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A young man hoping to make it as an officer at the academy in a world where each person controls one element.

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Part 1

The E.P.F, This stood for Elemental Power Force. They were an origination that had seven factions within the force:


There were sub elements, things that were connected to one's element but not the full element itself...


Mora Okarai was a young adult who dreamed of joining the Elemental Power Force, he saw them as well-respected people. He wasn't much of a fighter, but when a situation appeared that put him in danger, something within him brought out his fighting spirit and he would overcome it. At least...that's what his friends said when they were 15 years old...

[Flash Back]

A 14-year-old boy was surrounded by three teens in the outside lunch yard. All were 17 years-old. Two of them were dark elemental, a word used to people who could manipulate a certain element. While their leader was a fire-user. "Hehe, give me 20 dollars, I know you have it in your pocket. Or would you rather get burned?" The tall dark-haired boy with yellow eyes opened his palm as flames manifested. He blew on them, causing them to go towards the boy like a weak flame thrower. The victim fell back on his butt as the kids stood over him.

Just then Mora spotted the bullying and froze. His friend Tenko Hayashi placed his hand on the boy's shoulder commenting: Let's Just get a teacher, there's no point in interfering in that fight" Right as Mora was about to walk away, he saw the head bully going for a punch with a fist full of blazing flames. (No!) He took off at great speed, lightning surging around his body. Tenko watched in surprised as his friend moved right up to the bully, sending a fierce blow across his face with his speed plus the strength of the blow itself.

"Who just struck me!?" The three bullies saw Okarai blocking them from the kid they were threatening. Mora told the kid to run while he dealt with them. Meanwhile Tenko ran off to find a teacher.

"Ah, another little wimp trying to protect someone, how noble of you. I'm surprised to see a lightning elemental. They're one of the rare types unlike fire and water which are the most common types found around the world. However, a rare element type won't make much difference if you don't know how to use it properly. Take this shrimp" He formed a fireball the size of a baseball, shooting it right for the young student.

Mora charged his body with lightning increasing his speed and reaction time. As the ball of flame left the attacker's hand. The 15-year-old moved at great speed, ducking beneath the sphere of flames before reaching the jerk. Before the boy could react, Mora struck him in the gut, sending him staggering back along with a jolt of electricity.

A teacher showed up as the boy hit the courtyard pavement. Alright, who's next?" Mora comment still surging with electricity. "That's enough! Okarai and the other two bullies stopped to see a woman dressed in a white cloak with the school's symbol of the Yin and yang sign on the top left of her torso. She had black hair up in a ponytail with green eyes. "I will not permit fighting on school grounds. You four, detention"

"Yes MRS. Shimizu" The young boy said without defiance while the trio of boys groaned in anger. The leader walked over to Mora whispering: "This isn't over, I will burn you for this" They all walked to detention when the young boy came running up to the teacher.

"Wait MRS. Shimizu, Mora was protecting me from those three. If it wasn't for him I would've been burned by the fire user" ...

[End Of Flash Back]

The lightning elemental stood at the steps of the academy, it was a large white building with an emblem of each element on the doors and top of the school. He took a deep breath, (Today is the exam, if I fail...I won't be permitted to join the E.P.F. I'll just have to hope for the best) He walked through the large hallway with tiled floors and blue lockers aligning both sides of the hall. Surprisingly there was no one in the hallway.

(Surprising, I expected some students here, seems they're already at the exams) He walked through the halls all the way to the other side of the academy where they had a large fighting arena and rows of seats watching made of stone with red cushions covering it. He found dozens of students standing in groups associated with their element. He only saw his group had three people and the light only had one person.

"There's only one light user in the entire academy?" He commented. One of the members of his group told him that light was the rarest element seen among the academy. "We've only seen three light elementals in existence while us lightning-users there are about 50 estimated of us. So your chances of running into another light type is like 0.1%"

"Welcome all participants of the E.P.F exams, as most of you know, these exams are held to test your skills to see if you can reach your requirements as an element-user. However, if you fail you'll have to wait till next year to retake this test, and only get three chances. Also. Some of you first-time examinees are also wondering who I am, my name is Himora Tadakai, I'm a fire elemental. Don't expect me to judge only the fire-users, each of the seven Yusora Masakai. A unique way we refer to our elemental masters. I believe I've said enough, so then, there will be multiple tests for each participant. First, we will have obstacles for you all to overcome. The last 10 will be sent home and unable to continue this exam"

All the students were taken through a large underground stair way where they found themselves in a large underground tunnel. "You all will have 30 minutes to complete the path. See most of you on the other side" The stairs closed behind them as blue lights on the walls lit up their way through the large straight rocky tunnel. Mora noticed his friend Tenko when a beep went off. He used his lightning ability to move at incredible speed, he and the other lightning elementals took off gaining distance with the fire-users not far behind, using their hands and feet like rocks to propel themselves forward like a rocket.

"You won't be ahead of me much longer!" One of the fire-users called out right behind the electric-users. Mora looked ahead to see the 1st obstacle; a part of the tunnel covered in ice. (Hmm, this might be trouble, luckily it's less troublesome than when the fire elementals reach this part.) He was the first to reach the ice. The moment his foot made contact with the ice, it began to crack apart. The young man didn't look back, he did his best to get past it as quickly as possible before the ice cracked apart. There were several sharp icicles all over the walls, ceiling and floor.

The fast male did his best to evade each one, nearly hitting one large one on the right wall nearly taking up half the hall way. Luckily, he slid under it before moving further past the first obstacle. "Phew, that was close, I could've gotten sliced in half by that thing. Downside though is my stamina is running out, not sure if I can reach the end without running out of my electric boost"

Meanwhile Tenko had just reached the ice path, being a water-user, he found it to be easy. He manipulated the ice around him to get past it further. He created a slide near the top to slide through the obstacle easily before reaching the last icicle his friend nearly hit. Tenko leapt off the slide, just barley avoiding the sharp piece of ice. The fire elementals noticed the cold was affecting their flames, therefore slowing them down.

"Damn it! Should've known this would affect our fire. Have to go with plan B" The fire-user surrounded himself in fire dashing through the ice-covered pathway. Back up front Okarai and the other lightning-users were slowing down from their depleted stamina. Mora decided to save his remaining power and run at normal speed. While many began passing him, Tenko caught up with him, lending his hand to pull him onto a large wave of ice he created to move faster. His friend held onto his shoulder to keep from getting stuck on the ice.

They could see a bright light, coming into view, they saw a pathway covered in a blaze of flames. "Hmm, that fire might be enough to make my water ineffective in there"

"Don't worry I have a plan" The pair continued moving on his fast-moving ice until they were just a few feet away from the blazing flames. That's when the man grabbed his friend, charging his body back up with some of his stamina replenished. Tenko got on his back and the fast-moving warrior swiftly moved through the flaming red path. Tenko managed to use his water manipulation to protect himself from the whipping flames.

The man moved through the blazing pathway until they finally made their way out. Now away from the fierce flames Tenko re-created the wave of ice as they moved quickly trying to catch up with the others. Several other water And earth users were behind them so they still had a chance. That's when the lightning obstacle was coming up.

"Yes! With that I can recharge myself back to full power!" Just then a burst of wind knocked them off the wave of moving ice. Hayashi looked to see a group of air elementals catching up with them. The current races stats were:

•1st Lightning
•2nd fire
•3rd Light
•4th dark
•5th Tenko, Mora and air
•6th water
•7th earth
Mora landed on his stomach just a few inches from the next obstacle. "Go! Don't slow down just because of me!" His friend cried out. The young lightning-user ran to the pathway briming with electricity. Standing in the wave of power, he closed his eyes with both hands out, taking In as much power as he could. His body began to surge with electricity.

With a deep breath he opened his eyes revealing his eyes glowing brighter than ever with a blue aura and faint electricity in his iris. "Now then, time to catch up with my team, just four traps remain" He took off faster than ever, blinding everyone behind him in a flash of blue light. He watched as he passed all of the others with ease.

"Huh!? Oh, it's that brat, come to pass me in the race. Well then, let's see you dodge this!" The anonymous fire-user with short black hair, orange eyes dressed in a black jacket aimed his left palm in the fast-moving warrior's direction while staying in quick flight by releasing flame from his feet. "Inferno!"

The space between obstacles 5th and 6th filled with flames with almost no space to evade the coming blaze of flames. Mora didn't flinch, he passed right through the wall of flames still moving at his immense speed. "What! He just passed right through it!?" The young lightning elemental was burned all over his body but didn't let it slow him down. With a determined look in his eye, he moved right up to the ma, sending a powerful blow across his face.

He hit the ground and watched as Okarai continued to close the gap between him and the others. He came to the 6th obstacle, a man dressed in a brown hooded-cloak was manipulating the earth around the tunnel to keep other's from just destroying it once and making it easier for the rest to follow behind. Still surging with power, Mora clinched his fist as he approached the coming hazard, he pushed his body to it's near limit, using the sheer power around his body as a barrier.

The earth elemental sent a huge wave of earth right for him like a tsunami. However, Mori aimed his left hand straight for the coming attack, unleashing a bolt of lightning just strong enough to leave a crack in the center and with all his body he smashed right through it. He was beginning to run low on stamina from using so much of his power at once.

As he was just about to pass the obstacle, the guest manipulating the earth created a dome of earth trapping the fast participant. "No! I-I won't lose here. I must join the EPF...I will!!" Using the last of his power at full force, his trap crumbled to pieces as he escaped the pathway towards the last one. (Ergh! My power, I'm almost completely drained again!)

His muscles tightened up as he reached the limit of his power. His eye faded back to silver as he landed on his feet. His entire body hurt, but he managed to keep running. He entered the dark obstacle which was pitch black. He tried manifesting a slight spark in hopes to use it as a light source, a faint spark appeared before going out. "Shit! That was all of my power, it's going to be at least 20 minutes until my power comes back enough to use it normally!"

After a few minutes of utter darkness...He made it out reaching the finish line. He saw the fire master Himora Tadakai waiting, his arms crossed waiting for the others with a serious expression on his face. Mora saw that the light-user, a few fire and the rest of the lightning had already beat him to it. Luckily, he knew he was just fast enough to keep from getting kicked from the exam. He saw a huge red stone platform outside with seats circling the circular platform. He walked over to the chair, collapsing in it too sore to move any further.

"Strange, where is the other fire-users on our team? They weren't that far behind last I checked" Mora looked to see it was a tall blonde man with blue eyes dressed in a fire uniform. After about 10 minutes, Okarai could feel some of his power back. After taking a short nap he saw Tenko and the other last participants come rushing out of the darkness out of breath.

"There, looks like the race is finally over" After giving everyone 15 minutes to rest, they all gathered back in the arena where the fire Masaki stood back over where the other seven sat in a throne like chair, each a color of their element on a balcony above. "Now then...if you're all rested enough to continue with the exam, I shall form a circle of flame around those who will no longer be participating in the next task"

All six of the earth elementals were sealed in a ring of flames while four of the water-users were also kicked out leaving merely two, A man and woman they were disappointed that their team were eliminated but new they had to proceed in hopes of achieving their goal like everyone else.

CHAPTER 2: The 2nd Part Of The Exam

"Now that we got all of the rookies out of the way, it's time for the 2nd part of the exam: Combat. We will have one of each team fight one another in a serious of situational fights to make things both more interesting and realistic, you never know when a problem may occur that will turn the tide of battle"

Once more they grouped up in their elements except the light and water since they didn't have enough to actually for a group. This time they were fighting in the arena where all seven Yusora Masakai were watching. "First round: Asaki Kura V.S Usamae Kinko!"

Asaki was a lightning-user dressed in their silver cloak and gray pants. He had white hair with green eyes. Usamae was the male water elemental, he had white hair as well brushed to the side with aqua blue eyes. He wore the blue cloak of the water-user.

"This shouldn't take too long. I expect a good fight from one of the only two water elementals in this task"

"As a water-user I'm not really one to fight unnecessarily, but I must win to move forward in this exam. So for the other members of my group who weren't able to join me in this task, I will also fight for you"

Asaki charged himself up with power moving right for his opponent. The defending warrior quickly put up a wall of thick ice between him and the coming combatant. However, it did no good, Asaki shatter the ice like glass passing right through it. Usamae fell backwards barley dodging the coming blow from the fast fighter.

"Hmm, seems your reaction time is pretty good for a water-user. Though, your mere ice wall is nothing against my speed melee attacks"

"Don't worry, that was just all I could manifest in the short instant of your attack. Allow me to show you what I can do when I actually put force behind my attack. With a swift wave of his hand, plants beneath the arena came out, wrapping themselves around his arms and legs like green tentacles.

"What! How can you manipulate plants that should be an earth elemental!"

"Actually, it's a water sub-elemental: A thing connected to one of the seven primary elements just as metal is a sub-elemental for earth" The blue warrior tightened the plant's grip on it's target with his left hand while creating a piercing sharp piece of ice above him with his right hand.

"Heh, I got to say, this battle's building up quite well, but it's going to take more than mere plants to hold me" Usamae shot the shard of ice right for his target when Asaki unleashed a bright surge of electricity from his body, burning away the binding plants. Just in time he fired a lightning bolt from his palm right for the coming projectile.

All others watched as the piece of ice shattered to pieces right in front of them in a flash of light. "Heh, this is getting fun, but I think it might be time to hurry this match up! Behold...lightning surge!" The silver man slammed his palm onto the arena surface, sending an immense surge of lighting like a fierce wave, his lightning whipping around in random directions all headed in Usamae Kinko's direction. The water hero put both hands up like an "X" before swiping them down in both directions as a wave of water like a whirlpool spun around him as a barrier.

The shot of electricity struck his water shield, surging around it for a few seconds before dying out. Quickly he sent the wave of water right for Kura. The water hit him head on knocking him back. Before he landing on his back, he felt his body stop in mid-air. That's when the water began to form around his body, slowly incasing him within an orb of water.

"This is a surprise, for someone who doesn't like to fight, you sure have some skill"

"As do you, however, I believe this is where we finish the fight. As long as you're within that sphere of water, you can't do much to hurt me. You might as well call it quits while you still can"

"We'll see about that! Kura opened his mouth, firing a bolt of lightning straight for the water elemental. However, he put a dome of water around his entire body as the lightning struck it. He felt a slight shock while his water barrier lowered it's effect.

"Fine, I didn't want it to reach this point, but seems I'll have to use my 2nd most effective technique to end this duel" Mora watched from the rows of stone seats that circled the arena. Similar to a greek ampitheater. He watched as water formed around the lightning-user's face stopping him from using any more attacks or even breathing. The faint surge of electricity faded from the man's body before Usamae released his grasp on his opponent. The water splashed onto the stone surface of the round red arena with Asaki soaked in water and gasping for air.

(Damn I-it. I can't believe I lost, now I won't become a EPF officer. I'm sorry mother, we'll just have to hope for next year. Hopefully we'll last that long for me to even get a 2nd attempt)

[Flash Back]

Elcanare was one of the seven cities of Motoko, the country that was separated into section of each element. This was only to keep track of where most of that elemental was. There were still plenty of element users outside of their section, no certain element was restricted from entering another...

In a small 2nd floor stone house Asaki Kura was in his room practicing how to manipulate the lightning around his body as he laid in bed staring at the ceiling when he suddenly heard his parents fighting.

"We're almost out of money! The kid needs to go! He's 19 and still lives at home!" His father yelled from downstairs. While his wife shouted right back: He cleans up around here especially after your nights on the couch so don't even think about throwing our son out. Think of what it would do to his younger brother Akira who's only seven!"

"I've had it with all of you! I'll throw him out myself!" Flames manifested around the muscular man. He had barley any black hair with hazel eyes. He wore a white sleeveless shirt and brown pants. He threw a flaming punch right for the white-haired woman who wore a black dress when a sudden surge of pain ran through the man's body.

He looked down to see Kura surging with electricity, his fist pressing into the man's gut "Asaki!? How dare you lay a hand on your own father! Stay out of this!" The warrior gave him a serious look in the eye, sending him staggering out the door into their front yard at night.

"The moment you attempted to harm Hatsunae you weren't my father anymore. Even as my step-father I saw you as my father. But now you've gone too far. No one lays a finger on my family!"

"Shut up brat! I do as I please, whenever and how ever!" The enraged man blazed in fire unleashing a wave of flames right for the young hero. Kura evaded the coming flames as their lawn was set ablaze with bright flames. His mother came out as her son moved right up to their assailant, sending a fierce blow right through his abdomen. He hesitated at first before sending a bolt of lightning through his body as it shot out the other side like a bullet.

Hatsunae put her hands over her face as the man she once loved hit the ground motionless the flames now gone from his body. He lowered his hand as the man laid in a pool of his own blood...

[End Of Flash Back]

(That was two years ago. He was a bastard, but without him it's been hard for mom to keep all of us feed and a roof over our heads. But I won't give up! I'll do whatever it takes to give her and my brother the life they deserve)

He walked off making his way back to the exit when Shiron Goda the lightning Masaki descended down from the balcony walking over to the man, immense lightning surging around his tall body. Shiron was dressed in a royal version of the lightning uniform. He had blonde hair with dark-blue eyes. He placed his palm on his shoulder.

"Wait, I've seen how hard you fought and read about your past. I'm willing to have you join my team. But you won't get any more special treatment from me. If you mess up I'll kick you out of the E.P.F as I would anyone else got that?"

"Y-yes, thank you sir!"

"Here, this should help for a while. Tell your mother you passed the exam" Asaki looked down to see the man put 500,000 yen in his hand before walking back to his chair above. The man started at the money before sliding it in his pocket walking home...

"Alright next match: Kasada Harudon V.S Yukimora Kagawa

Kasada was an air-user wearing the white outfit with light-brown hair with brown eyes. Meanwhile Yukimora was a dark-elemental wearing black he had black hair with red irises. "This shouldn't take long; I will beat you with ease" The dark warrior announced as a dark-purple aura emanated from his body.

"Don't get too confident, that's what the loser of the last match said before he was defeated" Both glared at each other when Kasada unleashed a fierce gust of wind from his bare palm right for his opponent. Yukimora teleported in a mist of black mist, reappearing behind the white warrior, putting him in a full nelson when a doppelganger made of his dark element formed just a few feet in front of him.

"Playing dirty from the very beginning huh? Well it won't be enough to make me submit" An abrupt force of wind began to spiral around the air-user and his assailant. The dark elemental warrior could feel his grip slowly failing from the increasing force of the cyclone. Kagawa could feel his body begin to get lifted up as his fingers were slipping.

"Darn it!" He finally lost his grip getting flung into the powerful cyclone before getting launched across the stage. Luckily he manifested a large arm made of darkness stopping him from going and further or hitting the ground.
He floated back onto the ground as the large hand vanished.

"Alright, let's see how well you can handle this. Spears of utter darkness" Large spears made of dark-purple energy formed around him before getting sent right at the air-user. Kasada ascended into the air using a burst of wind that's when the projectiles changed course and followed the flying man.

"Darn it, they seem locked on me, I have to find a way to get rid of them" He soared across the sky high above the arena with the spears still on his tail. Even with his fast movements they stayed homed on him. "At this rate it'll never end. I'll have to go with plan B and make the target lose focus on his attack" The white cloaked fighter created a condensed powerful sphere of air, flying right for Yukimora.

The defensive warrior manifested yet another spear, shooting it right for his combatant. With no time to think of a better solution, Kasada Harudon opened his hand holding the immense sphere of contained wind, using it to block the coming attack. The moment the spear made contact with his attack, a massive wave of wind sent Both fighters back in a wave of air that shook the entire arena.

Both managed to stop rolling across the stage and quickly get to their feet. "Enough! I'll finish this fight with an all or nothing attack. Harudon created a wave of wind in all directions. The dark warrior blocked the coming burst of wind with a wall of dark essence out in front of him. Just then he spun around to see Yukimora flying right at him. "What!?" Adding a fierce amount of air power into his first, he struck Kasada in his gut, sending him flying across the stage at such a velocity, he couldn't stop himself. The combatant struck the stone wall right under the seats. He hit the ground leaving a large crack in the wall.

"Winner: Kasada" The dark elemental slowly got up, his body sore from the pain of his body slamming into the solid wall. (Damn...I was sure I could beat that mere air-user without much trouble. Seems I'll have to be more careful when going up against their type" Yukimora walked away with an angered look leaving the arena.

"Our 3rd battle: Kazuya Enkai V.S Mizuto Saiken. Kazuya was a female red fire-user with dark-blue hair and green eyes. While her opponent Mizuto was a female as well and the only other water-elemental aside from Usamae who had won his fight. She had long white hair and silver eyes. Both started at one another, waiting for someone to make a move.

That's when they moved to attack simultaneously, their attacks clashing forming an immense field of steam. "Ugh, this is going to be troublesome if we create steam each time are attacks connect" When the steam cleared all she saw was three clones of Mizuto while the real one was nowhere to be seen. "Damn it where'd she go!?" She darted her head in different directions when she finally looked up to see her target levitating on a platform made out of water as she took water from everywhere around her building it up into a sphere of water. She sat crisscrossed on the small water surface up above.

(What, she's planning to use that so early in the fight? Is she trying to drain herself so soon?) Conjuring up fire within her left fist, she attempted to shoot a fire blast in her direction when all three water clones advanced her forming swords made out of ice. "Huh!?" She jumped back sending the fierce blast of flames toward the trio of duplicates but only managed to hit one of them head on.

Kazuya watched as the melted puddle of water abruptly reformed into another clone while the other one who's hand had gotten burned off had also regenerated. "You'll have to do better than that, this technique I'm using is a master-level skill not many water-users can master even after a month of training. It took me 3 months to finally master it. Not many elementals have the patience to practice one technique for so long"

"Enough of your bluffing, with enough fire power I'll reduce all your duplications to mere steam!" She crossed her arms like an "X" In front of her as flames engulfed her body. Her eyes began pure orange like the color of flames as she clinched her left fist preparing to strike. Sensing danger the clones advanced her once more. She threw a punching, sending a colossal blast of flames in the trio's position. She watched as two of the three water beings were completely vaporized by her overwhelming flames.

"There, just one left" She manipulated the wall of flames in front of her to die down, only to find the last clone missing. "You got to be kidding me! Fine! I'll just change my target!" She turned back to Mizuto, unleashing yet another blast of fire from her fist right for her. Suddenly the clone rose up from the cracks from the ground reforming in front of the coming attack. The last defense was utterly destroyed leaving the water-user all alone.

"Ha! Now you're all alone" Just then Kazuya saw her combatant was now inside the blimp-sized sphere of water as it slowly got smaller and smaller until it was a mere outline around her body. The audience and even some of the masters watched in surprise as the water-user descended to the stage, her eyes looking as if they were made of water.

"This is not so much as a master-level technique, but it does take a lot of control and concentration to absorb so much water at one time. So... what can you do against a Water elemental whose powers are multiplied even for a short time?"

"Multiplied my ass! That won't make much of a difference! Putting bother her hands out in front of her, she released a massive blast of flames scorching the ground completely black. She watched as the path in front of her blazed with a 10 feet wall of immense flames. "Had enough?" Without warning Saiken moved right through the flames giving off steam as she formed a glove made of thick ice as she struck Kazuya across the face, sending her across the stage like a bullet.

Before hitting the wall, the blue warrior formed a thick glacier of ice around the fire warrior that was 20 feet tall and several meters thick. With her ability she was able to freely move through the ice up to the frozen target, placing her palm near her heart before letting the ice melt forming a small lake of water in the arena before quickly evaporating.

"I-I'm not done yet" She forced herself to her feet throwing a punch toward Mizuto only for nothing to come out. "What!? Why won't my fire manifest!?"

"Simple, I cooled your core. All elementals get our power source just above our heart. If you disrupt that flow, they can't create anything. Don't worry it's not permanent. At the level I struck your source it should refuel in an hour or so"

"How dare you! I'll make you pay for this!" A look of complete rage filled the weakened woman's face as she lunged toward her. Mizuto stepped out of the way, placing her hand on her attacker's back as ice formed around her body just enough to where shew could no longer move.

"Winner Mizuto Saiken"

A Few Battles Later...

"Finishing up the 2nd task, we've finally come to the final task of the exam. All six of you will fight me and I shall test your powers first hand. There's only a small chance you'll fail the exam at this point, but don't let that keep you from going all out against me!"

There was one fighter from each of the five elements that made it to the final task except the water unit which still had Usamae and Mizuto still safe from being eliminated. Mora stood beside the other five warriors of each element as they prepared to take on a masakai. Charging himself up, he and the light warrior dressed in gold took off in sync right for their unique opponent.

The golden hero aimed his left palm toward Mora as sparkles of golden light glistened from his hand. Okarai suddenly became invisible with his partner's light ability. Meanwhile the light-brown-haired hero fired a beam of light from his index finger at insane speed right for the masakai. Himora Tadakai snapped his fingers as an eruption of fire burst around him like a faint nuke, sending even the light warrior back covered in bruses.

"Hmm, where are you Mora..."

"Over here!" The lightning hero cried out as he became visible right behind the fire master throwing a lightning punch toward his back. A smirk appeared across the red-haired man's face when he blew up in an abrupt explosion of flames. The fighter landed on his back badly burned, his silver clothing now partly burned away.

All watched as the man reformed from a wall of fire standing before them as if nothing happened. "Heh, self-detonation, a useful defensive move for those of legendary mastery of the fire element. Only a true fire master could pull such a technique off without a draw back Let's kick this battle up a level...Flaming gate!" The warriors watched as a barrier of flames surrounded the arena trapping them. "Better do something, this barrier shrinks each second you all do nothing"

"Blade of purity!" The light elementist manifested a sword made entirely of his own energy. Usamae Formed ice armor around the fighter's body to lower the burn rate of their opponent's flames. Himora fired a small but powerful sphere of fire head on for his opposing target. That's when the golden warrior's blade changed into a whip, striking the sphere just a few feet away. In yet another eruption of flames, his armor of ice completely melted away.

"Hmph, you all have a long way to go until you can truly take me on...But I'm happy to say you pass the final test. the Elemental Power Force..."

CHAPTER 3 A Member Of The Force

Mora Okarai was finally a member of the E.P.F. He moved intohis new quarters, the entire organization was made up of 7 units each unit had six members and the captain of each unit was one of the masaki. Mora was in unit four his captain was ironically the lightning masaki. His name was Raiumi Kazuchi. He had long white hair dressed in silver robes. Electricity surged through his eyes making them glow blue.

Mora sat on his bed in the small bedroom. It had a red carpet floor, bed against the right wall with black sheets, white pillows. The window was on the wall in the middle of the room. He had his black book bag in the corner of the room. As he thought about taking a quick nap before the introduction tomorrow he heard a fierce screech out in the distance.

Without a second thought he ran out into the yard where the rows of unit barracks were beside his. "Ugh,I'm not sure if I can waste time getting our captain, a true hero doesn't hesitate in times like this!" Letting the lightning surge through his veins, he ascended into the night sky where a colossal golden made of what seemed like stone came into view in the city of Chiniko the earth section of the country. He soared through the sky with his blue electricity lighting up behind him. Many citizens were running away in fear as the hero reached the giant monster made of rock and fire. "Take this!" Mora unleashed a bolt of lightning from his fingers tips striking the creature's rocky shoulders. His target let out an ear wrenching screech once again before back handing him across the abandoned city streets, hitting a car landing on his stomach.
As the monster reaches it's massive hand out for the man, a familiar warrior stepped onto the battlefield.

The golem's hand froze into a thick layer of ice as Usamae stood in front of Okarai guarding him from any more possible attacks. "You won't go any further you piece of rock" Clapping his hands together, a dome of water flowed around the entire creature before freezing into a thick glacier of ice. The man stood in front of the trapped monster lowering his hands turning back to his ally. "Pretty foolish of you to go0 after such a strong enemy all on your own. You should know how important it is to bring your squad with you"

"T-then, where's your squad?"

"I'm part of your squad you fool. Sadly, my sister on the other hand is with a different squad and didn't want to bother knocking on the other unit's door. I saw take off into the night alone and decided to come help. I'm not much of a fighter, but I don't have a choice when there's lives at stake. Now hurry and get up while the creature's still unable to move"

Mora got up as Usamae placed his palm covered in water on the warrior's shoulder, healing the warrior's injuries. "I'm not sure when one of the captains will show up so we'll have to hold our own until one of them arrive" Okarai nodded as the ice began to crack apart. The water elemental prepared wearing the force's black jacket with a small "4" On the left side of his torso and a big "4" On his back.

Just then the ice shattered violently, sending shrapnels of ice all across the city shattering office windows, smashing cars. "Here it comes!" The charged-up hero cried out as his power flowed through him once more. He took off facing the creature head on. This time the creature grabbed the man with both hands preparing to crush him with in it's grasp.

"Heh, I knew you'd do that. Take this!" Releasing as much power as he could, a surge of electricity traveled from the monster's hands to it's entire body. It broke most of it's rock skin off leaving pieces of rocks in the street yet the creature remained intact as a being made of pure fire. "Darn it, why did it only effect his rock skin but nothing else!?"

Usamae aimed his palm into the night sky, forming a sphere of water above the target, slowly getting bigger each second. That's when an abrupt chain made entirely of flames wrapped around Usamae Kinko felt his arms get bound to his sides as the scorching pain of burning filled his body. His sphere of water splashed to the ground leaving a mere puddle of water. "No! I can't seem to even manifested a simple orb of water!"

He looked up to see a purple-haired woman dressed in a dark-red coat with purple flames around the bottom outside of the clothing. "Hmph, I was expecting to draw out one of the Yusora Masakai out to capture them and perform experiments on them. But I guess capturing a mere rookie will do just fine. Allow me to introduce name is Yakami Sukara one of the members of the [Elements of Chaos] I would hate to ruin the surprise of the experiments. Time to capture the both of you"

She made a swift motion of her hand to the left as the golem ate Mora and formed a rift back to their HQ the moment the golem walked through, a woman dressed in blue landed in front of them. "Stop! I'm Nami Kishamura, water masakai and I won't let you take our young officers!"

"If you insist, let's see what a legendary water user can do" She snapped her fingers and Kinko was teleported in a burst of flames as the rift closed but the fire-user remained. "I've wanted to test my skills against an elemental master, time to show you just how strong I am" Yakami raised her hand up, creating shurikens made out of flames. They began spiraling at a great speed. She launched them right for her target at great speed.

Nami created a scythe made out of ice, striking the ground with the tip of the blade. A cold mist formed before spikes made of ice formed in front of her as her defense. The shirukens easily shattered mand melted her defenses going right for her. She quickly formed a barrier of ice around herself as the last ice spikes were destroyed. The projectiles shattered her barrier as well, slicing part of her cheek.

She fell to her knees as blood ran down her cheek. "Hehe, seems the great water master isn't as powerful as she used to be. You're past your prime. Or were never that strong" At that moment Hamora, the fire master landed on the battle field as well. "Enough! I saw the battle about to start and I'm here to put an end to it! You can't take on two elemental masakai at once!"

"You're right, as fun as that might be, I just don't have the time to take you both on. Have fun explaining your failure to your fellow masakai Nami the woman smirked before retreating into a rift. Hamora tried keeping the rift open by manipulating the flames but watched as the portal closed.

"Damn it! She got away! What did she mean explaining your failure Nami?"

"I-I failed, she captured two of our new officers right from under me"


Mora and Usamae found themselves in unique cells, Okarai was in an energy siphoning cell that was draining his stamina, using him like a battery. While Kinko was in a cell that was set to such a high temperature, when he attempted to form water, it evaporated into steam. Both fell to their knees. One from becoming weaker while the other from the heat on his body.

(I have to hurry and figure out how to get out of here) Just then his cell opened to reveal a man with long white hair, golden eyes dressed all in black. He grabbed the lightning hero pulling him by the throat pulling him through the steel halls as he saw the endless empty cells. The man used his hand to opened a sliding door, bring his victim into a large metal room with an operating table in the center. Mora tried to fit back but could barely charge himself up.

"Don't bother, your cell drained you of most of your power in the short timeframe you were there. It'll be 20 or so minutes before your power starts flowing naturally once more" The tyrant forced Okarai onto the table. Putting his index and middle finger together, bonds made of light bounded the young officer down.

"I'm sure you're wondering what my plan is since I captured you both. I could keep you locked in here and wait till the masakais come to save you, or torture you until your will's broken and you bow to me. Instead, I'm going to use you as my test subject. It will be both a gift and honor...I will inject you with something I've spent my life to create!" A robotic hand went down from the ceiling holding a multicolored syringe aimed right for the silver warrior.

Mora tried to break free but still his strength and power failed him. That's when the needle pierced his chest. He could only watch as the liquid was injected into him. A sudden pain surged through his body. "Gaaaah!!" The room shook as the young officer's eyes changed to different colors; red, blue, purple, white, green, gold then back to their gray shade.

"Yes, it's working your body is trying to fight off the new essence that's taking place within your body! No other test-subject as lasted this long. You may be the very first successful test. I've lost dozens of minions at the hand of this test. Their body couldn't handle the power...of all seven elements! Imagine it, why worry about what power you haver or the next generation is going to have when you can give them the element of your choice! They said I was crazy, that it couldn't be done, but I did it!" Just then, flames began to swarm around Mora as he let out wales of pain.

"Hmm, seems the fire element is the dominant power within him, or could it be by his emotions?" Suddenly the light bonds broke as his hostage rose to his feet, fire emanating from his body, melting everything around them. "Hmm, this may be a problem, but as long as I know the serum works. This lab means nothing now" The unnamed man grabbed a bag of the serum teleporting out of the underground lab as it all began to crumble from the support melting away from Mora's fierce heat.

(I can't leave, I have to find Usamae and get him out of her first) The tunnels were caving in on itself when a ray of flames shot up from the ground of an empty field miles away from Chiniko. Okarai came soaring out of the massive scorched hole with Kinko in his hand as they landed in the grass. The water-elemental laid in the grass sweating out of breath while his ally stood out of breath staring down as his shaking hands. He could feel immense power flowing through him.

(S-so much power, how could one person compress all this power. In all of history we were taunt each person was either born with one power of an element or no power at all. Why would a man devote his life to come up with a serum to give all seven elements to one person? Well...I should try to get help before I give out from all this power" Aiming two fingers into the sky, shooting a lightning bolt into the clouds, the entire sky lit up for several seconds before fading back to night. "D-did that serum amplify my powers as well?" Finally, he passed out landing next to Usamae as they laid motionless...

Chapter 4: Power Beyond History

The officer awoke in his bed with his captain Riumi Kazuchi standing in the corner a few inches from his bed. :Good you're awake. I was worried about you both. The other Masakais told me you and Usamae were captured. Yet when we found you, you both were laying passed out in the field miles away...How did you both escape?"

Before the young man could say anting, a slight flame sparked before going away. "Wait, you're not a fire user. At the exam we all saw you using lightning powers. This can't be...release some of your power" Taking a deep breath Okarai was engulfed in both electricity and flames.

"It can't never showed signs of a 2nd elemental. In fact, a multi-elemental hasn't existed in over thousands of years! What happened when you were captured? Tell me everything"

"We were taken to an underground lab where we were put in cells, but not long after I was injected with a serum that a man said would give me the abilities of all seven elements if I survived. By how he said seems the chances of surviving the injection are about 5%. He said he lost dozens to the test but I was the first one to survive"

"Hmmm, so it's him..."

[Flash Back]

15 Years ago...

The unnamed man sat in a briefing room at a large round table with the fellow masters as they were having a meeting. "Haven't you noticed a large population are fire users and yet only five or so light users? What if we could change the powers of the elementals...balance out the types. Or even give them the powers they want!?"

"Enough of your worthless ides Araki, that isn't possible, even if it were, who are you to change the fate of one's powers? We're given a certain element for a reason. The fire element may be one of the most dominate traits which is why a good portion have it, but who knows what could happen if you tried changing the very traits of a person" The lightning masakai responded.

"But it could really help. Who knows, what if all other elements die out and we're stuck with just fire-users!?"

"Enough Araki I won't hear any more of your nonsense!" The silver master snapped...

[End Of Flash Back]

"He stole our elemental scanner and several other Technoloy from our labs. The scanner is used to tell what kind of element a child is going to have. He must've studied the sources of each type and combined them into one essence. The reason for your survival I cannot say. Anyway, after stealing from us he hid and started up his own organization compiled of many wanted criminals. Araki's motives for creating the serum may've been noble, but the way he went about achieving the goal is why he turned to crime. Sigh...All he wanted was to give people the powers they wanted and help balance the power population. I stand by what I said. But it was my rejection of his idea that caused this mess. He probably has more of the essence and will create more multi-elementals so we'll have to train you to learn how to use each power type. It won't be easy. Learning one is hard enough so be prepared to train hard to master all seven"

Riumi left the room and Mora fell back asleep...

A few hours later he awoke to the sun shining into his room. He took a shower before going outside. He could feel the water running down his body. He felt as if the water were healing his sore body. This feeling calmed him as he washed his body until finally drying himself off going outside to the camp where his squad were already training.

"Glad to see you're ready for training. All of you go rest for a few minutes, this will be a special training for the new member" When the others left Riumi took them out of the camp to a large endless field. "No one aside from me and Usamae know of your new powers. Now let's see just how much control you have. So far you can barely hide your fire which makes sense, it's a dominant element. So let's see you use the 2nd dominant element which surprisingly is it’s opposite: water”

Okarai nodded clapping his hands together, trying to focus. However, instead of a cool refreshing flow of water, flames began to flow around his body like a small whirlpool. “I can’t seem to use the art of water, only fire and lightning seem to manifest around me” His captain looked at him before responding: “Then you should go talk to the water masakai, I'm sure she can help you figure out what you’re doing wrong. But, even with her help it won’t be easy, no user has ever had to practice with more than one element, so I can’t imagine how much focus it’ll take to master all seven”

Mora walked over to the 2nd unit where Nami Kishimura, the water masakai was training with her squad members as well. “Hi Mora Okari, how can I help you?”

“My captain Riumi said you can help me understand the art of the water elemental. I can’t seem to make the water manifest in anyway, I think the fire dominant trait is keeping my other powers from materializing in any way”

“What do you mean? In the exam I saw you were a lightning user, what help could understand water do?”

Mora held his palm open as he created a small cyclone of flames with lightning surging around the outside of it. Nami was shocked by what she saw, she felt as though she would fall backwards but managed to keep her balance.

“How is that even possible!? No one should have more than one elemental ability!”

“Yeah, that’s what the captain said. Anyway, do you think you can help me control the power of water and use it? At this point no trace of water will come out” She nodded taking him to Mizuka, the water section of the country. This part of the country was made up of mainly forest and oceans. Most lived by the ocean or some kind of water source which wasn’t surprising.

He was taken to a hill where he could look out at the endless ocean, the cold breeze brushing against his face. “Alright, sit still on this hill and take deep calm breaths, feel the cold air filling your longs as it goes in and out in a slow calm cycle”

The man did as she said, sitting on the hill by the cliff, his legs crossed as he closed his eyes, feeling the cold air go in and out of his body. He continued the exercise when a woman with purple hair dressed in black approached them.

“Oh, how cute, you’re teaching him how to do the basics of manipulating water. Since he can’t do the basic of move water, I'm going to assume he’s the one who survived the injection of the multi-elemental serum. Relinquish him to me unless you’d rather be crushed into tiny pieces”

“Never, I'm the water masaki and currently his mentor, I won’t let you lay a finger on him so long as I'm here!”

“Are you sure you can protect him?” The woman sent a large rock headed right for the young man when his mentor used a wall of ice to slow it down. The large ball of rock shatter the ice, causing Mora to trip and fall of the high cliff towards the water. Nami turned to save him when her asalient bound her in a shell of rock.

“Face it, even as a masakai, you can’t hope to protect anyone, your title is useless” Mora slowly descended down into the darkness of the deep water, the light growing dim... “Is this is...does my journey in here? I waited so long to become one of them...I can’t, I won’t let this be the end!” Suddenly water began flowing around his body as a whirlpool erupted within the water below.

“Huh, what’s this? Are you attempting to surprise attack me masakai? It won’t work” Both looked to see the young warrior blast up from the water in a swirl of water before landing in front of them. (It can’t be, how could the brat just manipulate water like it’s nothing!? Does he just have that good of battle instincts?) The purple-haired woman thought. Just then both fire and lightning began swarming around his body.

(No restraints, let the power flow through me like breathing) Okarai let his power build up in his palm before launching a dual-elemental blast right for their enemy. She formed a dome of rock around her body before she was sent backwards as the fierce attack shattered her barrier sending her hitting the grass with burns all over her body.

“S-such power...the injection must’ve also multiplied his capabilities as well. A-all I feel is burning. I must retreat before things get any worse. Suddenly a cyclone made of flames swarmed around her forming into a swirling barrier of flames.

“I won’t let you get away! I may not have full control over this power, but warping the lightning around the flames makes it easy enough to use the power of fire. Now tell us why so many are after me and not just go after the serum itself?”


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