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Cosmo is a Star Command Security Guard, who travels every corner of space looking for evil. When she joins Buzz Lightyear while on a Mission, they're both thrown headfirst into a chase for answers that will change the fate of their lives forever.

Science Fiction Futuristisch Alles öffentlich.

#mystery #space #drama #adventure #disney #pixar #toystory #buzzlightyear #toystory4
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There is a story about a power, a power so POWERFUL, it would destroy the entire UNIVERSE as we know it. This power was gifted to one person, who would save us all from the largest threat out there, EMPEROR ZURG.

She is yet to understand these powers. She was only a baby when she was gifted them. She comes from a troubled past, a past she will eventually unlock the answers to.

31. Januar 2021 19:00:34 5 Bericht Einbetten Follow einer Story
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