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Andrew Debris is gay, and not ashamed. He gets bullied everywhere in his town but when his boss finally gets him a job at Per Sempre a fancy italian restaurant owned by a billionaire. but, things take an unexpected turn when he mistakenly meets the owner....... but not on good terms. What happens when suddenly Andrew needs Milo(the billionaire) at the last moment? will it be to late? has milo already given up?, or was he just waiting for the moment to arise?

LGBT+ Nur für über 18-Jährige.

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Chapter One/Prologue

"Andrew!" says Derain one of the workers at my job but also my best friend, i stick my head out the kitchen window "Huh?" i say raising an eyebrow. He nods his head towards Hermans Office which is my boss by the way, "the boss needs you in his office." he says i nod and hurry up making chicken dumpling soup and stir it around a little, I take my apron off and hang it on a hook. Then i start walking towards Hermans office while ignoring the mean comments and glares, i walk in and shut the door behind me, "sit down andrew." Herman says i take a seat, "I've been requested to send one of my best chef's over to work at Per Sempre. And i choose you, I just need you to sign your name here." Herman says as he points to a spot on a piece of paper. "I didn't ever say that i wanted a transfer! What if i want to stay here?" i exclaimed

"Andrew.... Son you don't really want to stay here do you? i'm literally your only friend. And i'm an old man! Plus, there you can be accepted, embraced for who you are, and you can make friends. be around people your age." He says with a sad face. Probably sympathy, "You mean you don't want me here? Plus i have Derain! and- and i belong here, this is my home! i have people to take care of- plus i have no money to get there or even stay there-" i abruptly say really fast trying to come up with excuses not to go. And i'm currently not giving enough excuses or i'm just not convincing him. Which i'm not even believing myself cause who would turn down an offer this great?

i walk out of the office with a glower while herman smiles probably thinking 'mission accomplished' before i close he yells: "DON'T FORGET TO PICK UP THE PLANE TICKETS ON THURSDAY CAUSE YOU LEAVE ON SATURDAY! ILL TEXT YOU THE DEETS!" i glower even more and slump my shoulders, Fuck...... Me.....

ThE NeXt DaY(Wednesday)~~~~~~~~~

I woke up in the morning to my mother screaming at me at the other side of the door. God, if she doesnt shut up i'm gonna have a headache.... i sneezed then coughed i go to the bathroom to blow my nose then i notice my nose is stuffy. I smile, YES! i don't have to go to work today..... and maybe not on that trip, i feel giddy inside so i try to make my voice look even sicker and then call herman to call in sick.

Herman says okay and to get better, then we hang up the phone i pump my fist in the air then sneeze. i scroll through my crushes instagram and glower at the sight of him shirtless and hugging another boy. You know what!? im gonna get him to notice me!, so i start a new account with a fake name. Many people have said that i am handsome...... but i was gay. So i take my shirt off and put up a green curtain behind me so i can edit the background i put on some loose swim trunks and go turn the shower on pour water all over me and take a picture. i start editing and smile when i finally find it perfect. i post it, and go back to sleep.

I wake up to find that my photo has over 1.5 million likes and easily got over 500 followers i smile. Finally something in my life has gone right. Then i go back to sleep.


{Authors Note: Hi! thanks for picking my story and reading it, please like and comment! The next chapter is actually a description of all the important characters even the ones who are not in the story yet so please don't skip it!!!!

With Many Thanks, Joyung

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