She texted back. 'Yep.' I answered. 'Okay, I come over tomorrow, goodnight!' She sent me with a goodnight GIF, seriously, this girl and GIFS. 'Goodnight!' I texted her back as quickly as I could, then I put my phone on silent, I don't want any more disturbances even if it was from the president of the US. I faced my movie andsoon I slept off...

Author's Note.

📚Hi readers. I hope you're enjoying the story so far. This is chapter one, I delibrately made it long to give you an idea of the story, the other chapters will be a bit shorter. Please like it and tell me what you think in comments. I'll be updating frequently.📚

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