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Jeffery is an old man who spent most most of his life with regrets after the death of his mother and brother. During the last few moments of his life he decides to make amends before he takes his final breath. What obstacles shall come his way and how will he solve them?

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Jeffrey and the Mountain

It was the time of June 1st, 1912, a very cold and cloudy day. No flowers were caught in sight and you could hear the wind howl with every flake of falling snow. But not too far - on top of a mountain, inside a warm cabin- lived a small old man named Jeffrey. He had brown skin, a bald head, and a long grey beard. For most of his life, Jeffrey lived on his own. Wishing he had a friend to talk to and look at the beautiful stars with, he would cry, “Oh woe is me, I’m all alone with no one around for miles and no one to drink tea with me.” He would often think that ever since his dearly departed brother died that there was nothing but sorrow in his life. You might just catch him saying, “An old man like me isn’t worth a penny. Is this how I shall spend my last days on earth? Sitting in an old cabin with nothing but cans of soup, a dusty typewriter, newspapers, and cups of Oolong Tea. I don’t even remember why I decided to live here in the first place!” With a more determined outlook, Jeffrey decided that he must stop crying and go out to find a friend. No matter how long it took. So with his new found determination and a thermos filled with tea, Jeffrey set out to find a true friend to spend his last days with before he died.

As Jeffrey trudged through the snow, he realized something. “ Silly me, I forgot my glasses in the cabin”. He realized this after walking for a few minutes and wondering why he couldn’t see a thing! He bumped his head on a tree, slipped on a patch of ice, and was about to fall off the mountain. To his surprise, out of nowhere hands started to form out of the mountain. It saved Jeffrey from falling. But instead of feeling grateful, Jeffrey cried, “Oh woe is me, a demon has formed from the mountain. Help me, help me, anyone!” A voice came from the mountain saying, “Oh my dear little Jeffrey, you were always such a dramatic person. It’s me, your brother, don’t you remember me?” After calming himself down and adjusting his eyes, Jeffrey saw a familiar face form from the snowy mountain. It was Jeffrey’s brother, Everest. “Oh my tea bag! Everest that can’t be you, I saw you die in my arms almost fifty years ago. How is this possible? “ Well, mother always used to say the ways of God we may never understand but there is always a reason why he does the things he does. I guess this is what she meant. Now, do you mind telling me why you’ve been weeping like a wounded dog for so long. It’s really starting to hurt my ears,” said Everest. “ You left me brother. I was never the same when you died and you were literally my only friend “ said Jeffrey. “ Little brother, I never left you. I’ve always been right here with you (pointing to Jeffrey’s heart). You just needed to look. Now is this really about me or are you just scared to find another friend? “ Both,” said Jeffrey. “ All right little brother, how about this, If we do all the things we used to do when we were little do you promise to go find a true friend?” said Everest. “ Yes Everest, I promise,” said Jeffrey. “ All right little brother, let’s go” said Everest. So coming out of the mountain formed a tall man with grey hair and a long beard that resembles Jeffrey’s. For the first time in a long time Jeffrey and Everest did all the things they used to do when they were little boys including fishing in a tiny pond, watching the stars in the night sky, reading old newspapers left by their mother, cooking tomato soap, and sitting by the fireplace drinking tea. Finally Jeffrey and Everest walked to their cabin .“ Ok little brother it’s time for me to go now” said Everest. “ No Everest, please don’t go. I’m not ready to live without you yet. Your everything to me”, cried Jeffrey. “ Jeffrey, taking chances in life is how we learn”. Because if we don’t face what we want, problems will never go away. I know this change may be hard but it’s for the best. I love you little brother and never forget I’ll always be with you (hugging Jeffrey)” said Everest. After saying goodbye to his brother Jeffrey, Everest faded away into the distance of the howling wind never to be seen again. Afterwards Jeffrey went back to his cabin and started to make another pot of tea. Then all of a sudden there was a knock at the door. “ Hello, is anyone there?” “ Yes, how may I help you miss ?” After opening the door, Jeffrey saw an old woman around the same age as Jeffrey with big curly grey hair who he immediately fell in love with. “My name is Meela and the people in my village not far from here were wondering if you had any food to spare? As I’m sure you already know finding food on Mt. Everest isn’t easy and I know this may be weird to say but I could use a person to talk to. My father sadly passed away not long ago and I’m not sure what to do” said Meelah. “Oh I know all about the loss of a loved one. Why don’t you come in and we can talk about it over tea.”

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Pablo Nemo Pablo Nemo
This story is universal and great
June 15, 2021, 03:00
Onovo Victory Onovo Victory
I enjoyed your story no wonder it has gotten an amazing views. I think you might have see this story : my experience with this side chic and what I got myself into. It's actually my own short story. We rise by encouraging others
June 11, 2021, 02:58
Keith Wallace Keith Wallace
What an extraordinary story about about an old man and a mountain, enjoyed it immensely.
April 16, 2021, 23:12
Diew Pout Diew Pout
It's amazing chapter.
April 11, 2021, 21:10