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The Story is full of tanginess and a shortened drama...

The story is about a mere character that plays a vital role in the story...


1.Amnish daas-main hero

2.Ashalata daas-mother of amnish

3.Parth-freind of amnish

4.Arun-freind of amnish

5.Babu-freind of amnish

6.Aaisha-freind of amnish

7.Grandma-A old lady of mevad

8.Veer Singh-Past character of amnish

9.Anant Singh-father of veer singh

10.Anvesha-wife of veer singh

11.Avantika-mad for veer singh

12.Kunvar Singh-mystery man of the story

I introduce remaining characters as per the story progresses...!


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Geeta Kubani Geeta Kubani
Very good introduction...impressive...waiting for the full story...

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